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Incredible and powerful story from a survivor of the Holocaust.

Video from via Humans of Judaism
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Today a record 40,000 runners took part in the Tel Aviv marathon!

Congratulations to Ethiopian runner Balata Mekonnen who was first to finish the 42-kilometer race, and good luck to all runners who haven't yet crossed the finish line!

Record 40,000 runners at Tel Aviv marathon as city shuts down
Disturbing trends of antisemitism are in the rise globally, but the number of people speaking out is also on the rise. WATCH:
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Speaking out really can make a difference!

"For years my chemistry professor has misinformed over 1000 students that Israel used white Phosphorus as a chemical weapon against Gaza. When it came to our class's turn, I instantly retorted his claim and later brought credible sources to his office. There's hope! Just don't stay silent."
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A black South African to Palestinian activists:
Stop using apartheid for your own agenda!

Stop using apartheid for your own agenda
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CBS in Arlington reports on the antisemitic tweets coming from Arlington preschool teacher Nancy Salem and her subsequent firing. StandWithUs's Jesse Stock responds:
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The incredible work of Israeli charity Save A Child's Heart in the words of tour guide Uri Goldflam: "4,200 children from over 50 countries underwent life saving heart surgery in Israel thanks for the efforts of these amazing people. More than half of the children from the West Bank and Gaza. Others from Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more. "
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The incredible Anne Bayefsky speaking about the UN when it comes to their treatment of Israel! Watch her present at The Oxford Union, with frequent interruptions by Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian UN representative.
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Excitement as the children at the Jewish school, Moriah College in Sydney, welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife along with the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull and his wife.

Watch as the children in Sydney sing and play "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav"
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An awesome "mash-up for change" by the talented The The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus a group of Israeli and Palestinian teens who come together for a common cause: music!
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Thanks to a high-tech Israeli startup, cars will be able to show moving ads on car windows! Safety is key though, once the car has been started, the windows become transparent.

Israeli glass tech can help car windows show ads
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Coexist: a new mural in Long Beach, CA by Artists 4 Israel
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How would you like a stay at the first ever Lifeguard tower hotel?

Want to try it out? They're giving away a four night stay to participants who use the hashtag #takeme2telaviv

Tel Aviv lifeguard hut to convert into 5-star hotel
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BDS claims it protests against Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land...But polls show that the Jewish community believes it to constitute anti-Semitism. Why?

First, BDS aims to eradicate Israel completely – its founder, Omar Barghouti, openly declared that “we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine”.

Second, the boycotters target the Jewish state alone. BDS does not go after any...
View details ⇨

Jews know that a boycott is just the beginning
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Awesome! 2,000 Australian Jews sing Israel's national anthem "Hatikvah" in the synagogue for Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit!

Video: Behind the News - Stand with Israel -
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Prime Minister Netanyahu is cruising through Australia, check out this video of his motorcade in the streets of Sydney sent to us by a fan.
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Texas Pre-School Teacher Removed From Classroom After Twitter Calls to ‘Kill Some Jews’ Come to Light

Texas Pre-School Teacher Removed From Classroom After Twitter Calls to ‘Kill Some Jews’ Come to Light
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So who is flying the Prime Minister's plane on these journey's to Australia and America? Meet Dana Greenberg, 35 years old, and the pilot of the Prime Minister of Israel!

Read more (Hebrew): [ Link ]
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Well this is certainly disappointing: Dutch Muslim who preached ‘harmony’ unmasked as ‘rabid anti-Semite’

Moroccan-born baker who appeared in TV show about coexistence previously tweeted that ’Hitler was nothing compared to Israelis’

Dutch Muslim who preached ‘harmony’ unmasked as ‘rabid anti-Semite’
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The Irish government is debating a decision to approve a one-sided recognition of a Palestinian State. Please take a minute to send automatically send an email to the leaders of Ireland's political parties, encouraging them to vote NO on this dangerous decision, via the link. Over 1,000 people have already taken part!

Oppose recognition of Palestinian State by Ireland