Who wins in this galactic showdown?
A: Jace Malcom
B: Empress Acina

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Who is your favorite Imperial Companion?

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Do you remember your first #SWTOR Character?

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When the battle begins, which side are you fighting for: the light or the dark side?

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The Emperor’s Wrath. Hero of Tython. Cipher Nine.

Do you remember how it felt to receive your first official Class Title?
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Star Wars: The Old Republic

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What is your favorite Player-Vs-Player Warzone?

Voidstar? Huttball? Odessen Proving Grounds?
Prepare to collect dangerous bounties and combat the Rakghoul Plague on Tatooine!

Which events will you and your friends be joining this March?


If you could fight alongside any #SWTOR character, who would it be?

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What is your favorite #TBT memory from a #SWTOR Operation or Flashpoint mission?

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A fearsome weapon returns.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler… A galaxy full of possibilities.

Which will you be?