thank you #SXSW for loving #SmallTownCrime. Meet Ivy:
come here and dream with me
#SmallTownCrime Premiere last night at Paramount Theatre
hey, #sxsw
headed to Austin for SXSW for #SmallTownCrime film, x!
one must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star
new york city summer 2016
it was Sept 5th when i accidentally moved to New York City. 'Vienna' played on repeat, and em and i sat on the roof for hours in silence watching all of the different stories through apt windows. then she pulled out her film camera and took this. i wish i could replay this day over and over again like watching a movie. it makes me feel oh so happy and sad at the same time. i love beginnings
it's such a beautiful day
happy valentine's day
Packing things, but leaving pieces of me in New York City. - capture by @cybellealexis -
The golden light that blazed through the window each night in my New York City apt just couldn't be captured. I don't believe in impossible, but I do think trying to hold on to or describe essence through language has limits. Maybe the words just haven't been invented yet.
spot the cactus tree
"the day the music died"
paint me