Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1
06/21/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
A relaxing day to fish in Jack’s pond...even if there aren’t any fish! #WormholeWednesday #SGStories
Chris Drake
Wayne O'Conner
Luke Gauci
Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1
06/20/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
It was almost like Jack got a second chance at fatherhood when he met Skaara, but the Goa'uld had other plans. #TeamTuesday #SGStories
Christina Demello
John Hosie
Jasmin Italiano
Jack has always had something for Sam. A time-loop is the best time to go for it! #WormholeWednesday #SGStories
Tomáš Skála
Trevor A. Mill
Vanessa Jane Lucas
Not even a Goa'uld queen could stop true love from slipping through. #TeamTuesday #SGStories
Lora Patten
Shirley Gaillard
Yvonne Thompson
Amidst the fear of freezing to death and many injuries, Jack and Sam survive together. #WormholeWednesday #SGStories
John Hosie
Claireté Carterster
Bec Le Koshak
Jack and Daniel's relationship is at the core of SG-1. In Season Five they had to say goodbye. #TeamTuesday
Gregg Barnes
Anita Collyer
Craig Neuville
Chill out, dude! Teal’c’s symbiote may not be a good guy, but the Jaffa don’t have much of a choice about their biological needs. #WormholeWednesday #TagAFriend
Cj Cassisi
David Michel
Jacob William Murphy
Not one of Daniel's finest moments, but certainly one of the funniest. #TeamTuesday
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Dave Matthew
Today we pause and take a moment to honor all men and women in the U.S. Armed Services who sacrificed their lives for our country.
Today we pause and take a moment to honor all men and
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The Temple of Ra on the planet Abydos
#WormholeWednesday #ThroughtheStargate
The Temple of Ra on the planet Abydos
WormholeWednesday ThroughtheStargate
Bill Ortis
Michael Davis
Rick Sheldon
After all, when the sky's orange, it's good! #TeamTuesday
Meg Caskey
Dave Matthew
Adrian Kuepfer
It seems like you were just looking for an excuse, Jack! #TagAFriend who gets excited about geology. #WormholeWednesday
Douglas Humphreys
Michelle Lelievre
Yvonne Thompson
Sometimes you just have to try to stand your ground. Even against overwhelming odds. #TeamTuesday
Christy Schmidt
Mel Jay Dufour
Mathieu Damlejian
You can stop testing now, Jack. It’s working! #WormholeWednesday
Dusty Morgan
Julio Sanabria
Abuoma Uwakweh
Wormholes and puppets don't necessarily mix. #TeamTuesday
Jenny Shell
Cynthia Fogt
Jimmi Dee Richards
Why so many riddles, Oma? Daniel learns about Ascension in “Meridian”. Who is your friend that likes speaking in riddles? #WormholeWednesday #TagAFriend
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Alyssa Earl
Chris Lundstrom
Someone over-caffeinated SG-1 this morning! Oh, nevermind, it's the armbands. #TeamTuesday
Fabienne Haichour
Michael Kitt
Fabienne Haichour
#ThatOneTime SG-1 ordered food at a diner, and the waitress did a double-take. #WormholeWednesday
John Hosie
Anders Søndergaard Boldsen
Sarah Boye
Classic wire-cutting -- a great way to make your audience sweat. #TeamTuesday
Aaron Laster
Eric Carroll
Tanya Lawless
If you can't beat 'em, hide from them! #TeamTuesday
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Douglas Gerard
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