Stanley Kubrick
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"Do we lose our humanity if we are deprived of the choice between good and evil?" #StanleyKubrick
Stanley Kubrick
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"Gentlemen..." #DrStrangelove
Stanley Kubrick
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These photo slides for #Lolita were shot by renowned photographer Bert Stern who, like #StanleyKubrick, worked at Look Magazine. He was the last photographer Marilyn Monroe sat for.
This is the scrapbook which was to be used as the inspiration for Jack Torrance’s novel in #TheShining. It is full of gruesome articles cut from genuine English newspapers. The scrapbook itself featured only in earlier iterations of the script and didn’t make it into the film. #StanleyKubrick originally had a team fake real news articles and include The Overlook Hotel, however these doctored...
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In 3 months time, #BarryLyndon comes to life at Kings Theatre Brooklyn, with live orchestral accompaniment from Wordless Music and Ryan McAdams, Conductor. Don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime. Buy your tickets here:
At the 1963 Golden Globes, Sue Lyon won New Star of the Year - Actress, for her standout performance in Stanley Kubrick's #Lolita. Good luck to all the nominees at the 74th Golden Globe Awards this evening!
#StanleyKubrick loved stationery. This is an example of him experimenting with a new typewriter and pen to see how the typewriter typed and how the pen took ink. Image courtesy of UAL: University of the Arts London Archive
Happy Birthday to Danny Lloyd. An amazing performance in #TheShining ... especially bearing in mind, at the time, he didn't know he was part of a horror film!
We made it. Happy New Year and here's to 2017. #EyesWideShut #StanleyKubrick
The inimitable #StanleyKubrick on a break from filming on the set of #AClockworkOrange.
"The smell of a sound stage is like Chanel to me. I grew up there. I love the magic of film, the camaraderie of filmmaking. It's beautiful." A very happy birthday to Katharina Kubrick.
Seasons Greetings. #FullMetalJacket
"A must for all lovers of the cinema." On the 26th January #StanleyKubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey plays with live orchestral accompaniment at Philharmonie Luxembourg. Get your tickets here: [ Link ]
"Gentlemen, aim your pistols" #BarryLyndon #StanleyKubrick
"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible." Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, born on this day.
These are the original shoes worn by Danny Lloyd in #StanleyKubrick's #TheShining, complete with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger embellishments. They currently live at the Kubrick Archive at UAL: University of the Arts London
"There were lots of arguments...but he was a talented, talented guy" Kirk on Kubrick. Happy 100th Birthday to Mr. Kirk Douglas!
"...He is often accused of being a prodigious technician and rigid intellectual, which people say makes his films very cold. I don’t agree." Director, Guillermo del Toro.
Documenting his entire life & career; #StanleyKubrick: The Exhibition is now open at the Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City. Explore his research, production documents, screenplays, correspondence, production stills, props, costumes, cameras, lenses and much more. Get your tickets now: [ Link ]
That’s a wrap from the launch night of the #StanleyKubrick Exhibition. The show runs from December 1st through May 29th.

Special thanks to Gaby Cam 40, Los 40 México and W Radio for taking us behind the scenes today.

Tickets on sale now!