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Proud to keep helping those who need it most by offering a welcoming space and job opportunities for all.

Starbucks plans to hire 1,000 refugees in Canada | Toronto Star
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Bags packed, cups full ☕, time to hit the road!

#StarbucksRoadTrip: Morning Edition
Starbucks Canada
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Bags packed, cups full ☕, time hit the road! Play Starbucks Roadtrip daily between 5-11 am to earn bonus s and a chance at instant win.
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One was cold and one was hot.
Pick just one? They thought not.
Introducing the Coconut Mocha Macchiato!
Rain or shine (or even snow), the Spring Cups have arrived! ☀☔
The full-bodied, black cherry + chocolaty flavours of Single Origin Sun-Dried Ethiopia Sidamo tastes ever better when paired with , & . Available for a limited time only. #coffeelove
Cascara, a straight line down the middle of the sweet-o-meter between a latte and a caramel macchiato. ☕
Things just got a lot more personal around here. ☕ For the first time we’re offering a second espresso roast to make your custom order even more our own!
A #ValentinesDay story to help fill your ❤ (and cup) with love. It all started with a heart on a cup. Ria, a past barista, used to draw hearts on the cups of regulars, never imagining that one would land in the hands of her now husband. A simple connection led to Share your #StarbucksLoveStory below.
You could send a dozen flowers again orrrrr... #Confetti #CakePops #♥
AM or PM, the only way the Double Smoked Bacon Breakfast Sandwich tastes better is with 40 bonus ⭐. (Fri-Sat)
Just when you thought a coffee was enough to wake you up, Thomas hands over breakfast. Does your morning include bacon? #mymorningmyway
Mornings are memorable when they include Kassandra + ☕ + ! #mymorningmyway
A steady pencil-pour of steamed milk right in the heart of the espresso = a Flat White dot in the making.
When opposites attract et voilà, it's ❤. Happy #NationalCroissantDay!
Six lattes, each unique in artistry and taste. How do you personalize yours? (regram Starbucks partner: @garbrielcruickshank)
Your Choice:
a) Be uber Canadian & bear the ❄ with Smoked Butterscotch Frappuccino
b) Be uber Canadian & sip, cozy by the fire
A little bit of oomph goes a long way in creating your best morning. ☕ How do you take your True North Blend coffee? #mymorningmyway
#ProTip: Substitute milk for almond beverage in your hot #GreenTeaLatte & bring on the sweet calm.
From a Brooklyn stoop to your hands. A little tart. A lotta ❤. #Megpies Megpies