Steri Stumpie
03/20/2017 at 08:30. Facebook
#ScienceFact: Butterflies taste with their feet that is why they’re always trying to land on your Steri Stumpie.
Steri Stumpies always roll as a Squad #SquadGoals #StaySterious
This is how Gym Bunnies stay motivated. #SteriousMotivation
Spot the difference: Can you spot the difference between these two Steri Stumpies? #StaySterious
This Steri Stumpie is the world’s strongest Steri Stumpie and he recommends Steri Stumpie as the world’s best post workout recovery drink.
In the early stages of life, Steri Stumpies bond together to form bigger Steri Stumpies. #ScienceFacts
Tag a friend who drinks Steri Stumpie in a weird way.
Some say the fastest way to an intergalactic, tentacled, one-eyed space monster alien creature’s heart is with a Strawberry Steri Stumpie.

Humans also like them, so maybe get one for a human person that you like for Valentine’s Day.
Ready for the ultimate Steri Valentines Date? Tell us why Strawberry and Chocolate should swipe right for you this Valentine's Day. #SteriValentinesBae
The best way to send your crush a Steri Stumpie is to load it into a Steri Stumpie cannon and blast it in their general direction at the speed of love.
2017 CHALLENGE: Steri Stumpie is a great post-workout recovery drink, but here’s a challenge: Every time you skip gym this year, you have to buy a friend a Steri Stumpie.

Can you handle that?
Please take your Steri Stumpies for a 30-minute walk, before consumption.
Don’t you love it when you get a free Steri Stumpie out of nowhere from a magical portal.
Don’t you hate it when your Steri Stumpie gets sucked up through a portal and ends up in the Facebook post above it.
Did you think we’d have Steri Stumpie drone drops by 2017? So did we :/
This Steri Stumpie sock’s favourite drink is Steri Stumpie. Is that weird? Maybe. Maybe not.
Have YOU got the 4K Steri Stumpie PRO most best ever hyper gaming extreme console?
2016 is finally behind us. Here’s a toast to an even more STERIOUS new year.
The countdown has begun!

But the real question is, can you count backward from 10?
The Festive GIFt that keeps on giving…tiny fist bumps.

So maybe give someone a Steri Stumpie for Christmas, or a fist bump. Or both. Or 4 Steri Stumpies and 3 fist bumps, or 6 Steri Stumpies and 8 fist bumps. Go crazy.