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My MasterClass©™® launches April 11th! I had a great time organizing bits of knowledge that had no place to go.

MasterClass | Steve Martin Teaches Comedy
The excitement of having just finished a show.
Here we are recording a VR event for Dolby. In Asheville, making a new record with Steep Canyon Rangers.
This is one of our new songs with Steep Canyon Rangers. Not sure about the pink part. Ideas?
This is us. Steep Canyon Rangers and I working on our new album! If this is too dramatic to look at, look away.
You can now sign up for my MasterClass! I'll be talking about comedy, life, inspiration, and desperation.

MasterClass | Steve Martin Teaches Comedy
You can watch the Bright Star: A New Musical concert version (meaning it's essentially the songs) - complete with original cast and band, here: [ Link ]

Relive Bright Star: In Concert on TheaterMania
You can watch, for free, a livestream of our Grammy nominated musical Bright Star: A New Musical here tonight:
[ Link ]

Watch Steve Martin, Edie Brickell, and the Cast of Bright Star Live on TheaterMania
In case you think my life is all limos and sunglasses.
Feeling pretty stupid right now. AWC (Apple Watch charger) clearly labeled not to charge convenient pocket Kleenex.
Whoa! My nasal spray was charged to capacity in 30 minutes!
This shoehorn failed to be charged at all. And I'm going out soon. Stranded.
This pen was charged to 50 percent in 12 minutes.
Good news! AWC (Apple Watch charger), weirdly, has successfully charged this Shinola wrist wind.
Apple Watch charger review and analysis: AWC (Apple Watch charger) failed to charge my Fitbit. Problems ahead?
Here's my new Apple Watch charger. How do I know when it's working?
One-stop shopping!
Hiro and his girlfriend Juana were in a bad accident on November 24, 2016. Very tragicly Juana did not make it and Hiro was seroiusly injured. He is currently in an induced medical coma for recovery and had several serious injuries. It is looking positive however the medical bills will no doubt...

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A gang of four. Thanks Rita Wilson for taking such a nice photo.