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Study In Australia
01/10/2017 at 00:22. Facebook
Here's some useful information if you're coming to Australia to study this year and still don't know about your accommodation.

Living and renting in Australia

Here's a handy map with a list of Australia's public universities
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List of Australian Universities

How much does it cost to live in Australia? It depends where you live. Here's a useful cost-of-living calculator to help.
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Cost of Living Calculator - Insider Guides | Study in Australia

How to study in Australia as an international student? Here's an easy to follow how-to...
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Apply to study in Australia

From everyone at Study in Australia have a happy Christmas and safe New Year.
We're taking a break until the new year. Until then, read up on all our useful information on studying in Australia.

Study In Australia

There are so many reasons to study in Australia - here are just a few...
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Why study in Australia?

‘Factories as Studios Vietnam’ is hoping the creative outlet will make factory workers more satisfied and productive

Factories Turning Waste Into Art in Vietnam

Malaysian super star PhD candidate Shu Lim is a game changer.

Attacking superbugs without antibiotics.

It was wonderful to see the celebration of inspirational international students in Melbourne at Government House.
Australia và Việt Nam hợp tác nghiên cứu y tế
|Australia, Vietnam collaborate in doing health research|
Australia và Việt Nam đang hợp tác trong lĩnh vực đổi mới và nghiên cứu nhằm đẩy mạnh năng suất và sự phát triển kinh tế - xã hội ở cả hai nước.

150 nhà nghiên cứu đến từ hai nước đã tham dự hội thảo chuyên đề mới đây tại Hà Nội để thảo luận và đề ra những vấn đề y tế cần được ưu tiên...
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Apakah saudara, kakak, adik, ibu, bapak, sahabat, teman, rekan kerja, pacar atau mantan pacarmu ALUMNI AUSTRALIA?

Perpanjang dan pererat tali silaturahmi dengan menominasikan mereka untuk the Embassy’s Alumni Awards 2017, hari ini juga!

Masa penominasian akan ditutup pada tanggal 31 January 2017.

Program ini bertujuan untuk...
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The future. Opaque Media Group at Future Assembly demonstrating Australian capability in VR and augmented reality.
The University of Melbourne alumna has co-created a smartphone app that uses artificial intelligence to help vision-impaired people identify objects by verbalising descriptions in seven languages.
Aipoly is an amazing app developed by Australian computer science engineering marvel Marita Cheng.

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Sydney and Melbourne are 2nd and 3rd globally on student accommodation website

More international students are choosing Australia

Australia has an enviable reputation for its culinary expertise. How good does this look?