Stripey the Cub
01/13/2017 at 11:18. Facebook
Named after the legendary Bollywood star, Amitabh is one of the most famous tigers in Taboda National Park.
Tigers have a sharp eyesight that helps them hunt during the night, when the vision of their prey is compromised. #StripeyFacts
This 2017, lets pledge to protect our striped friends. Let’s raise the tiger numbers, raise the roar. #SaveOurTigers
The wait is over! The winners of #TigerTale contest are finally here. Congratulations to you all!
The villain in the film, Shere Khan is feared by everyone except Mowgli; can you guess the #TigerTale?
Stranded on a life boat with a human, this tiger and human learn to co-exist in the wake of adversity; can you guess the #TigerTale?
Bouncing is what the ‘tigger’ in this movie does the best; can you guess the #TigerTale?
Bouncing is what the ‘tigger’ in this movie does the best; can you guess the #TigerTale?
This fearless tiger’s claim to fame in the film was his star performance as he jumped through hoops; can you guess the #TigerTale?
This iconic tiger movie would’ve been incomplete without the two friends; Manny and Sid. Can you guess the #TigerTale?
As the holiday season draws closer, we have some giveaways for our ardent followers. #StayTuned for our contest #TigerTale
Every year, Pulikali sees thousands of ‘symbolic’ tigers roar through the streets of Kerala. #ShadesOfIndia
It’s either co-existence or no existence. #SaveOurTigers
Tango, Britain’s oldest tiger dies at the age of 22 in Woodside Wildlife Park, Lincolnshire. #SaveOurTigers

UK's Oldest Tiger Tango Dies Aged 22
The tiger is at the top of the predator chain and keeps a check on the population of herbivorous animals. #SaveOurTigers. #StripeyFacts
110 tigers perished in 2016. The highest ever in the last 5 years. Read more at: [ Link ]


Tiger mortality five yrs high; 110 perish
Did you know, Tigers in the Sundarbans kill more people than in any other tiger habitat around the world? #StripeyFacts
Apart from India, Tiger is the national animal of 4 other countries. Can you name them? #SaveOurTigers
A tiger’s hind legs are longer than its front legs.