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Zoom in to the bottom right! ☘ #StPatricksDay
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Peri ice cream cone! #StPatricksDay
Steven Universe
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Can't get enough of that Stevonnie dance! #TBT

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Steven and Connie #cosplaygoals! ✨ #CNatSXSW #StevenUniverse
It's a me, Steven!
Which Ruby are you?? And which Ruby makes a guest appearance on tonight's new SU at 7:30P EST?
Super Steven Bros! #MAR10Day

(: EvanPalmerComics/Tumblr)
Anyone else have trouble with spoilers? #StevenUniverse
It’s really happening! Save The Light, a console game with an all-new story (crafted with Rebecca Sugar) is coming to you this year!
Garnet's reaction = priceless #TBT to when Garnet and Pearl first met Smoky Quartz!

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Wishing all women and girls around the world a wonderful International Women's Day! Thank you for your resilience, kindness, and intellect. ???????????????????????????????????????? #InternationalWomensDay #BeBoldForChange
Who else wishes Cookie Kittens cereal was real? #NationalCerealDay