Planet Earth, 2016.
Made by Joseph Radhik

This third rock from the sun, this place we call home and this place we know so little about. Earth, you never cease to surprise me with all your beauty and to think that this journey to discovery is just starting.

This is the Le Morne peak on the south western coast of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Just off the to the bottom right of...
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Planet Earth 2016 Mauritius Made by Joseph Radhik This third rock from
Rita Narain Mathur
Rita Narain Mathur
Uma Srivastava
Just another wedding location (?)

One photo to show the venues for three events! Or as we call it, just another day in office.
Just another wedding location Mahabalipuram One photo to show the venues for
Aviraj Saluja
Sanjay Shrivastava
Anuj Dogra
The good folks at Huffingtonpost show the power of great photography at Indian weddings. Joe is among 8 wedding stalwarts who are coming together for India's first wedding photography festival - Silk Inspire, Goa. Are you going to be there? :)

Hop on over to: [ Link ] to book a seat today.

Or, just simply click on this link and paste a grin on your face! :D
The good folks at Huffingtonpost show the power of great photography at

8 Wedding Photographers Share Their Favourite Pictures And They Will Take Your Breath Away
Dee Jasti
There's no single wedding photography workshop in India quite like it.
Our after movie of the first PEP Talk by Stories by Joseph Radhik! Click to get a glimpse into what we spoke about and what you could learn in our Delhi class!

Delhi, we'll see you tomorrow at the Leela Palace at 9am. Be there! :)

Register at [ Link ]
Harsha Bathija
Sachin Obaid
Shubhangi Desai
Don't let the rains stop you :) 30 hours to go for Delhi. Register away at [ Link ] and come see us at the Definitive Wedding Photography Masterclass in Delhi. With sessions by Joseph Radhik, Kalyan Yasaswi and Shivali Chopra.
Dont let the rains stop you 30 hours to go for Delhi
Alisha Mishra
Bookings at [ Link ] :) 48 hours to go! Delhi's most comprehensive wedding photography masterclass. July 3, Leela Palace. By Joseph Radhik and Stories. You really should be there!
Bookings at 48 hours to go Delhis most comprehensive wedding photography masterclass
Desert dream.
Shot by Joshua with our new Falcon
Jaisalmer, 2016

Most of our aims here at our little Stories office is to give life to our inspirations in our work. The photo above is a direct result of drooling over George Steinmetz's (Natgeo) work for the past many years. His famous camel shadows image is what inspired us to make this portrait of Abhaya & Uday in the deserts of Rajasthan. A...
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Desert dream Shot by Joshua with our new Falcon Jaisalmer 2016 Most
Anand Rathi
Keerthi Reddy
Anirban Chakraborty
[! Link ]

30 days to go! :)

PEP Asia 2017, our first Asia level conference, is off to an incredibly heartwarming start. From the support of industry majors (hello Sony, Zeiss, Photokrafft, Interactio, Oodio, Ricoh and now Adobe!) to schools such as Shari Academy, and the support of the nearly 400 photographers who have jumped in to further their photography education, this has...
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30 days to go PEP Asia 2017 our first Asia level

PEP Asia: 30 days left! Further your vision. Build a better business. Perfect your craft.
Raj Mohapatra
Will we see you in April in Mumbai at India's first portrait and wedding photography conference? :) Join nearly 300 photographers to take your craft to the next level, network with peers, interact with brands, meet the masters, and finally have a ton of fun! The four day conference is now open for booking for workshops, masterclasses, photowalks, portfolio reviews and good old seminars too!...
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Will we see you in April in Mumbai at Indias first portrait

Pravin Patade
Mandira Bedi's lovely home in our home production :) Join us as we showcase the person behind the personality on Asian Paints #WhereTheHeartIs. Directed by Joseph Radhik and produced by Stories in Motion, here's a slice of life that's beautiful and full of heart.
Benita Sharma
Irisha Poonawalla
Diwakara Atchi
Since Episode 1, Where The Heart Is has already gone viral (120k+ views within 24hrs!). Here's Episode 2, of a man we know a lot about on the big screen but hardly get to see offline. The elusive Rana Daggubati shows us around his man cave, talks about story telling, cinema, heroes, love, and decor in these six minutes.

Watch, share, subscribe!

Episode 2: Rana Daggubati
Produced by: Stories...
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Since Episode 1 Where The Heart Is has already gone viral 120k

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is featuring Rana Daggubati

Rana Daggubati’s home style defines his simple living high thinking ideology. Classic yet functional living space he calls home, where his heart is.

Deepthi Khambham
For the last 6 months, we at Stories in Motion have been upto something awesome. Together with Asian Paints, we've been trying to get a glimpse into the homes of people whom we seem to know a lot about but never really get to know beyond the stardom. This is our effort to connect with the person behind the personality, to get an insight into personalized home decor from all parts of the...
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For the last 6 months we at Stories in Motion have been

Asian Paints Presents Where The Heart Is (Season 1)

Asian Paints proudly presents 'Where The Heart Is', a series of webisodes that takes us into an undiscovered, intimate world of eight individuals and their h...

Bhavana Deshpande
Gargi Yadav
Gayathri S Pramod
Chay + Sam,
Shot by Joe.

These two. The way they look at each other. That smile. They define 'goals'. So glad to be here in Hyderabad and to be invited to make these images for them.

PS: Time to break the internet, again. :D
PPS: Shot with the all new Sony A99 Mk2.
Everything Chay Sam Hyderabad 2017 Shot by Joe These two The way
Mayuri Dumpala
Lakshmi Kala
Kumar Hari
H + D in HD. :D
Shot by Joe in Philly.

Let's do 2017 a little bit differently. :)
H D in HD D Shot by Joe in Philly Lets do
Mandar Palekar
Rahul Mallya
Light and shadow.
Priyanka and Udaivilas.
Shot by Joe, lit by Raj.

No, this is not an advertisement for the awesome Udaivilas hotel but we can't help it if we shoot so many weddings there. :D After a while, the biggest challenge is to create a new shot every time we visit!

Tech specs for this bridal portrait: Gorgeous bride, Sony A7r2 camera, Zeiss Batis 18mm lens, Godox V860IIs flash,...
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Light and shadow Priyanka and Udaivilas Shot by Joe lit by Raj
Shubhangi Desai
Manali Pandit
Sanjana Chinai
Love and a lotus.
Parita and Deepanshu.
Udaivilas, Udaipur.
Shot by Joe.

My obsession with this gorgeous water structure at the Udaivilas is well documented - you might have seen enough of this! But in more than twenty times of visiting this awesome hotel, I never made this image come to life. And then came along this totally rad couple who were up for ruining their outfits for the sake of a...
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Love and a lotus Parita and Deepanshu Udaivilas Udaipur Shot by Joe
Anup Bhalekar
Prashant Mahajan
For all the photographers who follow us, we've set up a new learning and community Facebook page for PEP. PEP is our one stop shop for all of the masterclasses, seminars, workshops, networking, and much much more.

We have a massive conference coming up soon in Mumbai: April 21-23, 2017. Follow/Like/Subscribe for updates! :D

[ Link ]
For all the photographers who follow us weve set up a new

PEP Asia: Portrait & Event Photography
We've been quiet on the PEP front, but here's our biggest announcement so far. :) April 21-23, 2017 will be the first of its type photography conference for India! Meet the *global* masters of wedding and portrait photography right here in Mumbai. The artists we've looked up to for inspiration are going to be sharing their entire journey and the secrets of their craft too! Right here in...
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Weve been quiet on the PEP front but heres our biggest announcement
Shriya + Akhil!
Down on one knee, and grins all around. :D

Shooting this epic engagement event tonight reminds me of Upsi & Charan's ring ceremony all of 5 years ago! So excited to be here with this crowd who now feel a bit like family. :D

Shot by Joseph Radhik with the stupendous new Sony A99 Mk2 and the legendary Zeiss 135/1.8.

Shriya Akhil Down on one knee and grins all around D Shooting
Ali Naqi
Vyshnavi Sreedharanath
Jairaj Vadapally
Getting ready.
For life.
D & D, August 2015
Shot by Shivali Chopra

It's easy to focus on the big moments at a wedding, and lose sight of the tiny moments. The kind of moments that the bride and groom will look at in your images and smile to themselves. As I prepare for my talk at the SILK Inspire 2016, I am looking back at all the many ways that a wedding photographer can make their...
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Getting ready For life D D August 2015 Shot by Shivali Chopra
Rakesh Tambe