Hot diggity dog!

If you loved a piled high with toppings, head to Chicago Food House on our retail level.
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Looking for higher odds?
Try these combinations of .
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Who will you be sharing dinner with tonight?
Tag your loved one and let us know! ❤
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You can't beat 2-for-1 drinks! #TakeVegasBack with cocktails full of flavor high above the Vegas Strip!
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Unlimited thrills!

Now that's how you #TakeVegasBack!
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Thank you to Michael Doria and the Exploring Las Vegas Area Council for joining us this morning for a great cause!
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Armando is proud to #TakeVegasBack.
He just won a $17,000 #Jackpot!
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Top of the World Restaurant- Stratosphere Las Vegas...where food becomes art.
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The fun's just begun...see what we have in store for you this season!
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A mountain of deliciousness AND happiness.
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If it's adventure you seek, Vegas has what you need!
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The Scariest Rides and Attractions in Las Vegas
How do you triple the fun? With 3x the points!
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No Cover. No Problem.
We'll see you at 107 SkyLounge!
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FREE-jitas! Now that's tasty.
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It's not March without some Madness!
This weekend, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, the first weekend of the basketball tournament, and hosted a free daily St. Patrick's Day Slot Tournament!
St. Patrick's weekend to-do list:
A little bit o’swimming
A little bit o’drinking
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Congratulations to Michael and friends!
They've got the best seat in the house, watching the games from our Tournament Headquarters after winning our Facebook contest.
Enjoy the free drinks and free food!
Test your luck ace | PLAY members and win your share of $3,000 this #StPatricks weekend! [ Link ]
You'll never know if you don't go.
You'll never shine if you don't glow!

SmashMouth is coming to Stratosphere's Elation Pool on May 27. Guarantee your spot for summer hits! [ Link ]
Live for the madness? Then you need to be here at our tournament headquarters.

Enjoy FREE admission through Sunday with doors opening at 8:30am. [ Link ]