Act before they extinct. #SaveOurTigers #StripeyQuotes
The tigress spends the last few days of her pregnancy searching for a safe birthing place that provides a cover for the cubs. #StripeyFacts
Our national animal deserves the nation’s support. Help #SaveOurTigers
Tigers are known for their hunting abilities but which sense helps them during the hunt?
Named after the legendary Bollywood star, Amitabh is one of the most famous tigers in Taboda National Park.
Tigers have a sharp eyesight that helps them hunt during the night, when the vision of their prey is compromised. #StripeyFacts
This 2017, lets pledge to protect our striped friends. Let’s raise the tiger numbers, raise the roar. #SaveOurTigers
The wait is over! The winners of #TigerTale contest are finally here. Congratulations to you all!
The villain in the film, Shere Khan is feared by everyone except Mowgli; can you guess the #TigerTale?
Stranded on a life boat with a human, this tiger and human learn to co-exist in the wake of adversity; can you guess the #TigerTale?
Bouncing is what the ‘tigger’ in this movie does the best; can you guess the #TigerTale?
Bouncing is what the ‘tigger’ in this movie does the best; can you guess the #TigerTale?
This fearless tiger’s claim to fame in the film was his star performance as he jumped through hoops; can you guess the #TigerTale?
This iconic tiger movie would’ve been incomplete without the two friends; Manny and Sid. Can you guess the #TigerTale?
As the holiday season draws closer, we have some giveaways for our ardent followers. #StayTuned for our contest #TigerTale
Every year, Pulikali sees thousands of ‘symbolic’ tigers roar through the streets of Kerala. #ShadesOfIndia
It’s either co-existence or no existence. #SaveOurTigers
Tango, Britain’s oldest tiger dies at the age of 22 in Woodside Wildlife Park, Lincolnshire. #SaveOurTigers

UK's Oldest Tiger Tango Dies Aged 22
The tiger is at the top of the predator chain and keeps a check on the population of herbivorous animals. #SaveOurTigers. #StripeyFacts