Stefanie Scott
01/22/2017 at 13:42. Facebook
paint me
Stefanie Scott
01/22/2017 at 03:24. Facebook
Stefanie Scott
01/22/2017 at 03:21. Facebook
painting our little universe
i think one of the "mistakes" humanity has made, is labeling sad as bad. there's purpose to feeling. let it guide you. sadness can be a good thing, i guess it gives us something. shapes us in a way. we're sensitive creatures and that's okay, that's the ebb and flow, the death rebirth and decision to grow
"I.T." is now available on Netflix
i hope you have a nice holiday with people you love. i know it's easy to get caught up in perfection and gifts and bells and whistles, but christmas can be a hard time of year for some too. it's okay if it's not perfect or like it is in movies. it's life, i'm here with you. happy holiday. i love you
where some see white walls, we see our next mural *jimi record plays*
my interview in #messy mag out now. link in bio to online version #rebelrebel
aye babe
a new earth
once upon a lucid dream
thank you for your birthday love, this is 20
talking rebellion in the arts and life in new @TheMessyHeads grab your coffee and be a rebel with me
interview in new @themessyheads magazine, talking the film world, life, and all things art and love, pick up a copy and tell me how you find it #rebelrebel
painted another wall of the apt last night