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Girl who beat late-stage cancer then beats auto-inflammatory disease, shows us all not to believe in "the odds." God doesn't see us as a statistic, so let's have faith in our health and healing. We're praying for you Presley!

5th grader who beat cancer experiences a second miracle

Amen! #heartsomeone
Dear God, please give all cancer fighters a good day today. Amen! #heartsomeone
Amen! #heartsomeone
This hardcore gambler turned chaplain has outlived his cancer prognosis by nine months, with no sign of cancer left in his body. God is good! We're praying for you, Jeff, and for all cancer fighters. Amen!

I survived cancer and I know what saved me

Dear God, wrap Your healing arms around all cancer fighters today! Amen! #heartsomeone
Just one gift this Christmas... #heartsomeone
Amen! #heartsomeone
He rang bells for the Salvation Army every Christmas for 20 years... then cancer. Today, nearly 3 years later, he beat cancer and he's ringing bells once again. The next time you see a bell-ringer, say a prayer for Harold. And for each other! AMEN!

Phoenix veteran beats cancer, rings Salvation Army bell for 20th year

Everyone pray! #heartsomeone
Amen! #heartsomeone
Amen! #heartsomeone
To Joey, With Love is coming to DVD just in time for Christmas! You can pre-order it today!

Pre-Order The DVD For To Joey With Love

Everyone pray! #heartsomeone
Amen! #heartsomeone
Just this one gift... #heartsomeone
This mom was given 3 weeks to live after her cancer diagnosis, but now she's home for Christmas 5 MONTHS LATER. Neighbors welcomed her back by renovating her home for a wheelchair. God bless you, Kim! Let's pray for health and healing for everyone this Christmas!

Orem mom battling cancer home for Christmas thanks to volunteer efforts

Amen! #heartsomeone
Who's in your heart and prayers? #heartsomeone
Judi has outlived her "incurable" pancreatic cancer for more than 2 years. How does Judi face each day? "Not much time to think about possibilities, there's no reason to worry. God is in control." Amen, Judi! Let's everyone rest in God's peace and healing power!

A day in the life of a cancer survivor; Judi Zitiello