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We can't say you'll become a master of work-life balance but you can come pretty close. Make sure you unplug each day and allow yourself some 'you' time! [ Link ]

How to Best Balance Your Studies & Your Family
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Spread the #love this year. Happy Valentine's Day!
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We're heading into the quarter's home stretch, so remember you have dedicated professors, success coaches, and faculty who want you to succeed! If you need help, reach out to them. #MotivationMonday
We promise to support you so you can live up to your potential. Make your #PledgeforPossible. [ Link ]

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The skills you gain from our #IT program are in demand. Let’s examine this degree and the jobs you can land with one in detail: [ Link ]
Because it fits your life, because it can advance you in your career—why will you choose to earn your MBA from Strayer University? Learn your why today. [ Link ]
Don't give up on you! #MotivationMonday
With our online programs, Kathryn Medina was able to pursue her education, no matter where she lived or worked. (Even in The Obama White House.) Read more on Medina's story. [ Link ]
"I believe there is a transformative power in education… [it has] the power to make life better for yourselves, your families, and your communities—now and for the next generation."

He's not just our president but an influential leader in higher education. We’re celebrating Brian Jones and thank him for his leadership at Strayer University. #BlackHistoryMonth
Do you think Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow? Comment below!
Let's do a resolutions check; have you made your pledge? [ Link ] #PledgeforPossible

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Be confident in your capabilities and knowledge, we know you can rock these midterms! #MotivationMonday
With a bit of grit and perseverance, you too can earn a master's degree like Tony's grit that aided in the success of his boxing gym. Learn more about our master's degrees when you visit [ Link ].
Cedric Bragg wasn't finished when he earned his Bachelor's of Business Administration, he had one more personal goal: earning his Master of Science. [ Link ]

Strayer's January Student of the Month
Your resolutions are possible, surround yourself with those who believe in you. #MotivationMonday
What kind of leader are you? Take the Jack Welch Management Institute's quiz to find out: [ Link ]

What's your leadership style? (Quiz)
Earn your master's degree from one of the best. An MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute teaches you skills you can learn on a Monday and apply that Tuesday. Learn more: [ Link ]

Jack Welch Management Institute
Make this year, your year. Commit to those New Year's resolutions, and mean it! Sign your #PledgeforPossible today. [ Link ]

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The goal of education as said by Martin Luther King, Jr.. #MLKDay #MotivationMonday #letsbridge