Steven Universe
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Our favorite cotton candy of the jungle ???? Nerdache Cakes
Steven Universe
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Steven Universe
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Many of you guessed it... Bloodstone is Ronaldo's Crystal Gemsona! #StevenUniverse
Steven Universe
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If you can guess the gem, you can guess who you’re going to meet tomorrow night on a brand new Steven Universe! ????⭐✨
Steven Universe
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The Legend of Steven! #ZeldaDay

(: photinus/Tumblr)
Steven Universe
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Which flooferton would you be? #loveyourpetday ( : fenman-chu/tumblr)
Drive this van straight into your Steven Universe toy collection! Recreate your favorite scenes from the show with the new McFarlane construction sets coming in 2017.
Don't fall for it Steven!

In case you missed the new Steven Universe episode yesterday...we got you: [ Link ]
Who else needs a hug after that Steven Universe ep? Watch Rebecca Sugar talk about the timing of Steven’s intense heart-to-heart.
Steven searches for answers tonight at 7PM. #StevenUniverse
#FlashbackFriday to when we first saw Steven's healing powers! Watch the rest of this adorable episode on the CN App: [ Link ]
Thank you for helping us draw Ruby and Sapphire's dessert pizza date during our Valentine's Day live stream! Here is the finished product ❤
We are gonna stay like this forever. Grab this adorbs tee for the Ruby to your Sapphire: [ Link ]
Watch a live drawing of your favorite couple, Ruby and Sapphire!