Stephen Moyer
03/25/2017 at 16:54. Facebook
Embracing my new family...
Happy #PancakeDay
@_annapaquin and @ohdenis on the penultimate day of shooting on #ThePartingGlass
Denis and I started work on this project over 5 years ago. Bringing it to camera has been a slog that was worth every minute.
I'd like to say a huge thank you to the people of Toronto and everyone who helped us, from Office Coffee Solutions who provided my espresso for free..To Pinewood and Revival studios...
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'UP! Homage' to the wonderful #EdAsner who's last day it is today...
#ThePartingGlass Day18
My last day with the extraordinary #MelissaLeo. AMAZING.
#ThePartingGlass DAY 17
With my gang crammed into the back of #RhysIfans car for day 16 of #ThePartingGlass
Massive thanks to #simdigital for all our camera equipment.
And to my brilliant cinematographer @guygodfree for his eye
Huge thanks to @noizeoriginal for their huge generosity in providing all our warm coats for #ThePartingGlass
-10C today with -18C windchill and I am toasty β›„
Day8 #ThePartingGlass
Makeshift hat for my lovely #EdAsner's cold head..
Me and my lovely old mate #RhysIfans on this bright and frosty morning. Day 7. #ThePartingGlass
Day 6 #ThePartingGlass
-12 degrees C/11 degrees F this morning.
Been meaning to post a pic daily but just too cold and busy..
Lunch was in a warm place today so my fingers can type ;)
The Legend that is Robert 'Bertie' Portal doing 'The 39 Steps' in the #thewestend 2006.
I know it's similar to yesterday's but I like it. So there.
#timpiggotsmith in See How They Run, Aug 2006.
Had a great few minutes backstage with #dianarigg during a performance of 'Honour'. 2006.
#NatashaMcElhone preparing for 'Honour' in the #WestEnd 2006.
Love this picture of my old drama school mate.
Gonna stop counting the days as clearly I can't count.
The lovely #tarafitzgerald in 'and then there were none' 2005.
Day 6
The incredible #janetmcteer preparing for Mary Stuart.
If you are in NewYork go see this beautiful woman on the stage.
Day 4.
One of my dearest friends #LarryLamb in #FoolForLove in the West End 2006.
I missed him in the jungle, but hear he was a riot.. as ever.
Day 3.
My Dear mate @martinhendersonofficial during the run of #foolforlove with @juliettelewis 2006.
Day 2.
The incomparable @juliettelewis during the run of Fool for Love in the West End. Chose this for today because she just happens to be sitting on the same bed as Harriet Walter was in yesterday's picture.