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The city of Melbourne has come together to mourn the lives lost in the Bourke Street tragedy. #Studio10
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Helen Reddy was a true trailblazer for Australian singers. The Grammy award-winning artist sat down with Angela Bishop for this television exclusive. #Studio10
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From hijacking a helicopter to a prisoner faking blindness and getting away with it, we heard some amazing and bizarre jailbreak stories from author Wendy Lewis.

Some of these escapes will leave you gobsmacked... #Studio10

Unforgettable Jailbreaks
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"Part of being a feminist is supporting women regardless of the choices that they make." - Jess on 'Free The Nipple'. What does feminism mean to you? #Studio10

Full chat: [ Link ]
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MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston gave us a taste of the UK and whipped up a Pimm's cup - the perfect Summer drink. #Studio10

Matt Preston At Pimm's Garden
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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced there will be immediate changes to how bail is considered following the Bourke Street tragedy in Melbourne that left 5 dead and 15 injured. What do you think of this? #Studio10

Read more: [ Link ]
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"We are dealing with someone who is so extremely thin-skinned." - Former presidential press secretary Kim Hoggard on Donald Trump. #Studio10
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Up to 200,000 people could chuck a sickie this Friday after Australia Day and score a four-day weekend. It's estimated it could cost businesses $62 million.

What do you think of this? #Studio10

200,000 workers to take sick leave on Australia Day
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Pubs and clubs in Queensland will dodge the controversial 1am lockout laws but will face a new scanning and banning identification system aimed at making it easier to reject problem patrons.

What do you think of this? #Studio10

Lockout laws softened but mandatory scanning system to identify previous offenders
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Thousands of people took to streets for the "Woman's March" to protest the Trump presidency, and there are claims that more people attended protests than the inauguration.

What do you think - is it time for people to give Donald Trump a chance? #Studio10

There Were Three Times as Many People at the D.C. Women's March Than at Trump's Inauguration
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It's been revealed that faulty fuel pumps have been found at dozens of Victorian service stations. But the good news is, in nearly two-thirds of cases, drivers go more fuel than they paid for.

What do you think of this? #Studio10

Faulty fuel pumps rip off motorists
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Doctors believe the government is looking at a slight rise in the Medicare levy, costing taxpayers a few hundred dollars more a year. The AMA says any extra revenue should go to health, rather than fixing the deficit.

What do you think - should everyone have to put a little more into the public health system? #Studio10

Medicare levy increase on the table as Turnbull budget speculation begins
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Have a burning question? Submit yours to Ita Buttrose! #Studio10

Ask Ita
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Missed a moment of Studio 10 this week? Catch up on tenplay!

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Are you planning to pop the question?

We are looking for someone who is planning to propose to their partner and would like some help in making the proposal even more magical!

Send an email to if you are interested. #Studio10
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Love the show? Grab your free tickets to join out LIVE studio audience! #Studio10

Studio 10 Live Audience
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Helen Reddy breaks her silence in her first interview since being diagnosed with dementia. Catch this must-see interview next week on Studio 10.
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Six players, only one winner.

Test your knowledge and check out how it went down in today's $5 Quiz! #Studio10

$5 Quiz!
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He's cooked for the Danish royals, and now, chef Kasper Christensen cooks for us! Check out how he made his octopus, burnt apple and sea herbs dish. #Studio10

Recipe: [ Link ]
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"Do you know how motivating it is swimming to the theme song from 'Jaws'?"

Comedian Felicity Ward gave us a taste of her new show '50% More Likely To Die' and speaks about dealing with her own mental illness with humour. #Studio10

Felicity's tour dates: [ Link ]