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Zugliget terminus, Budapest...
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Amazing vintage photo of the famous gargoyle at Notre Dame
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by qingshi
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Pirates on a Motorcycle with an Octopus in the Sidecar. by Mitchell Grafton
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by Steeven Salvat [ Link ]
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Urbex - Château Astremoine by Tsx13
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''Let your imagination fly'' Full scratch build 1/32
by Mamais Stathis
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Daft Steampunk by Steven Dwyer
Photos by Curious Josh
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Magical & Contemporary Bookstore in Romania

Named, “Cărtureşti Carusel, also known as “The Carousel of Light” is a grand building from the XIX century, which has been updated into an enchanting architectural monument.
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The Sea Dragon on the clock by Aleksandr Mushkin
The dragon is made of hundreds and thousends details of ancient objects, such as: clock mechanisms, door handles, gears, a gravy boat, a candy box, ball bearings, the neck of the saxophone, meat grinder, the arrowhead, the candlestick, the silver web, ancient spoons and forks, etc.

At the front there is a musical box cocoon that starts to work...
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The armour Ned Kelly used in a shootout with Victorian Police - 1880.
Amelia Durham Photography
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Van Cleef & Arpels unveil its first Extraordinary Object: the Automate Fée Ondine
The fruit of long years’ work and an intense collaboration with automaton maker François Junod.
Insectarium Mécanique by Ralph Schaefer
La Fermette Marbeuf, Paris, France
Steamcity by Remton
Parasol duelling holster ~ Monica Willard