This #WorldLiteracyDay, let's take a step to recognize that there needs to be education and awareness about menstrual health and hygiene to change this scary statistic.To know more about everything related to periods,
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Did you know that the menstruation of Mother Earth has been celebrated for centuries in Odisha? The villagers actually refrain from all agricultural work for 3 days to let mother earth rest. Share if you think we can learn a thing or two from this progressive festival!
Run - for every girl child who's told she can't have a better future. We’re doing our bit, by being the Sanitary Protection Partners at the DNA ICan Women’s Half Marathon at BKC, Mumbai. Join us there, and run for a cause!
Shed inhibitions, go out there and embrace life's opportunities. Let the New Year bring with it new discoveries about who you are! #StayfreeStayAhead
#LetsStayfree while growing up. Check out Anju Kish Productions’ musical, Growing Up, at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu, tomorrow!
Does being on your period hold you back from making plans? Shoo away those period blues by going out, meeting your friends, and enjoying yourself! See how: [ Link ]
When you’re on your period, you just can’t miss out on those eight hours of sound sleep. Here’s how you can get your shuteye, through the night!
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Can I exercise during periods?” “Is there something special I can eat to help cramps?” If you’ve always wondered about all the dos and don’ts for that time of the month – this is for you! [ Link ]
Mayank writes a lovely tale around 'Today', showing that if you're determined enough, nothing can stop you. #LetsStayfree
Often, mood swings can leave you irritable and annoyed. But they can be an indicator of your oncoming period. Join Freishia as she analyses the hows and whys of PMS!
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Rohan salutes all the amazing, courageous single mothers out there, with this lovely tale! #LetsStayfree
Do you freak out every time you get cramps? Don’t worry girls, the pain is absolutely normal! In fact, you can do some easy things to make yourself feel better. Check them out here: [ Link ]
Sometimes the rules we have to follow really are to protect us. Jenai does a wonderful play on that by crafting a tale around 'Cover'. #LetsStayfree
It’s an auspicious day, so let’s promise ourselves we’ll embrace life. #HappyDiwali, girls!
There’s nothing scary about the world of periods, especially when we are all in it together! Freishia is here to give you your induction. Ready?
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The World Of Periods | STAYFREE - STAY AHEAD
When you see inspiration, you take it! Check out the stories of these girls who show us how to embrace life and watch your dreams come true! [ Link ]
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Cannot keep up with your swinging moods? It could be because your body is ready for puberty. Worry not, you can stay prepared with a bit of help from Freishia:
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