Dear Friends

Only 1 week to go for my new Film Release here are some details.

@Steven Seagal races against time to stop a terrorist plot in #ContractToKill. In theaters and on demand 12/9.

Many blessings

My Friends at Fanboy Nation have debuted an exclusive stills gallery in support of the VOD and theatrical release of my new film Contract To Kill please take a look.

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'Contract to Kill' Comes to Theaters and VOD December 9th | FanboyNation Magazine
Never leave a job unfinished. #ContractToKill - in theaters and on demand 12/9.
Dear Friends

My friend Jorina Baars is an undefeated Muay Thai multiple World Champion, here is her latest promo video.

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Jorina Baars highlight Oct 2016

Jorina Baars multiple Dutch, European and World Champion k1,kickboxing,Muay Thai.

From my friends at Lionsgate Pictures, my new Movie, Contract to Kill

@Steven Seagal takes down his enemy without missing a beat. #ContractToKill - in theaters and on demand 12/9.
The Constitution is the foundation of our great country & thank God we now have an avenue to try to undue much of what has been done to undermine our most basic rights & & principles . I really look forward to this process. #UnitedStatesOfAmerica #Constitution #ProudAmerican
Check out the trailer for my new movie, Contract to Kill. In Theaters and On Demand December 9th
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Contract to Kill - Movie Trailers - iTunes
Check out my line of Cold Steel products! If you put in the PROMO CODE: SEAGAL you will receive a 5% discount.

Steven Seagal Series | Cold Steel
Yes, Jenn Griff. I saw this. Need everyone to read and share... NRA-ILA FrontLines

NRA-ILA | Hillary Clinton, Democratic Machine All In For Gun Control In 2016
To all my Maine friends. Please check this out... It impacts YOUR RIGHTS. Firearms Policy Coalition Stop Prop 63 Committee

Press Herald: Wardens Raise Concerns About Gun-Sales Background Check Proposal
Great message from Kim Rhode for our California friends. #Prop63

Olympian rallies against California's anti-gun ballot measure (VIDEO)
For all of my veterans out there. There is a program in Texas that I support 100%. They are saving lives... please join them for the "Grand Opening" of Warriors Heart on Saturday, October 15th! There is a special ceremony for the Mission 22 monument dedication to the War at Home.

Operation Warriors Heart Foundation
756 Purple Sage Road
Bandera, Texas 78003

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Treatment Center for Veterans - Warriors Heart - San Antonio
Also as a surprise here is the trailer for my new film "End of a Gun" its in Theaters and On Demand Friday 9/23

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End of a Gun - Movie Trailers - iTunes
Hope you are enjoying my new film #EndOfAGun it is in theaters & on demand on right now.