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SLS Pro Evan Smith goes head to head with Jamie Foy in the season finale of Foooour Wheels Live!

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Paul Rodriguez, Cody McEntire, Evan Smith & Louie Lopez are proud to announce the 2017 dates & locations!

2017 SLS Nike Skateboarding World Tour:

May 20 – 21 • SLS Nike SB Pro Open
Skate Agora • Barcelona, Spain

June 24 • Stop One
Olympic Park • Munich, Germany

August 13 • Stop Two
UIC Pavilion • Chicago, IL

September 15 • SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship
Galen Center at USC •...
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Trevor Colden with a quick line at this sick spot.
Kyle Walker with the late night 2 piece.

Video: Cody Green
So sick! New SLS Pro Dave Bachinsky got that Bounce.
The unique custom built physics engine behind the success of True Skate is being amplified to 4K quality to be played on PC & Console.

True Skate has developed a demo far enough to demonstrate just how good a 4K skateboarding game can look. The demo includes a generic True Skate character but they aspire to add Pro Skateboarders & other customizable character features to enhance the...
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Sean Malto with the innovative angle for Chris Cole's Nosegrind.
Throwback Thursday - Milton Martinez catching air at Skatepark of Tampa during his Tampa Pro run.

Milton was the second highest placing non-SLS Pro which qualifies him to advance straight to the Pro Open Semi-Finals where he will have a chance to make it into SLS.
SLS Veteran Paul Rodriguez will be squaring off against his former teammate & roommate Jereme Rogers today on ETN's Foooour Wheels Live!—the only game show where skateboarding makes cents.

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WOW. --> Chris Joslin <--
Ishod Wair, Louie Lopez, Felipe Gustavo, Chris Cole & Carlos Ribeiro shredding Tampa Pro Practice last weekend.

Video: GoPro
History made. Nyjah Huston & Chase Webb


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FACE MELTERS: Nyjah Huston vs a 34 Stair Rail
What tricks do you think Nyjah Huston will do down this 34 stair rail LIVE today?

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FACE MELTERS: Nyjah Huston vs 34 Stair Rail
Davis Torgerson, Manny Santiago, Chris Joslin & David Loy getting some practice in last weekend.

Video: Dan Abadi using a GoPro Hero 5.