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Cover of the Day: Street Chopper Oct 2004
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Let's have a little BSA action.

Haifley Bros Custom BSA
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Jason Jesse's `47 Harley Knuckle gets ridden hard!

The Gaze Catcher | 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead
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Street Chopper May 1983 Cover of the Day
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How to install the S&S Cycle, Inc. carb on a Shovelhead
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`49 H-D Panhead goes from junk pile to rollin' in style.

1949 Harley Panhead | Spare Parts
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It does my heart good to see an old knuckle all restored like this.

1936 Harley-Davidson EL - Art's '36 Knuckle Head
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Who's got a post-apocalyptic looking bike in the works?

Burly Brand Stiletto Shock Absorbers
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Raising a grenaded Shovelhead back from death.

Shovelhead Self Destruction
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Street Chopper Cover of the Day: All the way back in 1971
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Hey you folks with "new" bikes. Coming May 6th East Coast Dyna and FXR day!
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See the full feature & gallery on this 71 H-D Shovelhead over on the Street Chopper website

1971 Shovelhead | Speedking Shovel
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Here's the plan for this weekend's Donnie Smith Bike and Car Show!

2017 Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show
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Starting our day with the Street Chopper Cover of the Day
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The gas tank art gallery of the week is up!

Art of Metal | Street Chopper Gallery
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More news from The Legendary Buffalo Chip & S&S Cycle, Inc.

Buffalo Chip Teams with S&S for Legends Bike
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See who the The Legendary Buffalo Chip just added to the band roster

Buffalo Chip | 4 More Bands Landing for Sturgis
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Street Chopper Cover of the Day: Meanwhile, back in Dec 2007...
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