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New, free software for quantifying patterns of brittle fractures

We have released FracPaQ, an open source (-ish) toolbox of MATLAB scripts for the quantification of fracture patterns. You get the source code, with a GUI and a User Guide.

You can get the software here:
[ Mathworks.com Link ]

and here:
[ Github.com Link ]

It runs on any machine with a MATLAB license, so Windows,...
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DaveHealy-Aberdeen/FracPaQ - File Exchange - MATLAB Central

Thrust-related folds in the Ross Formation, Bridge of Ross, Western Ireland. Photo by Kurtis Burmeister.
Dear Structural Geology and Tectonics Community –

On the 30th anniversary of our division, the SGT board started the SG&T Division Fund (informally known as the Student Fund), and we are pleased to announce that the fund is now valued at over $80,000, thanks to the generosity of many SGT donors. Congratulations to all—the members of the division's management board who conceived of the idea...
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Orient 3.5.3 Spherical Projection Software

Announcing the release of Orient 3.5.3, the fast professional spherical projection and orientation data analysis software. Easy to use, and entirely free. Check it out here:

[ Frederickvollmer.com Link ]

Orient 3.4.2 was used for the workshop Analysis, Statistics, and Presentation of Geological Spherical Directional Data at the 2016 Structural...
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As one of the largest and most active divisions in GSA, your continued association with SGT enables us to support our discipline. The SGT Division provides a number of important services, including:

- Work with the Joint Technical Programming Committee to work on the SGT events and sessions at the GSA National Meeting

- Provide timely information and connections for SGT members to other...
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join GSA

ATTN: NSF announcing an opportunity for collaborative proposals by US and Taiwan scientists in earth sciences with an emphasis on feedbacks among climate, erosion, and tectonics (FACET).

[ Nsf.gov Link ]

Dear Colleague Letter: Special Guidelines for Submitting Proposals for NSF/GEO/EAR - Taiwan Collaborative Research (nsf17012) | NSF - National Science Foundation

Grad School Opportunity at Trinity College Dublin

A PhD opportunity is available at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland under the supervision of Quentin Crowley. Project title: Ordovician Peri-Gondwanan Paleogeography and Cu-Zn-Pb-Au Mineralisation in SE Ireland. Co-supervised by Sean McCleanaghan (Trinity College Dublin), Brian McConnell (Geological Survey of Ireland) and Stephen Johnson...
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Geology:Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland

Some photos from the 2016 SGT Division Business meeting at GSA in Denver.
Postdoctoral position in Low-temperature Thermochronology

The Center for Integrative Geosciences at the University of Connecticut invites applications for a full-time postdoctoral researcher in the area of low-temperature thermochronology, geochronology, tectonics and/or basin analysis. Information about the Center and University can be found at . The successful candidate will join ongoing...
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Home | Center for Integrative Geosciences

Dear Colleagues,

This message serves as a status update on and request for participation in a community effort to produce a report on “Future Directions in Tectonics” (supported by NSF-EAR-1542001). It includes an introduction to the process and link to our website ([ Wordpress.com Link ], which contains (1)
a *presentation from GSA 2016 Town Hall* meeting describing the process, (2) the...
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Future Directions in Tectonics Report

Future Directions in Tectonics at GSA

Dear Colleagues,

Please excuse multiple postings. This email serves as a reminder (or possibly an announcement) of a town hall on “Future Directions in Tectonics” to be held at GSA in Denver next week.

The town hall is on Tuesday September 27 in Room 303 of the Colorado Convention Center from 4-5:30 pm (prior to the SG&T reception, awards and...
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Future Directions in Structural Geology and Tectonics Workshop

Thrust-related folds in the Ross Formation, Bridge of Ross, Western Ireland. Photo by Kurtis Burmeister.
Three years Postdoc in Structural Geology and Rock Deformation
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Plymouth University, UK

This post is part of a NERC funded project aiming to study the geological record of the earthquake cycle in the lower continental crust, combining field observations of coeval pseudotachylytes and mylonites from Lofoten (Norway), microstructural...
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Job profile

New Dear Colleague letter from Geoscience Directorate

NSF 16-083: Dear Colleague Letter: Reproducibility and Robustness of Results (for Geosciences Directorate)
[ Nsf.gov Link ]

Keeping up with NSF opportunities:

1) To get alerts about NSF funding opportunities, go to the NSF web site ( and go to funding page ([ Nsf.gov Link ]. At the top you will see where you can sign sign up for email...
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Dear Colleague Letter: Reproducibility and Robustness of Results (nsf16083) | NSF - National...

Hi all,

I would just like to announce that we have decided to extend the Structural Geology and Tectonics Forum (SGTF) registration and abstract deadline to May 30th. Please consider registering and presenting at this very fun and collegial event.

Also, I want to announce the inclusion of one more field trip: Active Tectonics of the North Coast. Leaders: Carol Prentice and Steve DeLong...
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2016 Structure and Tectonics Forum

4th Biennial Structural Geology & Tectonics Forum
August 1-3, 2016

We are excited to announce that registration is finally open for the Structural Geology and Tectonics Forum this summer, August 1st thru 3rd, with field trips and short courses two days before and after the main meeting. The SGTF will be at Sonoma State University, in Rohnert Park, CA (about an hour north of San Francisco). ...
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2016 Structure and Tectonics Forum

Visiting Assistant Professor Position, Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY Geneseo

The SUNY Geneseo Department of Geological Sciences invites applications for a one-year visiting assistant professor position beginning in August of 2016. The successful applicant will be responsible for teaching introductory level physical geology courses (including labs) and upper level undergraduate...
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SUNY at Geneseo Employment Opportunities

The revised NSF TECTONICS PROGRAM Solicitation (NSF 16-556) is is effective for future target dates.

It can be found at: [ Nsf.gov Link ]

Tectonics (nsf16556) | NSF - National Science Foundation


There are many important changes in both the Grant Proposal Guide and the Award and Administration Guide, which are all part of NSF 16-1. The GPG can be found at: [ Nsf.gov Link ]

nsf16001 Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide, January 2016 | NSF - National Science...

Dear all,

Let me advertise the freeware, GArcmB, for the fuzzy clustering of
fracture orientations and for the paleostress analysis of dilational
fractures,e.g.,dikes and mineral veins. GArcmB searches for the mixed Bingham distribution that best fits the poles to those planar structures using the genetic algorithm.

The software runs on 64-bit Windows,Mac and Linux; and is available at our...
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