Society doesn't just face a single issue. The betterment of society will be reached only if all ailments are faced head on.
I recently stumbled across a group of high schoolers, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit they had established themselves. They take on the streets of Colorado to provide support, supplies, and solicitude to the homeless. I am amazed by the work they have put into their...
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It's situations like this that grind my gears. This could have been prevented. It's unfortunate that something drastic like this has to happen before people start taking their jobs and peoples lives and wellbeing seriously.

Family of LA boy found dead in closet was reported to child services 6 times
The horrifying truth.
We need more people like this
An Indiana father is being hailed as a hero for saving his children’s lives when he suspected that their mother had been abusing them behind his back. When Steven Corthorn noticed faint bruises and scratches on his children, he had a gut feeling that their mother was lying about their “accidents

Dad Gets A Bad Feeling When He Confronts Mom About Their Children's 'Accidents.' So He Hatches A...
I can relate to this article