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Stop Amnesty
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Stop Amnesty 06/11/2017
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Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) recently sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to review the fraudulent payments made to illegal aliens under IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. The payments were made to those who apply the Additional Child Tax Credit which is made possible because the applicants...
Stop Amnesty 06/06/2017

Sen. Ron Johnson Calls for IRS Review of Payments to Illegal Aliens | NumbersUSA
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Stop Amnesty 05/22/2017
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Late last night, Congress agreed to a 1,600-page spending that could double the number of H-2B foreign worker visas.
**Contact YOUR Rep. and demand that the foreign worker increase be REMOVED from the spending bill before it's voted on later this week. Message Your Rep. HERE: [ Link ]
Stop Amnesty 05/01/2017
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President Trump’s 2018 budget calls for mandatory E-Verify to crackdown on businesses who hire illegal aliens.

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Stop Amnesty 04/26/2017
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Trump’s tough talk on enforcement has helped lead to 17-yr low in Border Apprehensions. March Border Apprehensions at lowest level since 2000. #100DaysOfTrump
Stop Amnesty 04/26/2017
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