Stop Amnesty
Stop Amnesty
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President Trump’s 2018 budget calls for mandatory E-Verify to crackdown on businesses who hire illegal aliens.

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Stop Amnesty 04/26/2017
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Stop Amnesty
Stop Amnesty
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Trump’s tough talk on enforcement has helped lead to 17-yr low in Border Apprehensions. March Border Apprehensions at lowest level since 2000. #100DaysOfTrump
Stop Amnesty 04/26/2017
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Stop Amnesty
Stop Amnesty
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This is an ACTUAL photo of a FedEx truck full of H-1B foreign worker visa applications. “We’re loaded, and we have more trucks coming,” one FedEx courier said.
Stop Amnesty 04/05/2017
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Senator Claire McCaskill talks about the importance of workplace verification! It's time to stop the jobs magnet that encourages illegal immigration.

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Do you support E-Verify to stop illegal hiring?
Stop Amnesty 03/18/2017
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President Trump's 2017 budget includes funding for new barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, more Border Patrol and ICE agents, and expanded detention facilities.([ Link ]
Stop Amnesty 03/17/2017
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Obamacare used a failed verification process that allowed illegal aliens to get taxpayer funded subsidies to purchase health insurance. Paul Ryan's bill uses the same failed process.
Stop Amnesty 03/08/2017
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