I was trying to find an appropriate picture to sum up my thoughts of today, but decided a quote was better.

Going through my transition after swimming was incredibly tough. It wasn't until about a year after finishing my athletic career when all the dust settled, and the realisation of no longer being "current" and recognised for being the best at something set in.
Achieving such high levels...
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Spending the night in, relaxing before a big week ahead.
Its been a interesting week to say the least. Full of emotions (ups and downs) and an overwhelming feeling of not being satisfied with where my life is currently at.
An interesting time to feel this way considering I've just launched my business - but I've never been one for settling, plateauing or being content with mediocrity.

I know...
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Questions from parents about their child's training
This mornings feels after a killer Bootcamp @scienceoffitness
Every now and then it feels really good to test your limits and see how hard you can push yourself, because that "toughness" translate over to every other aspect of your life.

Pushing through your own barriers and limitations is the best confidence boost โ€โ™€
Ok so I can't lie, but today I am EXHAUSTED and did not feel like working out at all. But after a lazing morning and some meditating I forced myself to get to pilates to do a workout with the genius behind @studio_pilates, @jadewinter!
On days like today, I'm definitely not keen on pushing myself, rather listening to my body and nurturing myself with a more gentle workout.
I always get a great...
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My heart is so full of appreciatio seeing gorgeous little Mimi enjoying our @racerice SuperCharged Bars.

My greatest desire in creating these bars was for kids all around the world to want to eat healthy and for SuperCharged Bars to replace the enormous amount of junk food in the marketplace.

Our health is all we have and kids need extra nourishment as their little bodies grow and get...
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Starting the STRENGTH session
It was such an honour to share my thoughts & insights on The Vision Board Podcast. Its rare to find a platform where I can share to authentically and at such depth.
I truely hope that you can pick up something from this interview as that was my goal, and please share them with me :)

Episode 84 - Stephanie Rice - Australia's Golden girl of the pool & 3 times Olympic Gold Medalist

UPDATES on Life & Inner Origin Delivery
My New Wheels Have Landed.
It was such an exciting afternoon picking up this gorgeous thing.
How cute is this, one of the guys that was running me through the car mentioned he use to help my grandpa with his Mercedes services, picking him up from home and taking him to the store.
Grandpa loved nice things and I had an incredibly special bond with him, so hearing him mentioned today was like...
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How cool is this!!
Hope you guys love the recipe I shared with the @vitamix team.
Please let me know what you think, I so love your feedback.

Stephanie Rice

Such a fun morning with cricket.com.au ... how are my batting skills looking??? ???? I'm so excited to be on board as a Brisbane Test ambassador this year and I can't wait to check out the newly built Gabba Pool Deck.
It's going to be such a unique experience having an actual pool in the stands of the Gabba...how good will that be for summer!!! Only 50 days to go!!!
Abundant evening here in Sydney launching InnerOrigin

Thankyou for allowing me to share my journey, passions and values with you all here tonight. I'm honoured that you have chosen me as an ambassador for this incredible business, this really is true alignment.
I'll be sharing more on this very soon.
โœจ Make today Magical โœจ
You are the creator of your life so don't ever allow other people or circumstances to dictate your limitations and ability. You always get what you truest believe in you heart, so be conscious and aware of your thoughts.
Be grateful and share love, so together we can all grow and share abundantly

P.s I'm going to do a Facebook Video tonight at 5.30pm (brissy time) on...
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I was just meditating and taking some time to think back on my life and the extraordinary opportunities & lessons I have had.
I feel incredibly thankful to have had the support to go after my dreams and passions, knowing there was never any guarantee, and realising that 1 in millions win an Olympic Gold Medal.
My heart is so full of gratitude for the opportunities that have come and continue...
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This just melted my heart! What a gorgeous little video and wonderful concept. Good things happen to good people and what you put out comes back. Nothing good comes to those that put others down in order to rise ... we can all grow and prosper together!!
Have a blessed day


Leo Burnett (Madrid, Spain)

This was officially the most fulfilling interview I have ever done...and thats a big call. Thank you for creating such a safe space to allow me to share so openly and honestly.
Keep creating amazing content like this because I know there are many people out there that will benefit from your interviews and podcasts.
Sending so much love to everyone who chooses to listen xx

Episode 67 | Steph Rice (Swimmer)

Thankyou to Opportunity International Australia for allowing me to share my vision and not-great cooking skills with everyone who attended "The Great Australian Curry" event.
I'm honoured to be an ambassador for your inspiring organisation and to help contribute in any way possible.
Plenty of people can be ambassadors to brands and companies but for me it's important to have complete...
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