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"North Korea has consistently been treated like a joke, but now the joke has nuclear weapons," said John Park, director of the Korea Working Group at the Harvard Kennedy School. "If you deem Kim Jong Un to be irrational, then you're implicitly underestimating him."

A danger lies in dismissing Kim Jong Un as irrational
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Police have found the Humvee that was taken Wednesday afternoon from the Ohio National Guard Armory.

A humdinger of a find: Cops recover stolen military vehicle from Ohio home
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The U.S. military acknowledged for the first time Saturday that it launched an airstrike against the Islamic State in the densely packed Iraqi city of Mosul, where residents say more than 100 people were killed in a single event.

US acknowledges its forces were behind airstrike on Mosul
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The lawsuit by Robert Levinson's family in U.S. federal court comes years after the last hostage photos and video of the 69-year-old investigator surfaced in emails they say were sent by Iran so the country "would not be held responsible for his ultimate fate."

Family of missing ex-FBI agent files lawsuit against Iran
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The protests were the largest coordinated outpourings of dissatisfaction in Russia since the massive 2011-12 demonstrations that followed a fraud-tainted parliamentary election.

Wave of corruption protests sweeps Russia; Navalny arrested
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Iran on Sunday sanctioned what it described as 15 American companies, alleging they support terrorism, repression and Israel's occupation of land Palestinians want for a future state, likely in retaliation for sanctions earlier announced by the U.S.

Iran strikes back at US with 'reciprocal' sanctions
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British press reports suggest Khalid Masood used the easily available messaging service just minutes before starting a rampage Wednesday that left three pedestrians and one police officer dead and dozens more wounded, including some with catastrophic injuries.

UK: Attacker used WhatsApp, firm must help police get access
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The new dynamic could make each future negotiation more difficult as the issue matrix gets more complicated and the pockets of internal GOP resistance continue to grow, not shrink, in the new era of President Trump's Republican-controlled Washington.

A new dynamic may be emerging in the House: A right and left flank within the GOP willing to buck leadership
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In the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State group became infamous for its spectacular variations on explosive vehicles. For attacks in the West, it has suggested a simpler method, encouraging followers to use regular vehicles to kill people on foot.

Vehicle attacks: Easy success for Islamic State, a challenge for police
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U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's absence from the celebratory summit, marking 60 years since the Treaty of Rome created the bedrock for the EU, highlighted the division and sense of pessimism that's gripping the 28-nation club.

EU leaders pledge unity days away from Brexit trigger
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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan brought up the proposal at a Turkish-U.K. forum in the southern city of Antalya, referring to the British departure from the EU and saying Turkey "might" hold a similar referendum after the April 16 vote to expand the powers of the Turkish presidency.

Erdogan: Turkey might hold referendum on EU membership
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While he was an Army chaplain in Afghanistan, Rev. Aubrey Jones said, he often counseled soldiers who despaired that they had done something unpardonable. “That gave me the chance to talk about grace,” he said, adding that he was particularly attentive to mentions of suicide.

Is there an unforgivable sin?
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Six months ago, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar emerged briefly from the shadows, appearing via video to sign a peace agreement with President Ashraf Ghani.

Afghanistan wooed a fugitive warlord, aiming to lure the Taliban, too. Now the warlord's deal is stuck.
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The airstrikes, of which some activists said included Russian air raids, concentrated on the rebel-held northwestern province of Idlib, the central province of Hama and suburbs of the capital Damascus that have come under attack by insurgent groups over the past week.

Airstrikes across rebel-held Syria kill and wound scores
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Electronic cigarettes or vape pens are battery-powered devices, most substantially larger than cigarettes, that heat a liquid into a vapor for inhalation. The term "vaping" is commonly used to describe the use of electronic cigarettes and smoking devices.

With 'vaping' on the rise, debate centers on its effects
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Stars and Stripes' print edition front page for March 26, 2017:
• Islamic State-held human shields in Mosul complicate coalition strikes[ Link ]
• As Mosul campaign continues, Q West to ‘get bigger, but it won’t get nicer’ [ Link ]
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The bridge’s construction enabled sections of Gen. George S. Patton’s 3rd Army to cross the Rhine and begin moving through Germany’s industrial and agricultural heartland. Less than two months later, the war in Europe was over.

Monument pays tribute to role of engineer battalion in WWII Rhine crossing
After Saturday's Medal of Honor Day wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery featuring recipients of the nation's highest military honor, the focus turned to honoring men, women and one unique teenager who have served their communities in different ways.

On Medal of Honor Day, a nation's military heroes honor courageous civilians
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It was the first deployment for the USS Port Royal in 4½ years due to Navy and congressional wrangling over budget priorities that sidelined the ballistic missile defense-capable ship.

Written off after 2009 grounding, USS Port Royal finishes 7-month deployment