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We like to work ;) According to a survey conducted in Europe by an independent market research company, the Dutch are the most satisfied with their jobs.

ADP study reveals workers in the Netherlands are most satisfied
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"When I think of Holland I think of diversity. Holland is a very small country, but there is a lot going on. The culture is very diverse, there are a lot of internationals. People are very open-minded, because they are used to having other nationalities around."

Neli from Bulgaria, Strategic Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

What will your story be? Study in Holland and become part...
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It's party time! You might have seen some strange figures walking around... which means the Dutch carnival has started! But what makes this celebration so special?

Carnival in the Netherlands: It's party time! - DutchReview
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University Life: Expectation VS Reality. ‘it’s one of those periods in your life that you are never going to forget’, tells Study in Holland reporter Deviprasad from India. His first 7 months in Holland haven’t always been easy, but he stayed positive and enjoyed experiencing new things. Read his complete blog on our website

University Life:Expectation VS Reality — Study in Holland
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Do you know Miffy? Miffy was created by Dick Bruna, who passed away at age 89 a week ago today. He was a famous author and creator of Miffy the white rabbit, known as 'Nijntje' in Dutch, a very popular TV- and book character for children. In memory of Dick Bruna.
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Bike paths in Holland: especially designed for your safety <3

This Video Shows How The Netherlands' Amazing Bike-Friendly Roads Work
The Dutch language uses many expressions, but for international students they can be difficult to understand... New to the Netherlands explains some typical Dutch sayings in their article. Have you heard any of these before? :-) [ Link ]

'I am not made of sugar', huh? - New to the Netherlands
Do you ever wonder what you could do during your weekend when studying in Holland? Read and see how Study in Holland reporter Chung spent last Saturday hopping cafes and (of course :-) ) really enjoyed himself!

A Saturday exploration of Amsterdam — Study in Holland
Many international students experience a culture shock while studying abroad. In Zhu's blog, she has the solution: "instead of questioning: why are my classmates so weird? Build respect and appreciation when facing differences. Cultural awareness is built on understanding and empathy. Being curious instead of closed-minded": [ Link ]

Build Cultural Awareness Instead of Cultural Shock (Part I: Study Experience) --The Struggle of a Chinese Girl Studying in Holland — Study in Holland
"Coming from a culture where you need to respect hierarchy, I became less afraid to express my opinion, because the Dutch are well-known for being openminded and direct. At the same time, I benefit from my culture, because it has made me very considerate of when to say things or not. I got the confidence that I can do whatever I can, because you learn that it’s your own responsibility to do it...
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When you are studying in Holland it is likely that you will be living in a student accommodation below sea level. But how is the Netherlands protected against water? Check out the video (English subtitles) on the website of New to the Netherlands

How is the Netherlands protected against water? - New to the Netherlands
Have you just arrived in Holland? Are you feeling nervous about finding your way around? Don't you worry! Study in Holland reporter Bo explains everything you need to know about the number one student travel product, the 'OV-chipkaart'! (It will make your life easier :-))

How to get an 'OV-chipkaart'
Do you want to know what studying in Holland is really like? You can now follow the experiences of Ksenia, student of Rotterdam Business School, who is taking over our instagram these weeks.

Students take over - Knesia's week
Could you use some help with your scholarship application?
Read (and watch!) Chung's blog about his experience getting the AUC Scholarship - Amsterdam University College. He has some great advice!

Step 3 in "Get yourself to Holland": scholarship application — Study in Holland
Study in Rotterdam? Watch this video to see how it is at the Rotterdam Business School.
This afternoon (16.00 Dutch time) international student Gloria from Indonesia will have a live Q&A session at Instagram. You can ask her anything about surviving in Holland, studying at a Dutch university, Dutch student life etc. See you there!

Study in Holland (@studyinholland) • Instagram photos and videos
Tinder for orangutans? Dutch research, conducted by Universiteit Leiden / Leiden University, want to improve breeding programmes for apes in the Apenheul, an animal reserve in Holland. They look how the apes respond to images of their fellow creatures on a tablet. Is this love? ;)

Dutch experiment with 'Tinder for orangutans'
Dutch research universities score 89.8 out of 100 for the best International reputation! Overall in the top 150 the best Dutch institutions listed are University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam and Utrecht University ranked resp. #38 and #59.

The 150 most international universities on the planet!
"I became more organized. I learned to value my own time, but also other peoples time. If someone is wasting my time, I’m annoyed. And if I do it to somebody else, I know it won’t be appreciated. It is something well-established here and you see it with everyone. People really try to be punctual. And I find it a really good personality trait. In my culture it’s quite common that you’re half an...
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How do you compare and select your future study programme? Can you find your way through all the options out there? Michael's blog gives you a clear insight in the process he undertook. It could help you too!

The Million Dollar, or Euro, or Kroner, question: How and Why I Choose Amsterdam — Study in Holland