Stargate SG-1
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The Battle over Antarctica is a highlight for the entire series, especially with the added Col. Mitchell footage "Avalon, Part 1"
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Stargate SG-1
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Nick: Now we must wait for the giant aliens!
Jack: That just has a nice ring to it!
#SG1Team saving Daniel in “Crystal Skull.”
When the SG-1 team goes #ThroughtheStargate on “Watergate”, they are travelling via the Russian gate into a submerged planet. The “water”, of course, was really a collection of millions of sentient, microscopic life forms.
Plot the radius of a circle. Summon an Asgard mothership. Achievement unlocked! Happy Pi Day!
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When the men fell prey to Hathor, the women of the base stepped in and took care of business.

#InternationalWomensDay #WormholeWednesday
Senator, were you expecting two more for dinner? O'Neill and Maybourne pair up as unlikely allies in "Chain Reaction."
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How many times has Teal'c seen that one movie? Eight times?
(And, we would be up for pizza and an SG-1 movie anytime!)
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Watcha' doin', Sam? Some science? #SGScience
Justice is served! Tanith had this one coming. #FlashbackFriday #SGJustice
When you go against a Prior, be prepared to grow some wings! Ben Browder performed his own stunt in this episode, with the help of wires.
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Don't mess with the Colonel's tee time. (He can't have it again for another ten hours).
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The longest-lasting affair in all galaxies!
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Love is precious, but isn't necessarily meant to last.
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Never fear, this friend is always there.
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This is a scene which could have taken place many times throughout SG-1, but the destruction of Cheyenne Mountain is finally depicted from a surface perspective in the 200th episode.
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It took a couple of tries, but with the help of a time loop, the Odyssey narrowly misses permanent destruction in "Unending."
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When you're arguing with your friends, always stop and ask yourself, "Am I under the influence of a supersonic alien signal?" - from "One False Step"
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Stargate teams met up with hundreds of different aliens throughout the 10 seasons of SG-1 - they weren’t just fighting the Goa’uld or Ori or Replicators. The Gadmeer from “Scorched Earth” presented a moral dilemma for the whole team. #wormholewednesday #stargatealiens
Heroes are lost, but never forgotten…Dr. Janet Frasier’s last heroic moment lives on in this “behind the scenes” documentary.
When your friends show off by reading faster than you…upgrade your ability!
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