They slept on Richard Sherman, and he used their folly for fuel.

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Heart of a champion! Cardinal down 16, dug deep and fought their way to victory. Congratulations to our incredible Stanford Women's Basketball sisters on the #FinalFour!

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Congratulations and all of our blessings to the newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Fanaika!

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San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan had a front row seat at #StanfordProDay to witness all that Solomon Thomas and Christian McCaffrey can do.

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Christian McCaffrey, Solomon Thomas Sell Versatility at Stanford's Pro Day
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Congratulations to our Stanford Women's Basketball sisters, surging to the Elite 8 with 48 points after halftime in a 77-66 win over Texas. All Right Now!

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Crushed it at #StanfordProDay, got that #FridayFeeling.
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#StanfordProDay opened eyes to this year's Cardinal #NFLDraft class - deeper and more versatile than many believed.

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McCaffrey & Co. display versatility at Stanford’s Pro Day
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Witness how Christian McCaffrey impressed 32 pro teams at #StanfordProDay.

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Christian McCaffrey Pro Day Highlights
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Athleticism, versatility and big numbers. Our guys showed out at #StanfordProDay before 32 pro teams.


Stanford Pro Day recap
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Racing, chasing and making dreams happen. #StanfordProDay
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Safety and former team captain Dallas Lloyd fights to put up 19 reps on the bench press at 225 pounds.

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03/23/2017 at 20:43. Facebook
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03/23/2017 at 20:38. Facebook
Christian McCaffrey talks with the media.

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Solomon Thomas and Jordan Watkins going through position drills with NFL defensive line coaches at #StanfordProDay.

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Awesome showing from all across the NFL here to start #StanfordProDay in Luck Auditorium, including Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

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One final time to shine on The Farm. #StanfordProDay

Watch live today at 11am PT on ESPN3: [ Link ]

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#StanfordSpringBall scrimmage stats leaders:

Ryan Burns 9/10 107 TD
KJ Costello 6/7 60
Cameron Scarlett 1/1 20 TD

Cameron Scarlett 7-37 TD
Dorian Maddox 7-37
Trevor Speights 5-16

Donald Stewart 4-62 TD
Trenton Irwin 3-55
JJ Arcega-Whiteside 2-21
Kaden Smith 1-20 TD
Scooter Harrington 2-13
Jay Tyler 2-8

Sean Barton 7
Frank Buncom IV 4
Ben Edwards...
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It's a star-studded field Thursday at #StanfordProDay. Watch nine of your Cardinal favorites shine for all 32 NFL teams on March 23 at 11am PT live on ESPN3.

: [ Link ]

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Following the NFL Combine and Free Agency moves, a new mock #NFLDraft from Fox Sports has Solomon Thomas drafted at No. 2 by the San Francisco 49ers and Christian McCaffrey at No. 19 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Analysis: [ Link ]


Stanford Football
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From Stanford Stadium to #NFLCombine to #StanfordProDay to the League. Excited to tell these Cardinal stories during our Pro Day broadcast Thursday on ESPN3!

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