When we see videos from mother Russia, we know that everything is possible there.. As we can see from the video, we can notice that this car explode like 35 times in just 7 minutes.

Everything is possible in mother Russia! This car explode like 35 times!

Now this is stance :P
Video Credit: DankPhotography
Music used with permission from Yung Fusion
LB Aventador!
BADASS '64 Suicide Door Continental
G class!
We were shocked when we saw this video.. these crazy guys invented a new way totake a mud bath. When the truck is almost completely submerged there's a second where you begin to worry for

This is the funniest invention of taking a mud bath! I can’t stop laughing!

I wanna be a Billionaire, so freaking bad...
Super cool Datsun!
BMW M3 with electronic controled exhaust... WOW
Out of this planet!!
Love that Muscle stance!