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Stephen King
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Stephen King
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Hear the very first excerpt from GWENDY’S BUTTON BOX, read by Billions, Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy star Maggie Siff! Plus get a behind-the-scenes look at the recording with her interview about the audiobook: [ Link ]

Download your copy today and get an exclusive conversation with authors Stephen King and Richard Chizmar: [ Link ]
Hear the very first excerpt from GWENDYS BUTTON BOX read by Billions

GWENDY'S BUTTON BOX Audiobook Playlist
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Stephen King
Stephen King
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Dates have been announced for the Sleeping Beauties Book Tour with Owen King!
Dates have been announced for the Sleeping Beauties Book Tour with Owen King

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen & Owen King - Available September 26th, 2017
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Of the mountains of terrors that have come from Stephen King’s catalog, Gerald’s Game had been widely regarded as the book least likely to receive a film adaptation. Not because it isn’t wo…
Stephen King 05/15/2017

Bringing Gerald’s Game to life and the challenges of filmmaking: a discussion with Mike Flanagan
Derek McCumber
Rebecca Garay-Leon
Mona Starr
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Moonlight’ s André Holland has been cast as the lead in Hulu's upcoming psychological-horror drama series Castle Rock from J.J. Abrams and Stephen King. Set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock is named after the fictional town in King's native Maine that is featured prominently in a
Stephen King 05/11/2017

‘Castle Rock’: André Holland To Topline J.J. Abrams & Stephen King’s Hulu Series
Sai French
Marie Shively
Tim Goodin
Shani KR
Denise Williams
Alexis Marie
We're in the midst of a Stephen King renaissance—between the nonstop King homage that is Stranger Things, the upcoming film adaptations of It and The Dark Tower, the upcoming TV adaptations of Gerald's Game, The Mist, and Mr. Mercedes, and the meta-sounding Castle Rock series, King fans have a lot t...
Stephen King 05/10/2017

Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson's Creepshow Comic Is Available Again, For the First Time in Years
Rob Hinkle
Scott Gregg
Marc Kandel
Meet Greg Stillson in this audiobook excerpt from THE DEAD ZONE, read by James Franco.

Hear an interview with James about making the audiobook and download your copy today: [ Link ]
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Sleep well… while you still can.
Stephen King 05/09/2017
Stephen King
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Roses are red, and so are eyeballs, chins, mouths and every other dripping body part in this not-for-kids new clip.
Stephen King 05/08/2017

New trailer for Stephen King's 'The Mist' is bloody terrifying
Jason Stolarik
Ryan Byrne
Steve Elia
Iella Lecirri
Tommy Riley
Rachael Anngeline Andersen
The iconic author speaks on his adaption, the trailer, and shared universes.
Stephen King 05/04/2017

The Dark Tower: Stephen King's Thoughts on the Trailer, It, and Cinematic Universes
Jennifer Bailey
Jamie Mack
Brandon Badal
Richard Hand
Holly Anderson
Elizabeth Coble
John D Rivera
Nancy Ekse
Shawn Kristofitz
Kevin Shaw
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Check out the deal on Sleeping Beauties (Special Edition) at Cemetery Dance Publications
Stephen King 05/01/2017

Sleeping Beauties (Special Edition)
Stephen King
Lisa Alva
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Molly's portrait, now hanging in the Hall of Evil. You may visit it in Derry, Maine.
Molly's portrait now hanging in the Hall of Evil You may visit it in Derry Maine
Virginie Brouillette
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Rob Hinkle
Never before on Audio – THE DEAD ZONE is available today - narrated by James Franco! Go behind the scenes of the audiobook recording session in this exclusive interview with Franco – plus, get a first listen to the audiobook via Entertainment Weekly: [ Link ]
Never before on Audio THE DEAD ZONE is available today narrated by

Listen to James Franco Perform Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone'
Linda Degli
Shawn Burns
Sharon Austin