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It's the silly things sometimes....
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I get asked this question quite a lot...
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Tonight's Vinyl Revival is one of our theme nights. This time it's the turn of 'Album Tracks'

Listen here:

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I really do love this breed of cats! This one is makes a noise when you stroke it!
Some of my favourite beauty things!
Sixth formers at a school describe what forms of media they use.

Where is radio?
Make Up Favourites I ♡
Never just do something just for the 'Fame'

Do it because it makes a difference.

#davidbowie #70
Vinyl sales are enjoying a massive resurgence, so what better time to check out my ALL vinyl show...xx

[ Link ]

Vinyl Revival (07/01/2017), Stephanie Hirst - BBC Radio Manchester
Obviously if you can't think of anyone else, stick my name down! Xx

The British LGBT Awards | Nominate: Public
How have I only just seen this!!!!??
‪I played two hours of cracking tunes from 1959-1990 today. A real mixture of hits all from vinyl!‬

‪Have a listen! X‬

‪[ Link ]

Vinyl Revival (02/01/2017), Stephanie Hirst - BBC Radio Manchester