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In Holland you can experience all seasons. It is wintertime now! Hardy any snow but look how amazing it is!

Frosty Holland looks like a Fairytale - DutchReview
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Do you Study in Holland? Show and tell it to Europe ;)

Education and training - European Commission
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The best thing when you're studying abroad, is when your family comes to visit, right? Check out this newest blogpost by Study in Holland reporter Michael. Again with the most amazing pictures of his travels.

Family Time: Showing my family Amsterdam — Study in Holland
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"My goal is to be the Burgermeester of Spijkenisse someday. Holland is a very generous nation, and I would love to get a chance to give back to the society. So right now I’m learning Dutch and going through the process of ‘inburgering’ - Dutch Civic Intergration."

Samuel from Nigeria, Theology, Radboud University

What will your story be? Study in Holland and become part of our worldwide...
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TU/Eindhoven ranks number one for working with the world’s most innovative organisations! TUDelft, Utrecht University and University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam are also in the top 25.”

Top universities for working with most innovative firms
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Study in Holland and have the rest of Europe at your doorstep. An international trip is just around the corner. In only three hours you can be in Paris. London and Berlin are just a five or six hour train ride away. Holland is the gateway to Europe!
100% powered by wind energy. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), Dutch Railways, uses wind turbines to generate the energy needed to power all of its electric trains. We're blown away ;)

Dutch trains become 100% powered by wind energy
Tips for book lovers, in this new blog by Study in Holland reporter Michael. "I love reading, and coming from the US, I couldn’t bring a lot of books to read. I was worried that I would have trouble finding a good selection of English books in a Dutch speaking country. I was totally wrong! There are many, many bookstores in Amsterdam, including English language bookstores."

Amsterdam for Book Lovers: Where to find English books — Study in Holland
Unicef rated Dutch children the happiest in the world. Children from Holland were in the top five in each of the categories assessed: material wellbeing; health and safety; education; behaviours and risks; and housing and environment. In fact, the Dutch scored highest for behaviours and risks, as well as for education.

They raise the world's happiest children - so is it time you went Dutch?
Looking for an active and fit student life? The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ranks #14 in World’s top 100 universities for sport, exercise, and health science.

World's Top Universities For Sport Science In 2016
Who do you think ranks as number one? We'll give you a hint: it's Holland ;-)
Now that is great news to start this new year with! Congratulations to Wageningen University!

Overall Ranking 2016 | Greenmetric UI
"I’m braver now. Before I came here, I had my family around like a cushion. If the world went bad, I could just go home to them. And then I came here and I had to deal with things by myself. When something broke in my house, I had to find a way to fix it. Arranging my taxes, going to the immigration office, things I never had to do before. I think I also adopted some of the Dutch no-nonsense...
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Watch this amazing timelapse of The Hague! The third largest city of Holland. Home of most foreign embassies and over 150 international organisations, including the International Court of Justice, which makes The Hague one of the major cities hosting the United Nations. ‪#‎thisisthehague‬

See our Studyfinder for all study programmes in this international city:
We wish you all a happy and healthy 2017!
Make your dreams come true: come study in Holland!

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from your Study in Holland crew!

The upcoming days we have to work for a white bearded man in the North Pole ;) Therefore our work for Study In Holland is on hold, but we will be back in 2017! Thanks for following us on social media! We will answer all your questions and post nice content about Holland again from the 2nd of January. We wish everybody happy holidays and a great...
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How do you touch people with music? Researchers at the University of Groningen explain how this works with Christmas music. Watch and listen ;)

Christmas and the meaning of church music | University of Groningen
Meeting royalty is becoming a normal activity for Study in Holland reporter Michael ;-) Check out his newest blog for his encounter with the Belgian King, and some amazing pictures of Amsterdam!

Another Week, Another King: Stumbling across a state visit by the Belgian King — Study in Holland
"I have became a lot more open to the world. I have learned that there are so many opinions out there and by hearing them out and processing them, I have become a global citizen I am proud of today. From a girl, who was a dreamer I became a doer, all thanks to choosing to study my bachelor's here in Holland.”

Denisa from Czech Republic, International Bachelor Communication and Media,...
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Do you want to know what studying in Holland is really like? This week you can follow Roland from Hungary on our Instagram. Roland is a student Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Here's how Roland introduces himself:

"I am 22 years old 1st year art & technology student and Hungarian Student Ambassador. I am from Budapest and I live in Enschede. Besides my studies I am working at Zara as...
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