Mason is all smiles today. Keep this little cancer fighter in your prayers. And all cancer fighters. AMEN!
Amen! #heartacancerfighter
Amen! #heartacancerfighter
Pray for this sweet little girl, Emma Beth, who is fighting brain cancer. Her mom says:

Emma's counts are low and she seems to be really tired. We're asking to please pray that Emma Beth stays well and that her body can restore her counts quickly and doesn't develop a fever. Depending on her energy level we may have to go to Dallas for a blood transfusion. Thank you all for her prayers!
Doctors told Jackie she'd never see another birthday, that her stage-4 cancer would soon be the end of her. But guess who's celebrating another birthday!? Yep, Jackie beat cancer... twice! "God is indeed my refuge and strength a very present help in times of trouble and after enduring challenges to my health and given up to 'imminent death' by doctors," she says, "I'm still alive!" Keep...
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Amen! #heartacancerfighter
Cancer is a tough battle! Even for the biggest, strongest, and fastest, it will bring you to your knees. This strong-man, LATech running-back Jaqwis Dancy, has been fighting cancer. Where does his strength come from? All those people who around him who've been praying. His mom just received a good report that he's cancer-free! What did she say? "I was like, 'Thank you, Jesus!" AMEN!

'Thank you, Jesus!': Dancy family rejoices after beating cancer
Who's in your heart and prayers? #heartacancerfighter
Watch Mason walk! His doctors said it would never happen. They said he'd be in a vegetable state his whole life. Now Mason is also fighting brain cancer. And we're going to fight it with him! Praying for you always, Mason. You are the most brave little boy there is. Amen!

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AMEN! #heartacancerfighter
Why does this little boy have 158 pairs of pajamas?! Because he spent 158 days in the hospital fighting cancer, and his grandmother made sure little Judah had a new pair every day. She collected them just for him. AMEN! And you have to love what Judah's mom says about this cancer battle, "All you can do is pray and believe that no matter how bad it gets, God is still good!" AMEN AMEN!

Thread of blessings: Toddler's successful cancer fight inspires family to keep faith, give back
Amen. #heartacancerfighter
Dear God, please wrap Your loving, healing arms around all cancer fighters today. Amen! #heartacancerfighter
Amen! #heartacancerfighter
"At home, my husband, with help from our son, took care of me 24 hours, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and handling my tube feedings and IV medications. Terry even carried me from a hospital bed to a chair and back." AMEN for Terry, and for caretakers everywhere! Is there a special caretaker who's helping you fight cancer?

Award-winning love: Husband’s dedication, care help wife survive cancer
Amen! #heartacancerfighter
Amen! #heartacancerfighter
Who's in your heart and prayers? #heartacancerfighter
Fighting cancer with a Valentines Day smile! Little Mason's counts are back up 2300!! This means treatments can continue! Hydration is finished, steroid finish, nausea meds finished! Who's praying for this brave 2-year old boy and his family?

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Happy Valentines Day to our little Emma Beth. Emma is fighting brain cancer. She needs our love and prayers, and so does her family She has lots of appointments coming up for blood work, an MRI and spinal tap, and more. Please everyone pray for Emma's healing. You are our Valentine, Emma. Amen!