2016 SLS Nike Skateboarding World Tour: Best of Nyjah Huston

2016 Nyjah Huston Highlights

Trevor Colden downtown LA clips.
Maurice Jordan grew up skating the SLSF Lafayette Skate Plaza and now puts down hammers like these on the regular!
2016 SLS Nike Skateboarding World Tour: Best of Shane O'neill

Best of Shane O’Neill

Paul Rodriguez too sick!!

video: Kevin Perez & Spanish Mike
Sebo Walker cruising Stoner Skate Plaza.

Learn how to get a skate plaza built in your area --> streetleaguefoundation.org
Luan Oliveira with some new ledge bangers!!
Dominick Walker & Ishod Wair getting down at the SLS Gilbert Lindsay Skate Plaza.
Don't Sweat The Technique Award

Between the Switch Shove Nosegrind Fakie Tre on the picnic table and the Switch Bigspin Back Tail on the legendary J-Kwon Gap to Ledge, Tiago Lemos opened up a new dimension of what could be done on a skateboard in 2016. Doing that tech of a trick on the top of a picnic table is so hard and anyone that has been to the famous gap to ledge knows how difficult...
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Kickflip of the Year

Jackson Pilz definitely did the most insane Kickflip in 2016. Many people have been to this spot since there's a rail next to it. No one has ever even thought twice about even trying to Ollie the bump to fence let alone Kickflip it!
The Textbook Award

Diego Najera started 2016 off right with this textbook NBD down the Santa Monica triple set!!
Kyle Walker takes us behind the scenes of his epic 50-50 that won the 2016 Trick of the Year.

Congrats Kyle!!
Congrats to Kyle Walker on winning the 2016 Trick of the Year & $10,000!!!
The 2016 Trick of the Year!!

Kyle Walker took skateboarding to another level with this incredible 50-50 down a quadruple set kinked rail!
Pro’s have been eyeing this rail for years but no one has ever stepped to it or thought it was truly possible. Even Kyle’s 50-50 started as a joke between friends but turned into reality when he actually started going for it. From being reposted by...
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The winner of the 2016 Trick of the Year is...
Active Ride Shop Voter's Choice Award

Carlos Lastra submitted this trick back in October, quickly got the votes needed for the top spot on our website leaderboard and held onto that spot until the end of the year. Big ups to Carlos on winning the Active Voter's Choice Award which gets him a year sponsorship from Active and an ad in his favorite skate mag!

Stay tuned as the winner of the...
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Judging the 2016 Trick of the Year was tough this time around so we hit up the Agenda tradeshow again to hear what Josh Kalis, Daewon Song, Jamie Thomas, Theotis Beasley, Dave Bachinsky, Paul Rodriguez, & more had to say about it.

Who will win the 2016 Trick of the Year? Find out this Friday!
Late To The Party Award

Kevin Viernes never on schedule but always on time with this Backside Flip Late Shove!