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We all have a story. What's yours? #IPlayBecause #PaxEast
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Arctis has the same mic that Boatman Bob uses on the USS Airplane Boat. ✈ Bob's mic can drown out a fighter jet. Educate yourself: [ Link ]
Why do you play? Today's the last day to stop by our booth to tell us your story. If you can’t make Pax, leave us a comment and we’ll RT our favs on Twitter. BONUS if you make our intern have human feelings #RiseUpPAX

Music: JKuch - Asteroids
Final Day of PAX East. Last chance to win awesome gear, meet some of your favorite streamers, and to claim victory in our Culling Tournament. [ Link ] #RiseUpPAX
Don’t miss out on meeting the Stream Team! Make sure to stop by the booth to see who’s on the schedule today and tomorrow! [ Link ]
We're ready for you #PAXEast.
Why do you play? #iplaybecause

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Vote to help us choose the next Arctis headband, made in collaboration with DesignByHumans. Voting ends 3/23/17.

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Do your teammates sound like they're spinning around in a washing machine? See why we partnered with pro gamers to develop the ClearCast noise-canceling mic found in every Arctis headset. [ Link ]
We’re counting down the final hours of IEM Katowice. See some of our favorite moments from Day Two. #RiseUpIEM
IEM Katowice continues on. Be sure to check out the SteelSeries booth while you’re at the show so you don't miss out! #RiseUpIEM
The first day of IEM comes to a close. Be sure to stop by our booth for prizes, tournaments, and to check out the latest gear! #RiseUpIEM
Tune in to our AMA about Rival 500. Like what you hear? Read more: [ Link ]
Our booth at #IEM is underway! (And yes, you can try AND buy Arctis there!) What are you excited to see this year?
TOMORROW IS THE DAY. At 1:00 PM CST, meet ✨Jason Christian the Mouse Magician✨ and ask him all the things about the Rival 500!