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Tom Hardy stars in the “dark, brooding and brilliant” TABOO, on Blu-Ray & DVD May 29th:
yesterday at 14:45. Facebook
The Academy Award-nominated THE RED TURTLE soars into cinemas nationwide Friday. Discover more:
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See Marion Cotillard's "luminous" performance in French romance drama From The Land of The Moon, in cinemas June 9th.
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From the creator of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, David Lynch's neo-noir classic Mulholland Drive is yours to own now:
Michael T. Picker
Mark Grey
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See a new clip from Studio Ghibli produced THE RED TURTLE. The Academy-Award nominated feature is in in cinemas Friday.
Michael T. Picker
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Some girls are out of this world. We're excited to share the exclusive poster for #HowToTalktoGirlsAtParties. Coming soon.
Some girls are out of this world Were excited to share the
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Your week presented by Richard Thorncroft aka Detective MINDHORN.
Here is a first look from Idris Elba's directorial debut YARDIE – the story of a young Jamaican seeking justice on the streets of 1980s London.
Here is a first look from Idris Elbas directorial debut YARDIE the
Mitch Brady
Matt Kerley
Winner of 2 Academy Awards and 2 BAFTAs, see Casey Affleck and Michelle Wiliams star in the critically acclaimed masterpiece Manchester By the Sea, yours to own now:
"Beautiful" ★★★★ "Magical" ★★★★ "Enchanting" ★★★★ "Sublime" ★★★★. The acclaimed The Red Turtle comes to cinemas May 26th.
Susan Attfield
"I've had this feeling, that something's going to happen..." Nordic noir thriller and hit TV series MIDNIGHT SUN is yours to own from June 5th, pre-order now:
Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield have a crisis of faith in SILENCE. Yours to own on DVD and Blu-ray now.
Watch IMDb's interview with famed 80s detective/capoeira aficionado MINDHORN & his stuntman Clive Parnevik:
Jake Fletcher
One of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, James Cameron’s TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY is newly restored in 3D and back in cinemas this summer. Watch the exclusive new trailer now.
Andy Tohill
Spencer William le Grys
Paul Clark
Scorsese’s passion project, the “magnificent” (Sight & Sound) SILENCE is yours to own now.
Scorseses passion project the magnificent Sight Sound SILENCE is yours to own
Karl Holtby
When he goes in, he goes deep. MINDHORN is in cinemas now.
Haydn Watkins
Andrew Jamison
Francois VanDee
Discover The Red Turtle in cinemas May 26th. It's "unlike anything you've seen before" (Dazed).
Danny F Benyammine
It's truth time! Don't miss Mindhorn in 2D in cinemas across the land now.
Dean Jones
Kyle Snape
John Haslam
Come with him if you want to live. The apocalypse of justice begins tomorrow with MINDHORN.
Come with him if you want to live The apocalypse of justice
Ian Robinson
Kris Munday
Hayley Turpin
In a world of lies, one man is destined to seek the truth. Don't miss Mindhorn in cinemas tomorrow.