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1. Update your Snapchat app
2. Point your camera at this picture
3. Tap your screen and add us for #MadIntense snaps.
#tbt to when we used to play with bath toys.

JK. We just took this pic.
Are we doing this right? #ThatsHot
Stock up now! You never know when you're going to get snowed in and stuck with your parents.
They having me doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow Tuesday at 11am PST.
You can ask me anything and if you can decode my bad typing I will answer.
SOOAAAARRRRRIINNGGGGG through the air at a LOT OF MILES PER HOUR. This is how Luke Aikins does MAD INTENSITY. Made with Samsung Mobile USA #Gear360.
We're chatting with LUKE AIKINS HIMSELF about how it went and WHAT'S NEXT IN HIS SKYDIVING CAREER!
HURTLING towards the ground at 125 MPH without the use of a parachute or wingsuit is as MAD INTENSE as it gets! And it takes a LOT - LIKE A LOT- of intense training! See how Luke Aikins and his team prepared to make history in this 360 video. Made with Samsung Mobile USA #Gear360.
Okay, WHO HAD THE IDEA FOR MAD INTENSE SKYDIVING? Meet the Heaven Sent Creators and Experts That Made It Possible!
IT’S HAPPENING. HEAVEN SENT. FOX. 7/30. 8/7C. IN THE SKY. NO USE OF PARACHUTE OR WINGSUIT. This is what Mad Intensity is MADE OF. #StrideHeavenSent
It’s COMMIINNNNGGGGG. Luke Aikins is going to SKY DIVE. WITHOUT USE OF A PARACHUTE. BECAUSE MAD INTENSITY. Tune in. Saturday. 7/30. 8/7c. FOX. #StrideHeavenSent (TV-14L)
Well, that's one way to ruin a BBQ.
Dog vs. Dragon: Battle for The Living Room