The most delicious spinach and ricotta ravioli made by the participants at our Delivering Kitchen Garden Classes training at Collingwood College, Victoria today. It was just one dish in an amazing spread of seasonal dishes they prepared for the shared lunch.
Educators have been having a ball at our Delivering Kitchen Garden Classes training today at Adelaide's St Michael's College! To join in the fun of one of our hands-on training days click on the link below and find your nearest training session.

Training For Schools | Kitchen Garden
Are you curious to find out what a Weleda Bee B&B Hotel is, and how it can attract more pollinators to the garden at your school or centre?

Schools abuzz with Bee&Bees | Kitchen Garden
Have you tried making your own apple cider vinegar? Students at Freshwater Creek Steiner School & Kindergarten made this batch in a kitchen class. It provided a hands-on opportunity for the students to learn about the science of fermentation. And hopefully they will end up with some tasty vinegar to use when they are cooking and making salad dressings!
Our Founder Stephanie Alexander discusses the joys of shared meals.

Stephanie Alexander's wisdom: 'Gather around the family table'
These cuties from The Heights School are enjoying a kitchen boot camp. The children were given a crash course on equipment, knife skills, measurement, hygiene and an introduction to herbs and spices.
Check out this month's Teacher Talk article to find out how our fun, hands-on Delivering Kitchen Garden Classes training days can count towards professional development for teachers. #TeacherTalk

Training counts towards professional development | Kitchen Garden
Looking for some tips on how to integrate a kitchen garden program into your primary school curriculum? Then check out this video, which is a taster of our Cracking Curriculum Ideas online course. The course is open to Kitchen Garden Program schools and Kitchen Garden Classroom members, and is now just $75. For more details about the course head to our website [
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There are many ways to show love. The students of St Michael's College have showered it on their garden. How will you show love this Valentine's Day?
It's very exciting to see the fabulous Kitchen Garden Program at Junction Park State School highlighted in The Australian!

Food for thought
St Thomas More College, Sunnybank, have come up with an egg-cellent idea for transporting tomatoes from their school garden! The school has chickens and ducks in their garden too and had lots of egg cartons handy. This wraps up a week of tomato-themed photos we've had lots of fun posting on our Instagram account. So if you'd like to see more, go to [ Link ] or search @SAKGF in...
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We have a new Knife Skills and Safety online course for educators. It includes lots of great tips on how to teach children to safely use knives in kitchen classes, and includes video-based instruction.

Training For Schools | Kitchen Garden
Looking for some tips on where to apply for grants to help run a kitchen garden program?

On the hunt for a grant? | Kitchen Garden
How much money can we save by growing our own potatoes? A great maths question investigated by Kitchen Garden Program students at Elizabeth South Primary School last year. Using the weight of the harvest from the first third of their potato patch (a bumper 6.2kg!), and the current price per kilo in the supermarket ($4) they estimated they would harvest $74.40 worth of potatoes from their...
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We love how French children are taught to appreciate the pleasure of eating good food from a very young age ...

Pleasure is good: How French children acquire a taste for life
Can anyone tell us what variety these pretty little tomatoes are? They are the first-ever tomatoes grown by the Foundation's Content Coordinator, Di, a budding green thumb. The variety of tomato is a mystery, as they grew from an unlabelled plant leftover from our Big Melbourne Professional Development Day. We think they could be either Pink Bumblebee or Tigerella from The Diggers Club.
Check out all the fun educators had at our face-to-face training days in 2016.

A look back: Kitchen garden training in 2016 | Kitchen Garden
Find out how you can volunteer your time and help your local kitchen garden school or centre...

Is volunteering on your New Years’ resolution list? | Kitchen Garden
Any early years learning centre, primary school or secondary school can have a kitchen garden program – contact us to learn how to get started on 13000 SAKGF (13000 72543) or email