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When the staff of Stanbic Bank Gh heard of a little girl with a serious heart condition that gave her only four months to live, they rallied together in support to help. 7-month-old baby, Elaine Esther Akosua Owusu, was able to journey to India for the much-needed surgery thanks to the generous donations made by staff members. [ Link ]
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Footprints of the Gods or the breath of a subterranean dragon? The mystery of the “fairy circle” pattern in Namibia’s Namib desert is as beautiful as it is baffling. What does this look like to you? Find out the possible reasons for this unique African soil pattern: [ Link ]
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Footprints of the Gods or the breathe of a subterranean dragon The mystery of the “fairy circle” pattern in Namibia’s Namib desert is as beautiful as it is baffling. What does this look like to you? Find out the possible reasons for this unique African soil pattern: [ Link ]
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Being an entrepreneur takes grit and guts. What the most well-known entrepreneurs know for sure, is that hard work, passion and never giving up is the winning formula to success. Tag the entrepreneur that most inspires you.
Banned plastic bags is the reason young Ugandan entrepreneur, Rusia Orikiriza, was able to employ 18 people before her graduation. Find out how this budding business owner is getting her hands dirty to turn these waste recyclables into a fully functioning business: [ Link ]

Uganda's enterprising bag lady - BBC News
Everyone is feeling the love this month, including local Nigerian clothing label Ruff 'n' Tumble. With Valentine's Day around the corner owner, Adenike Ogunlesi stocks up on the colour of love. As the leading brand for kids fashion in Nigeria, she is designing a Valentine's Day range to be worn by children to school. [ Link ]

Nigeria's kids' clothing seamstress-turned-entrepreneur - BBC News
Stanbic Bank Zambia is helping future lawyers in the community with a ten-seat study area at the Zambian Institute of Advanced Legal Education. “As a bank, we approached ZIALE for a partnership where our main target is law students who wish to be accepted to the Bar to be able to practice law in the Courts of Zambia. Having passed through this programme personally, I am cognisant of the...
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A powerhouse in business, a leader in the financial services industry and a true champion of the African continent - we're proud to announce dynamic career women and AABLA's Business Women of the Year 2016, Sola David-Borha as our Chief Executive of Rest of Africa, Standard Bank Group.
Unused buildings, abandoned houses and public parks is where you will find many of the homeless in Namibia taking shelter. While many have become used to the sight of this harsh reality, blind Namibian Paralympian and ambassador for Standard Bank Namibia’s Buy-a-Brick initiative, Ananias Shikongo, didn't need to see anything to make a difference. This initiative has raised ZAR1.4 million to...
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The ultra modern Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda stayed true to the Rwandan spirit of never giving up. The construction began in 2009 and even though they failed a number of times, the country's mantra of never giving up is what led to its success today.
Our Stanbic Bank Gh team paid a visit to the Paediatric Ward of the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital to donate hospital supplies with everything from oxygen tanks to mattresses. They even got their hands dirty and painted the ward of the Children’s Block. "The bank believes children are the future leaders, and that is why we invest in their well-being.” John Prempeh, Head, Transactions for...
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Words to live by as we usher in the #YearoftheRooster. May the lunar year bring you happiness, prosperity and longevity!
Inspired and created by African women. Lynn, Tetsi and Nuba started their business venture after many unanswered job applications. They combined their obsession for shoes, experience in fashion and passion for Africa to form Buqisi Ruux #AfricaOnYourFeet [ Link ]
(Image credit: Buqisi Ruux)
Cashew nuts have a low consumption locally in Mozambique. Despite this, the country's cashew nut manufacturer, Sunshine Nut, are putting their sale profits to good use. Click the link and find out why giving back 90% of their proceeds to the less fortunate has become their heart and soul of doing business in Africa. [ Link ]

#AfricaConnected - Nikiwe Bikitsha visits Sunshine Nut Company in Mozambique

Journalist Nikiwe Bikitsha sits down with Prescila Canotilho and finds out how their profits are re-invested in Mozambican communities with a total of 90% of...

The Nigerian-born entrepreneur who invented the world's first automated makeup brush cleaning machine has gained herself another first. Meet Jennifer Chizua, founder of Startpreneur, Nigeria's first start-up accelerator program for innovative entrepreneurs. [ Link ]

Jennifer Chizua on launching Startpreneurs, Abuja's first start-up accelerator

Jennifer Chizua, Founder, Starpreneurs talks about: her experiences as an entrepreneur in the UK; what sectors Abuja's first accelerator incubator will focus...

Sandton City, found in the heart of Johannesburg's metro, houses some of the best looking buildings in the country. Show off a little and send us pictures of the best-looking building in your city. #AfricaIsMyHome
Stanbic Bank Botswana are getting people moving. They've helped upgrade a local park for the community of Metsimotlhabe to encourage families to spend time outdoors and lead more active lifestyles. [ Link ]

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Mozambique has a labour force of 13 million people. The vast majority work in the informal sector as labourers, marketing their skills and services using wooden boards nailed to a tree. One Mozambican businessman, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, is changing the way local labourers reach out to customers. Find out more about his "trust economy" business approach. [ Link ]

#AfricaConnected - How UX Technologies turned Mozambican recruitment on its head

Journalist Nikiwe Bikitsha chats to Tiago Coelho, Co-founder at UX Information Technologies about how online job portals are eclipsing traditional newspaper ...

Africa needs more young entrepreneurs to build big businesses. #DidYouKnow: There are 400 African companies with an annual revenue exceeding USD1 billion and well on their way to be listed on the Fortune 500 list. [ Link ]