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It's Every Kid Healthy Week! #Parents - share #healthy activities with your kids, like cooking classes. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Its Every Kid Healthy Week Parents share healthy activities with your kids
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“The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.” — Dale Carnegie #StopBullying365
The royal road to a mans heart is to talk to him
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April is National Sexual #Assault Awareness and #Prevention Month. Learn how to handle other #aggressive #behaviors. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
April is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Learn how to

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Q: Do you think kids who #bully others also engage in other #violent and #risky behaviors?

A: [ Link ]
Q: Do you think kids who bully others also engage in other violent and risky behaviors

Effects of Bullying |
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#DYK #Parents can help their kids learn #empathy and important #social skills by teaching them to hold off on judging others and instead investigate reasons for others’ positions or actions. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
DYK Parents can help their kids learn empathy and important social skills

How to Talk About Bullying |
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#Teachers- build #empathy skills in #students. Ask them to practice taking a classmate’s perspective, then check how well they did. Make class a place where they can make mistakes and receive #feedback. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Teachers build empathy skills in students Ask them to practice taking a

Prevention at School |
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Jeff Swift
#DYK #Teachers can help #students build #empathy skills by making them part of what is practiced in class to elicit multiple perspectives. Have students present different sides of an issue. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
DYK Teachers can help students build empathy skills by making them part

Prevention at School |
Our son is NOT a “Rag Head Taliban”
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Be part of the #solution to #youth #violence. Connect youth to #caring #adults and activities. Learn more! #VetoViolence #NYVPW #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Be part of the solution to youth violence Connect youth to caring

Youth Violence|Violence Prevention|Injury Center|CDC
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Help prevent youth violence BEFORE it starts! Work together to help young people grow up safe. #VetoViolence #NYVPW [ Link ]
Help prevent youth violence BEFORE it starts Work together to help young

Help Prevent Youth Violence
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#DYK To help prevent #youth #violence, we can teach #children how to handle tough social situations and how to resolve problems without using violence #VetoViolence #NYVPW #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
DYK To help prevent youth violence we can teach children how to
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Today starts National Youth Violence Prevention Week! What activities do you have for promoting respect & tolerance? #NYVPW #STRYVE
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مرصد الزلازل الدولى
Join in Thunderclap to prevent #youth #violence for National Youth Violence #Prevention Week April 3-7. #VetoViolence #NYVPW #StopBullying365
[ Link ]
Join in Thunderclap to prevent youth violence for National Youth Violence Prevention

Help Prevent Youth Violence
“#Optimism is a #happiness magnet. If you stay #positive, good things and good #people will be drawn to you.”
-Mary Lou Retton #StopBullying365
[ Link ]
Optimism is a happiness magnet If you stay positive good things and

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Are you a #teacher who wants to #intervene in #bullying situations but may not know what to do? Watch the #video from National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Through a Teacher's Eyes and learn more. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Are you a teacher who wants to intervene in bullying situations but

Bullying: Through a Teacher's Eyes

Teachers want to intervene in bullying situations but often don’t know what to do. That discourages students from seeking help and contributes to the likelih...

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#DYK #health care providers may be the first to recognize #symptoms of #bullying in #children? Learn more with this free resource. #StopBullying365
[ Link ]
DYK health care providers may be the first to recognize symptoms of

Preventing Bullying - A Toolkit of Resources | The National Academies Press
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You’re invited: Join our Thunderclap to help stop youth violence – before it happens. Sign up to support youth violence prevention and creating change. #VetoViolence
StopBullying.Gov 03/28/2017
"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier."
— Colin Powell #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier"

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Are you a #coach, #volunteer, or after-#school instructor? As a community #recreation leader, you play a critical role in #bullying #prevention. Learn more about what you can do to #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Are you a coach volunteer or afterschool instructor As a community recreation
#DYK you can help address #bullying in your #community by organizing a bullying #prevention event? #Parents, #educators and #students working together can make a #difference! Get the event toolkit to help you plan. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
DYK you can help address bullying in your community by organizing a
Shame on Fairfield City Schools
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Know a kid being #bullied? Talk about how to stand up to kids who bully. Give #tips, like using #humor and saying “stop” directly and confidently. Talk about what to do if those actions don’t work, like walking away. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Know a kid being bullied Talk about how to stand up to

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