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It's time. How far will you go to seize the throne and rule the galaxy?

Knights of the #EternalThrone: NOW LIVE!
The battle is about to begin.

1 day until #EternalThrone!
Are you ready to join the fight?

2 days until #EternalThrone!
You’ve fought many battles. Prepare to face your greatest yet!

Early Access to Knights of the #EternalThrone: NOW LIVE!
Can you count on Koth's air support?

4 days until #EternalThrone!
Will you stand by Senya's side, or leave her to her fate?

5 days until #EternalThrone!
What do you think are SCORPIO's true motivations?

6 days until #EternalThrone!
Are you ready to lead the Alliance fleet into battle?

7 days until #EternalThrone!
Who are you more thankful for: Theron or Lana?

8 days until #EternalThrone!
LAST CHANCE to pilot a legendary Walker into battle!

Which of your characters will be the first to command the Rapid Recon Walker? Find out more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Want to win 450 Cartel Coins?

Share your favorite screenshots, GIFs, & more of Vaylin using #EternalThrone, and we'll choose 5 random winners!
A closer look into the Senya-Vaylin relationship.

New short story by NY Times bestselling author Drew Karpyshyn: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Unveil one of the Eternal Empire's most tightly-guarded secrets!

Experience the full Knights of the Fallen Empire saga before Dec 2 is here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Can this mother-daughter relationship be repaired? Or is Empress Vaylin beyond redemption?

2.5 weeks until #EternalThrone arrives.
Our thanks to veterans everywhere, and their sacrifices for a better tomorrow.
The exiled prince.

Share your favorite screenshots, GIFs, videos, & more of Arcann using #EternalThrone! We'll share our favorites & choose five random 450-Cartel Coin winners!