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Stanley Kubrick
yesterday at 09:43. Facebook
"There were lots of arguments...but he was a talented, talented guy" Kirk on Kubrick. Happy 100th Birthday to Mr. Kirk Douglas!
Stanley Kubrick
12/05/2016 at 17:30. Facebook
"...He is often accused of being a prodigious technician and rigid intellectual, which people say makes his films very cold. I don’t agree." Director, Guillermo del Toro.
Documenting his entire life & career; #StanleyKubrick: The Exhibition is now open at the Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City. Explore his research, production documents, screenplays, correspondence, production stills, props, costumes, cameras, lenses and much more. Get your tickets now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
That’s a wrap from the launch night of the #StanleyKubrick Exhibition. The show runs from December 1st through May 29th.

Special thanks to Gaby Cam 40, Los 40 México and W Radio for taking us behind the scenes today.

Tickets on sale now!
Join Gaby Cam 40 of Los 40 México and W Radio on a walk through of #StanleyKubrick’s 2001 #ASpaceOdyssey at Cineteca Nacional. #KubrickEnCineteca
Exploring the storyboards, costumes and props from #AClockworkOrange with Gaby Cam 40 of Los 40 México and W Radio. You can too when you visit the #StanleyKubrick exhibition at Cineteca Nacional.
#StanleyKubrick: The Exhibition has arrived & is being unpacked at Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City. "Come play with us Danny..." Book your tickets here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Steven Spielberg on a break from filming Ready Player One in London this summer, visited the #Kubrick home. After dinner with the family he spent time in the Napoleon Archive at the house, with archive manager Jane Crawford, feeding his curiosity!
During his time as a staff photographer for #Look magazine, #StanleyKubrick travelled to this spectator event in Kansas City. Contestant couples had to dance for as long as possible in order to win a prize. The event lasted days and the contestants could rest for just 15 minutes each hour. As well as dancing throughout, contestants also undertook other endurance tests such as being encased in...
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Ladies & Gentlemen, mark your calendars. Next April 8th, #StanleyKubrick's masterpiece #BarryLyndon will be brought to life at Kings Theatre Brooklyn, New York, with a live orchestra performance courtesy of Wordless Music Orchestra, led by the renowned Ryan McAdams, Conductor. Don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime and buy your tickets now: [ Bit.ly Link ] #BarryLyndonLive
To ensure 2001 #ASpaceOdyssey was as realistic as possible, and an authentic vision of the future was presented, #StanleyKubrick had a researcher pick out relevant predictions from a study report by the RAND Corporation, who were a Think Tank associated with the US Government. This document demonstrates some of those predictions, such as two-way communication with extra-terrestrials by 2000.
"You're scared of Room 237, ain't ya?" #TheShining #StanleyKubrick
"Sometimes after school mum & I would visit the #DrStrangelove set. For a 9 year old it was very exciting. Peter Sellers & Peter Bull were so friendly and funny". Katharina Kubrick
"When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man." #StanleyKubrick
"There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs..." #AClockworkOrange #StanleyKubrick
Following the completion of filming on #Lolita, #StanleyKubrick later decided he needed more shots of the station wagon driving around the US. Unfortunately the production team couldn’t find the exact car in the same colour to the one originally used, so they had to use filters on the camera to make it look the same to viewers... even though the film was shot in black and white!
Here's Johnny... Happy Halloween. #TheShining
‘He was a friend and I loved and revered him. He made great movies.” Director Mike Nichols
‘He was a friend and I loved and revered him. He made great movies.” Director Mike Nichols
"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"... "Sir, a jelly donut sir"... "Come play with us Danny"... Tell us YOUR favourite #StanleyKubrick film quote in the comments below, for your chance to win the Warner Bros. #StanleyKubrick Icon Collection. T&Cs: [ Bit.ly Link ]