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We're sorry, but we're going to have to postpone our Rival 500 AMA. Mouse Magician Jason Christian is still recovering from a recent surgery ???? But don't worry, we rescheduled, so tune in at the same time next week!
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Ever wondered how a mouse is born? Join us Thursday for a live #Rival 500 AMA hosted by our ✨Mouse Magician Jason Christian!✨ More details coming soon!
Michael is the real deal in this Steel(series) reel. #riseup Nintendo Super Smash Bros.
Timeless style, unending flow (IG@widiadeneza)
Show your Rival 700 some love this Valentine's Day!

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❤ Now would you die for the one you love? Hold me in your ar-
Home is where the Arctis.

Free game codes and accessories for that special someone...
(it's you, you're that special someone.)

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Check out how Twitch broadcasters DocGotGame and Djtechlive use the #Rival 500 in their fav MMOs! [ Link ]
Are you carpal bummel'd about carpal tunnel? SO ARE WE.

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Are you tired of your thumbs being treated like scum? Your hands deserve better. The road to recovery begins this week. #Rival 500
Getting ready for the big game!

(Like we're going to miss a chance to use #RiseUp )
The wait is over! A limited supply of Arctis 7 is available in all regions (in both black and white)!

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Gratz Beyonce for having twins! We don't have anything remotely relevant.... so here's a picture of a keyboard! ⌨ #apex 100
Docgotgame and Djtechlive stopped by our Chicago office recently - YOU'LL PROBABLY GUESS WHY BUT WE'RE GOING TO BE VAGUE ANYWAYS #Rival
Work work zug zug ⛏ #rival 300 #apex m500 #arctis 3
We asked our coworkers to try out a not so scary game. WE LIED. #stratus XL #Arctis 7 #RE7
GOALS Great setup by Reddit user ElliotVS [ Link ]

The Wraparound Workspace
You voted, we chose a random unlucky (maybe lucky?) person to eat three pounds of spagyeti. #hotpocketsemoji
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Protip: A keyboard is not an ideal mousepad, but man it looks sweet. #apex M500 #rival 300
Some franchises are gone before you realize, but others are truly timeless. What's your favorite classic?