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The Nigerian-born entrepreneur who invented the world's first automated makeup brush cleaning machine has gained herself another first. Meet Jennifer Chizua, founder of Startpreneur, Nigeria's first start-up accelerator program for innovative entrepreneurs. [ Link ]

Jennifer Chizua on launching Startpreneurs, Abuja's first start-up accelerator

Jennifer Chizua, Founder, Starpreneurs talks about: her experiences as an entrepreneur in the UK; what sectors Abuja's first accelerator incubator will focus...

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Sandton City, found in the heart of Johannesburg's metro, houses some of the best looking buildings in the country. Show off a little and send us pictures of the best-looking building in your city. #AfricaIsMyHome
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Stanbic Bank Botswana are getting people moving. They've helped upgrade a local park for the community of Metsimotlhabe to encourage families to spend time outdoors and lead more active lifestyles. [ Link ]

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Mozambique has a labour force of 13 million people. The vast majority work in the informal sector as labourers, marketing their skills and services using wooden boards nailed to a tree. One Mozambican businessman, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, is changing the way local labourers reach out to customers. Find out more about his "trust economy" business approach. [ Link ]

#AfricaConnected - How UX Technologies turned Mozambican recruitment on its head

Journalist Nikiwe Bikitsha chats to Tiago Coelho, Co-founder at UX Information Technologies about how online job portals are eclipsing traditional newspaper ...

Africa needs more young entrepreneurs to build big businesses. #DidYouKnow: There are 400 African companies with an annual revenue exceeding USD1 billion and well on their way to be listed on the Fortune 500 list. [ Link ]
What’s driving East Africa’s infrastructure boom? Low steel prices is one of the main reasons. Do you know the other reasons driving this industry growth? [ Link ]
Are you doing business in Malawi? While English is spoken in Malawi, knowing a bit of Chichewa will impress. "Moni" means "Hello" and "Zikomo" means "Thank you".
From fuelling the spirit of entrepreneurship to investing in infrastructure developments and uplifting local communities, we are committed to supporting and driving Africa's growth. [ Link ]
Where in the world would you be if you were hailing a “keke napep”? [ Link ]
From Maseru to Port Louis, from Yamoussoukro to London here's to keeping you moving forward in 2017.
Our people are passionate about getting involved to help their local communities. Here's how Stanbic Bank Zambia's Personal and Business Banking team are improving the comfort and care of children at the Bauleni Special Needs School. [ Link ]

Zambia : Stanbic invests in Bauleni Special Needs School
The rose industry makes up 24% of Kenya’s GDP with flights leaving for Holland 3 times a day to satisfy the European demand.
Do you have an Africa-inspired start-up idea to share? Nigerian billionaire and philanthropist, Tony Elumelu believes start-ups are the future of Africa's economic development. It's the motivation behind his USD100 million entrepreneurship program to mentor and provide financial aid to African start-ups. [ Link ]
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At Standard Bank we encourage our people to actively make a positive difference in the communities in which they serve. So when our Stanbic Bank Gh team heard the plight of a little girl with a hole in her heart, they were moved into action. [ Link ]
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This year has been a busy one for us at the bank. Apart from always delivering on our mission of making Africa’s progress real and providing unmatched financial solutions, we have also made a real difference in the lives of many. [ Link ]
Here's to family, friends and celebrations wherever you may be on this bold continent we call home. Season's Greetings.
In the spirit of giving back, the Stanbic Bank Uganda Service Team have helped upgrade the computer room at the Ntida School for the Deaf. The school received much-needed computers and a printer.
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Zambia’s mining sector offers lucrative investment opportunities. This is owing to the country’s favourable geology, long history of mining and political stability.
Cocoa is Ghana's chief agricultural export. Which of the following countries do they mostly export to?
A. South Africa
B. Switzerland
C. Namibia
D. Kenya