Failure is inevitable during your career; how to overcome the fear of failing & use it as an advantage: [ Link ]

Reframing Failure
Are You a Likely CEO? Take the quiz: [ Link ]

Are You a Likely CEO?
"Change champions tend to pay attention to the upside of their future vision & the downside of today’s status quo."

Us versus Them: Reframing Resistance to Change
To survive and grow, disruptors need the support of the very incumbents whose industry they seek to revolutionize.

How TiVo Confronted the Disruptor’s Dilemma
"Design for customers." Plus, nine more principles for leading the next industrial revolution. [ Link ]
Tired of cost fatigue? It’s time to shift your mindset, starting with these five strategies.

How to Cut Costs More Strategically
More than 50% of senior execs don’t believe they have a winning strategy.

Three Growth Lessons Large Companies Should Learn From Smaller...
"Cross-selling is not really a strategy at all, and when conflated with one, trouble will follow sooner or later."

Strategy Talk: What’s Wrong with Cross-Selling, Anyway?
"True two-way conversations reflect an open, balanced, and reciprocal sharing of perspectives."

Why Leaders Who Listen Achieve Breakthroughs
"Is your executive team bilingual? No, not English and French. Strategy and execution."

Strategy plus execution: It takes both to succeed
How has the perception of digital changed in the past ten years, and what does that mean for doing business in the digital age? Our very own Dan Gross will discuss the results of PwC’s 10th Anniversary Digital IQ Survey with PwC Chief Technologist, Chris Curran and PwC Chief Experience Officer. David Clarke.
"Lots of the people who we think may be content to work at gigs actually may want jobs."

Trucking and the Gig Economy’s Downside
“If you cut people off at the legs for making a mistake, they will work to be the one not to decide."

Getting the Leadership Basics Right
"Someone’s satisfaction gap is your unique business opportunity."

Two Simple Concepts for Marketing Leaders
Tetris as a weapon in the war against addictive behavior? A look at the game's story.

The Business of Tetris
Harvard study: Employees in a caring culture reported higher levels of satisfaction and had better org results.

The Caring Leader
"Code is too often crafted in a kind of beautiful intellectual isolation without an awareness or appreciation of the broader and messier context."

Why STEM Needs the Liberal Arts
Uncertainty as a competitive advantage? How creative leaders can turn risk into a profitable growth strategy.

The Uncertainty Advantage
How will we improve dispute resolution? Changes in corporate attitude and a focus on a more collaborative processes are identified as key priorities. [ Link ]
Seven examples of what good user experience looks like

What Good User Experience Looks Like