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Pediatricians and other health care providers serve an important role in protecting youth from #bullying. Know the warning signs, risk factors, and how screening can help! #prevention #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
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There’s a new blog on! Check out “Research To Practice: Building Supportive and Inclusive Programming for American Muslim Youth.” #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
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It’s No Name-Calling Week – a time to learn about and honor civil rights, social justice, and respect for others. #NNCW #KindnessInAction #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay #StopBullying365
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Celebrate #MLKDay as a day of service with a focus on #inclusion, #equality, and #justice. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
January is #NationalBirthDefectsAwarenessMonth! Kids perceived as different from their peers are at greater risk of being bullied. Learn more about bullying prevention and building empathy to promote inclusion. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

Risk Factors |
The National Academies of Sciences’ 3rd Most Downloaded Publication of 2016! Read the “Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice.” #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

Webinar Series on National Academies Report: Key Findings | Blog |
Start the new year off right by learning how to prevent bullying. Take our online training course and earn continuing education! #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
More than 20% of students ages 12 to 18 reported that they were bullied in the 2014-15 school year. Learn more! #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Happy #NewYear! Wishing #peace, #inclusion, and a world where #prevention and #empathy keeps us all safe and connected. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Winter break can offer time to talk with youth about their friendships and inclusion. Learn more about how to talk about bullying and what you can do to help. #StopbBullying365 [ Link ]

How to Talk About Bullying |
The National Center for Education Statistics released new data tables on reports of bullying and cyberbullying. More than 5 Million students ages 12 through 18 reported being bullied during the 2014–15 school year. Learn more! #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
New evidence review found that combining curricular activities with clear school rules helps to prevent bullying. Learn more about what works! #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

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Learn more about the many different holidays celebrated this month. We can all celebrate diversity, equity, and justice all year long! #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

International Religious Freedom Report for 2015
Blog: Kids can sometimes struggle with change and acceptance – encouraging collaboration and understanding can help keep schools safe. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

Appreciating Diversity and Keeping Schools Safe | Blog |
Sending a random note of kindness or compliment can make someone’s day. Practice empathy and prevent #bullying. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

Working in the Community |
Multi-tiered approaches may offer benefits in #bullying #prevention. Read more in the new Bullying Evidence Review #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

Evidence Reviews
What Forgiveness Means to Students – the latest Dept. of Education blog – includes thoughts on social-emotional learning, character-building, and motivational interviewing. #StopBullying365
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What Forgiveness Means to Students - Blog
Learn how approaches that address risk and protective factors of #violence may be an effective and efficient way to #prevent it! CDC’s new technical package includes info on #bullying prevention. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]
Cyberbullying can affect self-esteem and much more. Law enforcement blog shares perspectives on prevention. #StopBullying365 [ Link ]

Law Enforcement’s Reminder: The Negative Effects of Cyberbullying | Blog |