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Candy skies over the fields

So you’re looking to travel more or move into a career that lives that jetset life hey?

What careers allow you to travel the most?
LA is the city that fashion editors, musicians, actresses and vintage aficionados travel across the globe to trawl for next season’s wardrobe of one-of-a-kind clothing. Here are some of the best stores to choose from depending on what you’re after….

L.A's 10 best vintage stores
Don't you know it ✈❤
The enchanting misty Cloud Forest waterfalls
Often people think of all the places they’d like to travel to but then don’t go because they don’t have anyone to go with at the right time. Let this story serve as both a warning against waiting for the rest of your life and as a guide on how to just bloody go for it.

Here’s why you should travel Europe solo
Here are some of the world’s must-see gay-friendly cities with much to offer the LGBTI traveller…

5 of the world’s most gay-friendly cities
It’s all fun and games until the jeans don’t fit anymore...
Here’s just a *taste* of what you must consume on a Europe trip
*cue* drooling
Cruisin' into the weekend like......

Heli over the Grand Canyon, scoff down a Texan BBQ and get wonderfully lost in the concrete jungle. Do it all (& more!) on a USA Topdeck trip!
Cruise around in vintage American cars, learn to roll your own cigars, wear head-to-toe Che Guevara merch and drown yourself in mojitos in the kitsch-cool capital Havana, here’s how to do it on the cheap.

How to visit Cuba on a budget
If budgeting for a Euro holiday is life then read on....

The Ultimate Europe Adventure In 20 days
Banff, an adventurer & nature lovers ultimate playground! Former travel consultant, Claire & her camera handy mate @jonagrey show us how it's done

Instagram video by C l a i r e S h e r i d a n • Oct 12, 2016 at 4:11am UTC
When you go on a steamy morning jungle trek and it leads you to an insane viewing point looking high over Krabi

Pre-cooked meals: check. Buddy system: check. Accommodation: wait...did someone organise that? Make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes with our Schoolies 2017 checklist!

Schoolies 2017 checklist!
Shout out to our Aussies mates for #AustraliaDay, whether you’re by the pool, the beach or sharing some backyard banter we hope it’s a cracker

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With return flights as hot as $999*, there’s really no need to put off your ‘one-day’ dream trip to South America.

6 Ways To Say Hola to Buenos Aires
Nusa Lembongan is home to some of clearest waters you’ll find in Bali. This island is quickly becoming a favourite thanks to its true island pace.