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Witness heaven by taking a trip to Dharamshala! The Dal Lake there will make you rub your eyes in amazement, as it bears a stark resemblance to its namesake in Kashmir. Nestled amidst thick deodar and juniper trees, every click here is picture-perfect. This spot has something for everybody- be it #shopping #photography or #trekking! Book your stay in #Dharamshala now at [ Link ]...
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Mussoorie looks so much better from above! See it to believe it, as you indulge in the thrills that Sky Riding brings. Escape to make your way to Mussoorie’s best viewing spot in the sky. Book your stay in #Mussoorie now at [ Link ] #PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy
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Located just 201 kms from the capital city, Sariska is known for more than its tiger reserve. Check out this #video to get some #travelinspiration and escape into the majestic #Sariska. Book your stay today at [ Link ] #PressEscape #DiscoverJoy #SterlingHolidays
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#DidYouKnow India will have no potable water by 2040. It's time to ACT- Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. A small step towards water conservation today will make an astronomical difference in sustaining future water demand. Comment below with the measures you have taken to conserve water this #WorldWaterDay #WorldWaterDay2017
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Warm mangodi amidst the cool Mussoorie weather accompanied with some interesting conversations . Sounds like the perfect date? Escape and hit the streets of Mussoorie today! Book your stay in #Mussoorie with us now [ Link ]
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Alright, here is a small question for you! How many Indian dance forms can you name? Don’t worry if it takes you a while, as every Indian state is culturally unique with distinctive dance forms. Let’s see how many of them you got right. Explore #holidays with us at [ Link ]
#PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy #IncredibleIndia
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#DidYouKnow People ignore 100% of facts about forest conservation. Still, we’ll tell you that forests act as natural filters and supply 75% of the world’s accessible freshwater. See it to believe it. Escape into the magnificent forests of #Corbett & #Sariska, to show your love.
Don’t destroy; enjoy.
#PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy #InternationalForestDay
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Holidays are all about 'plans' for some and 'bucketlists' for others! Either ways, here are the 5 things that you can do in Manali. Book you stay now [ Link ] . Escape into a fun filled vacation with #SterlingHolidays .
#PressEscape #DiscoverJoy #ThingsToDo #Manali
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Thanks for sharing your special moments with us! Hope you all had a great #Holi. Congratulations Munmun Das, Kalpesh Kalal & Rishika (@aadiivaasii).
Please share your contact details with us! #SterlingHolidays #Contest #DiscoverJoy #PressEscape #Holi2k17
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Due to the fast decline in their number,sparrows have been listed as threatened nearly endangered. They need our love, care and protection. Let's pledge this #SparrowDay to save this cute, little bird. Here's our share to save the sparrow [ Link ] #WorldSparrowDay #PressEscape #DiscoveJoy #SterlingHolidays
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The hills are alive, with adventure lurking around every corner. You can #trek up the hill, ride a bike down the hill, or even take a dive off one. Suit yourself. Escape and lose yourself in India’s hill stations. Book your stay at [ Link ] #PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy
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The terrain of the country with extreme landscapes is responsible for roads that give nightmares even to the most skilled and able drivers. Want to know about these roads? Read on our #blog. #PressEscape #DiscoverJoy #SterlingHolidays

Scariest Roads in India that are a Driver’s Nightmare
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Our cultural history should be celebrated, not forgotten. This medieval beauty in #Rajasthan is a sight to behold. We hope you’ve already guessed it right! Escape to feel royal here. Explore #holidays with us at [ Link ] #PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy
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Come celebrate diversity at the largest cultural fest in India! Eat until you’re full, dance until your feet hurt, and explore our heritage like never before. Book now with Sterling Holidays at [ Link ] #PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy
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At the break of dawn, a walk along the coastline. You’re barefoot. The sun and you, a camera you behold. And the magic unfolds.
Escape and visit Chandrabhaga beach for its' #Mela which is a 7 day affair to honor Lord Surya. Book your stay in #Puri with us now at [ Link ] #PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy #DidYouKnow
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A little bit of careful planning and these simple hacks up your sleeve, you can take that vacation you have been postponing due to budget. Visit our #blog to get the tips at [ Link ] #PressEscape #DiscoverJoy #SterlingHolidays

9 hacks every budget traveller must know - Sterling Holidays Blog
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When in the hills, learn to eat like a local. A delight to the taste buds, Chicken Chettinad is a local delicacy that is a must-try! Escape to enjoy different cuisines across the country! Book your lip-smacking holiday in #Ooty at [ Link ] #PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy
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Scale the tallest peak in #Nainital for a breath-taking view of the city. At an altitude of 6,837 feet, getting an adrenaline rush gets too real. Escape to start your surreal journey to the top of the world. Book your stay in Nainital at [ Link ] #PressEscape #SterlingHolidays #DiscoverJoy
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