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Make this year, your year. Commit to those New Year's resolutions, and mean it! Sign your #PledgeforPossible today. [ Link ]

Possible Starts Now.
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The goal of education as said by Martin Luther King, Jr.. #MLKDay #MotivationMonday #letsbridge
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Going back to school isn't a journey you should take alone. Read how you can work with your success coach to ensure you're successful in your studies. [ Link ]

How to Work With Your Success Coach
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Read advice from #StrayerAlumni on why pursuing an advanced degree is invaluable. [ Link ]

4 Very Good Reasons to Pursue an MBA & How to Do It
Meet Alex, a Strayer University Success Coach. He's a mentor, cheerleader, and shoulder to lean on. Communicate with him often and frequently to get the support you need this quarter.
A New Year with new opportunities, make it count! #MotivationMonday
Behind every #StrayerGrad's story are the people who helped to make it possible. Your success coach is here to ensure your story is successful. [ Link ]

The Benefits of Having a Success Coach
What's Professor Curran's piece of #advice to start off the new quarter? "Dream BIG. The bigger you dream, the more open you are to a wide range of possibilities."
Come prepared! Here are our top five must-have items to start the first day of classes. [ Link ]

5 Things a Successful Person Should Always Have in Their Bag
A New Year, a new you! Start this quarter off strong with Andrea's tip for success.
Rest and relaxation can help refuel you to take on new challenges. A little laughter can help, too.
Success is an imperfect journey. Do you think #grit is the key to achieving your goals? Listen to these stories of grit and comment below with your own stories of grit.
Get ahead of the New Year—read how you can be a successful student in 2017, even before classes start! [ Link ]

7 Tips to Being a Successful Student
When going back to school, communication is key and vital. [ Link ]

How to Prepare Your Family for Going Back to School
We hope you're able to enjoy this time with your family, friends, and loved ones. #MotivationMonday
From all of us at Strayer University, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful holiday season.
Can having a negative mindset distract you from what's possible? With a positive mindset, you can achieve #possible.
From our Strayer family to yours, we're thankful for those who've served and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Our employees are encouraged to participate in Wreaths Across America - Official Page at Arlington National Cemetery today. We're honored to have a diverse student body with #veterans from all branches of service. #WAA2016
We're so proud of you Kaitlin, congratulations on earning your master's in education and for being our student of the month! [ Link ]