Stevie Ray Vaughan holds “Number One,” his most distinctive guitar. Which of his many instruments is your favorite?
Stevie Ray Vaughan 11/15/2016
Becky Reilly
Braeden Paul
Debra Duda
Released 25 years ago today, ‘The Sky is Crying’ collected 10 previously unreleased recordings by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan. Which are your favorites?
Stevie Ray Vaughan 11/05/2016
Jose Garcia
Doyle Hughes
Perry Figueroa
Live At Carnegie Hall, an album by Stevie Ray Vaughan on Spotify
Stevie Ray Vaughan 10/04/2016

Live At Carnegie Hall
Rob Land
Danny Pajer
Kathy White
Andy Conn
David Lee Smith
Dennis Robinson
Anthony G Strand
Steve Bennett
Rich Walker
It's Vinyl Day at Barnes & Noble! Get your copy of 'The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble' now:
Its Vinyl Day at Barnes Noble Get your copy of The Essential
Brian Moore
Vaughn Griffiths
Jan Oosterveen
Impressed by a cassette he received from their manager, Mick Jagger invited Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble to open for The Rolling Stones at a New York City party in 1982, giving the band crucial exposure outside of their native Austin.
Stevie Ray Vaughan 07/05/2016
David Shirt
Col Hewison
Sonja Morrison
In 1986, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble became a four-piece band with the addition of keyboardist Reese Wynans (left). He made his debut with them on the band’s third album, ‘Soul to Soul.’
Stevie Ray Vaughan 06/27/2016
Doug Davison
Jimmy Grey
Donna Russo Rondo
What did Stevie Ray Vaughan sound like before he hit it big? Find out on the live set ‘In the Beginning’: [ Link ]
Stevie Ray Vaughan 06/09/2016
Mary Galvez
Mike Fleming
Louis Duplechain
Just Announced: Kiest Park will get its public artwork honoring Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, guitar legends and Oak cliff, Dallas, Texas natives.
Just Announced Kiest Park will get its public artwork honoring Jimmie and

Dallas City Council Approves Jimmie & Stevie Ray Vaughan Sculpture!
Jeff Timmons
Becky Crosby Castronover
Yvonne LaCroix
Get ready to own the first ever color vinyl pressing of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’! This 2LP brown vinyl set will be available this Saturday at all participating retailers for Record Store Day:
Diane Harper Davidson
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Jim Romano
DID YOU KNOW? Before mastering the guitar, a young Stevie Ray Vaughan tried his hand at playing drums and saxophone.
Stevie Ray Vaughan 03/24/2017
Richard Creese
Willie Rickert
Steve McKnight
Stevie Ray Vaughan called his 30th birthday set at Carnegie Hall “my best birthday ever, forever.” Now, ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’ will be available as a 2LP opaque brown vinyl set, exclusively at all participating Record Store Day locations on April 22:
Stevie Ray Vaughan called his 30th birthday set at Carnegie Hall my
Theresa M Johnson
Kenneth Pacheco
Scott Kender
Don Kirkland
Travis Timmons
Shawn Schultz
On March 10, 2017, the exhibit, Pride & Joy: The Texas Blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan, will open at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin.
On March 10 2017 the exhibit Pride Joy The Texas Blues of

SRV Exhibit At Austin's Bullock Museum March 10-July 23!
Tammy Bellard
Warren Farraway
Andrew Wesley
Ken Friedson
Shawn Foley
Jim Collyer
Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar set-up was plain and simple, with minimal effects pedals and basic amplification. Guitar World once called his tone “as dry as a San Antonio summer and as sparkling clean as a Dallas debutante.”
Stevie Ray Vaughan 01/28/2017
William Marquardt
Steve Gonzalez
Madison P. Dixon
Bobby Grubbs
Jim Matteson
Robert Whitt
Billie Jean Holcomb
Richard Boale
Ruben San Miguel
Toni Stelzer
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