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Sick: more documentation of yet another children's terror training by ruling Palestinian terror organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Boy burning Israeli flag the spotlight of Hamas graduation
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Southern Israel continues to bloom as Arab and Jewish Israelis work together to green the desert.

In the barren south, Israelis and Arabs work to green the Middle East
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Thank YOU for writing to University College Cork (UCC) to encourage them not to allow hate and bigotry on their campus! Your efforts made the difference!

Amid ‘Security’ Concerns, Irish University Postpones Conference Exploring Legality of Jewish State
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The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has a new exhibit where visitors can meet and chat with Syrian refugees to hear their tragic stories of survival.

At the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, a virtual encounter with a Syrian refugee
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A new study by Harvard Medical School shows that software developed by Israeli startup MedAware helps reduce prescription errors, potentially saving the lives of patients.

Ra’anana-based MedAware has developed software that uses algorithms and machine learning based on data and patterns gathered from thousands of physicians who treat millions of patients. The data is used to identify and give...
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Israeli tech cuts drug errors, Harvard study shows
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Col. (res.) Tzvika Levy has spent the past 25 years of his life traveling to IDF bases to meet the lone soldiers who left everything behind to defend the State of Israel. Now, he is giving them a final salute as his illness prevents him from continuing his travels. We salute YOU Tzvika!

After 25 years of helping lone soldiers: 'I salute you'
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"These salaries finance terrorism. When perpetrators and their families are rewarded, additional Palestinians contemplating an attack of their own can mark one concern off their list – no matter what happens to them, their family will be cared for. This ensures a steady supply of killers for hire."

Hired killers
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The latest bizarre conspiracy theory from Hamas demonizing Jews: "In a recent Friday sermon in the Gaza Strip, Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras accused Jews of recruiting prostitutes into the army 'in order to lure Arabs into their traps,' and further added that Jewish leaders send 'AIDS-infected girls to fornicate with Muslim youths.'"

WATCH: Hamas MP says Jews recruit prostitutes, AIDS-infected women, to lure Arabs
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"Three weeks ago, they began building Shaar Hayarden - a bridge between Israel and Jordan over the Jordan River - the only joint Israel-Jordan infrastructure project since the two countries signed a peace treaty more than 20 years ago. The enclave will become a shared industrial and business enclave with 700 dunam (175 acres) on the Jordanian side, where factories will be built, and 245 dunam...
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Israel, Jordan begin building free trade zone
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As sub-zero temperatures reached the Greek island of Lesbos, Israeli and Jewish organizations delivered emergency aid to people living there.
"We received the list of what was needed on January 13 and in five days of around-the-clock efforts, we had 1.5 tons of supplies collected from all over the country, sorted, packed and ready to be shipped to Lesbos” said Team Leader Rabbi Shu Eliovson.

Jewish and Israeli organizations deliver emergency aid to refugees on frozen Greek island
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Looking for a new pair of shoes? Israeli art students from Betzalel Art Academy created incredibly stunning shoes that are as couture as they come.

10 stunning Israeli artworks that can be worn as shoes
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BREAKING: US representative confirms that the US is in the beginning stages of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.
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Relations between the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism and the USA aren't looking up - at least from Iran's perspective.

"Roughly one-year after Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) kidnapped 10 US sailors, Iran is still flaunting its ability to humiliate the world’s sole superpower. The Islamic Republic has put up an enormous billboard depicting American navy men on their...
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Iran Puts Up Enormous Billboard Starring Kidnapped American Sailors
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A picture posted Thursday on the official Facebook page of Fatah, the ruling political party of the Palestinian Authority, showed PA President Mahmoud Abbas posing with a child holding a photo of a terrorist who led the 1978 Coastal Road massacre, the deadliest terror attack in Israeli history...The photo was shared by Fatah with the caption “Holiday of the martyrs.”

Abbas posed with a...
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Abbas Poses With Photo of Palestinian Terrorist Who Massacred 38 Israelis, Including 13 Kids
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Appalling antisemitism on UK campuses following Al Jazeera's blatant attempt to portray Jewish students as foreign agents/spies in the UK.

"What I witnessed at QMUL was a disgrace. A room full of people, almost all of them fully believing, that the Jewish students of QMUL were planted operatives instructed by another government. Jewish students who had turned up, *on their own university...
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Helpless before the hatred at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
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"A few weeks ago, I posted about the planned Neo Nazi march in Whitefish Montana, with a Hamas-hole as a keynote speaker.
It turns out, the hater trying to organize it was unable to secure a permit...

But out of this story comes some light. The Whitefish police force has performed a wonderful gesture of solidarity with the Jewish community by having a mezuzah affixed to the outside door of...
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Whitefish Police Force’s Wonderful Display Of Solidarity With Jewish Community
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Making light of the Holocaust is a shameful reflection on our current society - no matter what country you are from.

Hundreds of thousands of selfies featuring smiling, yoga-posing, laughing people, all while visiting the 2,711 concrete slabs at the Holocaust Denkmal Berlin memorial have recently surfaced on multiple social media platforms.

The pictures in question are part of Yolocuast, an...
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Yolocaust: What happens when you do yoga on top of a Holocaust memorial?
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We thank these brave Miami officials for standing up to the hate and doing something about it.

"Six elected officials from the Miami area on Wednesday harshly condemned recent acts of vandalism committed near local Jewish businesses by supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, which they blasted as antisemitic"

Miami Officials Blast “Anti-Semitic” Israel Boycott After Vandals Target Jewish Stores
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How is Israel's humanitarian aid helping the world and where? The truth is, Israel does so much it's hard to keep track! Here, ISRAEL21c created a map of Israel's aid around the world, and the image is stunning.

Charting Israel’s aid overseas on the Israel Aid Map
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"The hateful whispers that make me want to move from London to Tel Aviv...If only those people who wish ill on Israel, on Jews, could know what it’s like to hear their hatred — to live in London and hear that Jews are the puppet-masters of the world, that Israel only helps in disaster zones to harvest organs. My father would have known. He spent time in the 1940s in Nazi concentration camps,...
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The hateful whispers that make me want to move from London to Tel Aviv