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Stripey the Cub
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It’s either co-existence or no existence. #SaveOurTigers
Tango, Britain’s oldest tiger dies at the age of 22 in Woodside Wildlife Park, Lincolnshire. #SaveOurTigers

UK's Oldest Tiger Tango Dies Aged 22

The tiger is at the top of the predator chain and keeps a check on the population of herbivorous animals. #SaveOurTigers. #StripeyFacts
110 tigers perished in 2016. The highest ever in the last 5 years. Read more at: [ Bit.ly Link ]


Tiger mortality five yrs high; 110 perish

Did you know, Tigers in the Sundarbans kill more people than in any other tiger habitat around the world? #StripeyFacts
Apart from India, Tiger is the national animal of 4 other countries. Can you name them? #SaveOurTigers
A tiger’s hind legs are longer than its front legs.
Conserving Acres for Tigers aka Project CAT aims to double the wild tiger population by 2022.

Project to increase wild tiger population in India, Bhutan - Times of India

Maya and Scarface, the celebrity couple of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve are also known to be best mates.
A notable tiger and elephant reserve, the Periyar National Park is home to white tigers. #SaveOurTigers
Save the real hero. #SaveOurTigers
A big thank you to everyone who participated in #WorldWildlifeDay contest. The list of winners is out. Congratulations! Please PM us your contact details.
#DidYouKnow the Bali Tiger was the first to get wiped out among the 3 extinct species. #SaveOurTigers
As we enter the last leg of the world wildlife week, this is your only chance to share your best shots of tigers. Participate now and win exclusive prizes.
This #WorldWildlifeDay, join us as we pay tribute to the defenders of wildlife, tigers. Share tiger pictures taken by you and win exclusive prizes. #SaveOurTigers
An average tiger’s territory is approximately 30 sq km but Prince roams freely in his 80 km territory and can be spotted rather easily. #SaveOurTigers
Ligers are hybrids that result from the breeding of a male lion and a tigress. Tigons result from the mating between a male tiger and a lioness. #SaveOurTigers
School kids to be taken to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve to mark Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s birthday. #SaveOurTigers

School kids to have free visit to tiger reserve on Sep 17