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3% of GCC companies are at an advanced stage in their digital transformation. 18% use Cloud Computing. 30% Big Data. More findings from this new Strategy& study: strat.to/WEWM306NkrJ
Does your company encourage teamwork? Contribute to this research on motivation factors at work: [ Lnkd.in Link ]
Is disability becoming obsolete as the boundary between humans and robots erodes? Our profile with Hugh Herr of MIT's media lab explores how the double amputee is designing prosthetics that connect body and brain.

Hugh Herr Wants to Build a More Perfect Human

The Low Road is tactical; the High Road is strategic. A look at the neuroscience of strategic leadership: [ Stratbz.to Link ]
What gets you going in the morning? Contribute to Strategy&'s research on motivation factors at work: [ Strat.to Link ]
2016’s best strategy books touch on how to plan for, quantify, and cope with unpredictability in life, business, and geopolitics.

Best Business Books 2016: Strategy

Heard of Mission: Getting to Next? Inside the innovative program designed to help women leaders plan their next career move.

Helping Women Leaders Plot Their Next Career Move

In a new s+b article, PwC’s John Sviokla outlines five overlooked principles that can help executives lead digital companies.
New study: Want an Innovative Culture? Be Kind to Your Creative Thinkers

Want an Innovative Culture? Be Kind to Your Creative Thinkers

With the rise of ecommerce, consumers expect a highly personalized, engaging and tech enabled experience in the shopping mall. How new technologies can enhance the buying journey: [ Lnkd.in Link ]

PwC HK: Publication - The mall of the future - It's nothing like today

"If you’re serious about growth...you have already aligned your company with inclusion and collaboration."

Inclusion Is More Strategic Than Ever

With the news of Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, stepping down, we look back how he transformed a small Seattle company into a global synonym for java & joe.

The Barista Principle — Starbucks and the Rise of Relational Capital

"The best way to stretch yourself creatively as a leader is by collecting 'nuggets': short, accessible reminders of what you probably already know but may have forgotten to put into practice."

A Simple Concept: Lead with a Vision

The 10 elements of customer delight—and they all start with "E"! [ Strat.bz Link ]
With the CEO of Starbucks stepping down, we take a look back at how the company successfully tapped the power of a story.

Starbucks and the Power of Story

How will the new political landscape affect your strategy? Our essential reading collection.

How Will the New Political Landscape Affect Your Strategy?

An inside look at a factory where robots are taking people's jobs...in China.

Displaced by Automation in Shanghai

"If you’re serious about growth...you have already aligned your company with inclusion & collaboration."

Inclusion Is More Strategic Than Ever

Our 16th annual review of the year’s Best Business Books in the Marketing category illustrate that true differentiation comes from dealing with customers as individuals.

Best Business Books 2016: Marketing

A framework for teaching executives about the importance of temporal perception in management.

The Synchronous Leader: How Social Synchrony Impacts Teams