Should more activist directors be in the boardroom? We review Ira Millstein's new book: [ Link ]
How radio companies can survive disruption from streaming and autonomous vehicles.

Can Radio Survive in the Era of Self-Driving Cars?
Saying "no" can be your best strategy when...the "plan"� has taken on a life of its own.

Five Moments When Saying No Is Your Best Strategy
What does it mean for boards to be actively engaged in strategy? Here's a checklist: [ Link ]

A Better Way to Engage Your Board on Strategy
"Music isn’t in the violin; technology without strategy behind it is a plaything." INSEAD’s David Dubois

The Digital Marketing Value Loop
On President's Day, here's "one of the great leadership books of all time." [ Link ]
Successful business leaders "pilot simultaneously at 30,000 feet and at ground level."

Two Simple Concepts for Better Leadership
4 phases of powerful conversations:
create a container
a flow of collective thinking

Conversations That Change the World
"External collaboration is important, because there are billions of IQ points outside your company."

These Five Behaviors Can Create an Innovation Culture
Are You a Likely CEO? Take the quiz: [ Link ]

Are You a Likely CEO?
Superior product design is widely touted as a competitive advantage. How much does it actually impact market value?

Return on Design
New study: Far more female directors place a high value on diversity than do their male colleagues. [ Link ]
"In the industrial company of the future, there won’t be a separate IT department." [ Link ]

Check out this link
"Mix is the most powerful and forgotten profit improvement lever"
Take advantage of high degrees of value concentration in your business by
1) mapping out where value is concentrated
2) developing a plan to extract this value
3) executing against this plan to transform your mix and profitable growth

Why the Right Mix of Products, Customers, and Markets Is an Overlooked...
Ready or not! Four trends converging to shape the new health economy. [ Link ]

2017 Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Trends
Will the CPG industry see another mega merger? Here's why big deals in the sector are getting bigger: [ Link ]
"CEOs must first identify what, why and how to cut constructively." - Mohamed Kande

How CEOs Can Get Cost Cutting Right
"Become a Fully Digital Enterprise" | One of 10 principles of strategy through execution. [ Link ]
It's World Read Aloud Day. Here are a few business book ideas from Tom Peters.

Tom Peters Wants You to Read
"Globalization isn’t a one-way street. We have met the global supply chain, and it is us."

You May Be Part of a Global Supply Chain