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We see the growth of nature as our life’s work and we play a full part in its sustainable management. The treetop walk on the Saar Loop (Germany) is designed to bring people closer to nature again.
Find out more about the treetop walk here: [ Link ]
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Encountering a STIHL saw for the first time can be quite thrilling.
Here, Caitlin R. from Australia is excited by our toy saw.
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Respect for the environment, workers and plants: the produce cultivated on the San Michele a Torri farm (Italy) includes organic wine and olive oil. STIHL tools are a reliable partner for sustainable management of the land.
Find out more about the farm here:
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Those who plant today will reap the rewards tomorrow.
A farm worker prepares to plant new olive trees with a STIHL earth auger bit.
Find out more about the farm here: [ Link ]
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Out of the forest, into the forest: the treetop walk on the Saar Loop (Germany) stands on three legs which are made of a type of Douglas fir.
This is cultivated, inter alia, in the Bavarian Forest and is a sustainable and natural building material.
Check out the full story of the treetop walk here:
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STIHL champions sustainable forestry. It’s our job to tell people about the forest ecosystem. On a visit to the treetop walk on the Saar Loop (Germany), visitors can not only see the forest from a completely new perspective but also learn a great deal about it. So we’re delighted that STIHL tools were also used in the construction of the treetop walk.
Check out the full story of the treetop...
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Wood instead of flowers.
What is your Valentine's Day gift idea?
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Sustainability – as a corporate and forestry-related principle – has deep roots at STIHL. That’s why we save resources in production, make key longterm decisions, and take social responsibility.
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STIHL thinks about future generations. Sustainability, continuity and vision are key to what we do. We save resources in production, take social responsibility, train staff ourselves and make key decisions in the longterm – always with an eye to the future.
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Good, reliable tools and a team with a head for heights is essential when constructing a treetop walk.
A look behind the scenes during production of the 2017 STIHL catalogue.
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Only those who understand how a chainsaw works can make the best use of it. In this article, you will learn about the construction of STIHL saw chains and how they function.

How a STIHL saw chain functions | STIHL Blog
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We think our chainsaws are real head-turners from all angles.
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Good pruning makes trees stronger.
Our PR 24 and PR 33 pruning saws are ideal for fast and accurate sawing:
- 3-sided Japanese toothing
- 2-component handle
- robust saw blade made from chrome steel
- practical holster

Pruning saws
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There was lots of sawing, drilling, spraying – and it’s all been captured on camera. Join us to take a look behind the scenes during production of the 2017 STIHL catalogue.
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Ready for take-off:
STIHL Brazil is counting on drones. This approach makes it possible to inspect areas that are difficult to access, like cooling towers, during building maintenance.
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Advanced tools meet traditional agriculture: food is produced sustainably and ecologically on the San Michele a Torri farm estate in Italy and STIHL tools are used in the process.
We were on site for 2017 catalogue photo shoot.
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Making learning fun:
With the “STIHL Training goes Virtual Reality” project, STIHL can expand its employees’ product knowledge in an innovative way. In the virtual training world, they can look at and interact with new STIHL products in 3D.

STIHL’s virtual training world | STIHL Blog
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A new perspective on the forest:
for the 2017 STIHL catalogue, we observed the construction of a treetop walk at the Saar Loop (Germany).