Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1
04/26/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
#ThatOneTime SG-1 ordered food at a diner, and the waitress did a double-take. #WormholeWednesday
John Hosie
Anders Søndergaard Boldsen
Sarah Boye
Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1
04/25/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
Classic wire-cutting -- a great way to make your audience sweat. #TeamTuesday
Aaron Laster
Eric Carroll
Andreas D Ziebart
If you can't beat 'em, hide from them! #TeamTuesday
Peter Neilen
Douglas Gerard
Jure Peček
#ThatOneTime the team spent an entire lifetime trapped on board their ship. A bittersweet glimpse of an aging SG-1 team.
Chad Burroughs
Isabelle Sara Craddock
David Wilwohl
Sometimes to defeat a scoundrel you've got to dress like a scoundrel. #TeamTuesday
Dougal Springer
Jason Bramble
Samantha Duncan
If you don’t know what it’s going to do to you … don’t touch it! Vala seems to have missed the memo. #WormholeWednesday #TagAFriend
Jonathon Edward Whitington
Erin Carter
Alfredo Estuar
To no one’s surprise, Window of Opportunity is the #StargateFour poll winner! Thanks to everyone who participated! Be sure to tune in next month when we host a new Facebook Live poll.
To no ones surprise Window of Opportunity is the StargateFour poll winner
George Henry Cardeli
Kevin Karls
Fabienne Haichour
Watch the finals of the #StargateFour Facebook Live today as the remaining two episodes, Torment of Tantalus and Window of Opportunity, compete for your votes to earn the title of #fanfavorite episode. Tune in from 12pm to 2pm and cast your votes!
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Tune in for the second #StargateFour Facebook Live Poll today! Two more of your favorite episodes will compete for your votes to see which episode is the fan favorite of all time! Join us live from 12pm to 2pm and cast your votes!
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Comet TV has back to back episodes of SG-1, starting tonight, April 3rd!
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Today, we will be hosting the first #StargateFour Facebook Live Poll! Join us as two of your favorite Stargate episodes face off to earn your votes and move on to the finals. Tune in from 12pm to 2pm and cast your votes!
Kevin Talmadge
Jimmy Bowmer
Eric Edling
Smile, Vala! You may be on TV but you are definitely not broadcasting!
#WormholeWednesday #ThatOneTime
Lynn Babcock
Ben Barnes
Steve Bartels
SG-1 actors popped up in multiple episodes almost as often as producers reused set designs! Actor Robin Mossley played both Malikai and Dr. Reimer. #TeamTuesday
Sam Lynn
Didier Ismar
Josh Hutchins
The Battle over Antarctica is a highlight for the entire series, especially with the added Col. Mitchell footage "Avalon, Part 1"
#WormholeWednesday #SGDogfights
Bill Kunze
Cheri Byfield
Lucia Schiller
Nick: Now we must wait for the giant aliens!
Jack: That just has a nice ring to it!
#SG1Team saving Daniel in “Crystal Skull.”
Rob Paddock
Bob Flisser
Tina Louise Silcock
When the SG-1 team goes #ThroughtheStargate on “Watergate”, they are travelling via the Russian gate into a submerged planet. The “water”, of course, was really a collection of millions of sentient, microscopic life forms.
Angela Seipel
Andrea Laws
Lynn Morphew
Plot the radius of a circle. Summon an Asgard mothership. Achievement unlocked! Happy Pi Day!
#NationalPiDay #TeamTuesday
Plot the radius of a circle Summon an Asgard mothership Achievement unlocked Happy Pi Day
Dave Brine
Burl Hill
Darren Weir
When the men fell prey to Hathor, the women of the base stepped in and took care of business.

#InternationalWomensDay #WormholeWednesday
Dave Matthew
Fabienne Haichour
Darren Jones
Senator, were you expecting two more for dinner? O'Neill and Maybourne pair up as unlikely allies in "Chain Reaction."
#TeamTuesday #SG1Team
Jay Joyce
Sam Wilson
David Umstattd
How many times has Teal'c seen that one movie? Eight times?
(And, we would be up for pizza and an SG-1 movie anytime!)
#FlashbackFriday #TagAFriend
How many times has Teal'c seen that one movie Eight times
Travis K Martin
Kasia Wołoszczuk
João Guilherme Rocha