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Stimorol SA
yesterday at 07:18. Facebook
Chew on a Stimorol and screengrab the emoji that best suits your mood.
Stimorol SA
12/01/2016 at 08:10. Facebook
Chew a Stimorol and guess our emoji riddle.
Clue: If you really want to annoy this person, hide the remote!
When you’re too busy to text. What’s the shortcut that makes life easier? Chew a Stimorol and solve the riddle! #Stimojis
Grab it while it’s hot. Can you screengrab the chicken wing? When in doubt, chew a Stimorol. #Stimojis
Let Stimorol give you Mouth and Mind Refreshment to help you solve this riddle:
This event gets the whole country speaking the same language. #Stimojis
Try and decode this riddle? Get refreshed by guessing the answer with a Stimorol in your mouth. #Stimojis
Can you guess our emoji riddle? Let Stimorol help you figure it out with Mouth and Mind Refreshment. #Stimojis
We all know one of these tong-wielding wonders! Chew on a Stimorol, unlock Mouth and Mind Refreshment and crack the emoji riddle. #Stimojis
Whether you’re in GP, EC, LIMPOPO or anywhere in the country, there’s only one sign we use to stop a taxi when heading to town. Chew your favourite Stimorol and screengrab the correct emoji! #Stimojis
Time for a little mind exercise.
Can you guess our Stimorol emojis? Chew on one and get refreshed. ;)
Stuck? Here’s a clue: What refreshment does Stimorol give you every time you chew?
The only limits that exist are the ones in your mind. What’s the one motto that pushes you to reach your target?
A fun and flavourful weekend to you and yours.
Which colour will you be painting the town with?
Admit it, you get a small rush of happiness when your crush likes your Facebook posts and pictures. So, go ahead and tag the one who gives you the tingles
Don’t look too far for answers.
Whenever you find yourself in sticky situations… Just do best.
Perfect weekend guaranteed! Besides your Stimorol X-Fresh tell us what 2 things make your weekend perfect?
The winner of our VuzuAmp presenter appearance is @Jay-Tee Davidson . Please help us congratulate her.
Nothing is impossible to crack when there’s a piece of X-Fresh involved.
Here’s some advice for future you → a boss never cancels.