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This is Pengbo from China. He came to New Zealand to study a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration at Victoria University of Wellington and a Master of Management at Massey University. Check out his story about how he went from a cashier at a sausage sizzle to a board member of a nationwide non-profit organisation - while studying in New Zealand.

The Value of Being an International Student Volunteer | Study in New Zealand
Study in New Zealand
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"Studying in New Zealand taught me to think differently - to think outside the box. You get to explore your own ideas and be creative with your thinking."- Chonlada Damrongkitkanwon, Thailand, Master of International Business.
Study in New Zealand
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A Kiwi #RoadTrip should be on your #StudyinNZ bucket list. Get inspired: Read about Meikko's summer road trip around the North Island of New Zealand.

My Summer North Island Road Trip | Study In New Zealand
Study in New Zealand
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"The learning style in New Zealand is more learning by doing, that is the charm of the New Zealand education system." WATCH to find out more about choosing to #StudyinNZ.
Study in New Zealand
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WATCH: A #QuickTip for studying abroad - courtesy of Maggie, from Colombia. "Be Open Minded!". #StudyinNZ
How can studying abroad change your life? Siona came from India to study a Master of Health Science at AUT - Auckland University of Technology. She had a background in Indian classical dance and an interest in sport. Little did she know that in six years time, she'd be representing New Zealand in Boxing at the London Olympics. #StudyinNZ #StudentQuote #Inspo

Read Siona's inspiring story here:...
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Love to dance? Learn a new style of dance like Anu from Nepal, by choosing to study in New Zealand. #StudyinNZ.

A New Style of Dance | Study in New Zealand
Wondering how far a New Zealand qualification can take you? Watch the inspiring story of Sam Cheow!

Sam is a #NZAlumni of AUT - Auckland University of Technology who now lives in New York, where he works as a Chief Product Accelerator for L'Oreal USA. #StudyinNZ
Happy Holi to our international students!
Be like Mikuru from Japan, and make a 'choice' decision to #StudyinNZ.

Study in New Zealand | What Made Studying in New Zealand Different to Japan
Q&A with Dahee: "How does the community care for international students in New Zealand?” #StudyinNZ
Stina came from Germany to study a Master of Science in Marine Science at the University of Otago. Stina’s research involves looking at the sustainability of Blue Cod; her goal is to be the first person in the world to successfully breed Blue Cod. #InternationalWomensDay #GirlPower #Inspo #DreamBig #StudyinNZ
If you follow our page, you’ll be familiar with the #EverestTwins. No? Read on. Tashi and Nungshi came from India to study a Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise at Southern Institute of Technology. During their study, we learned that these inspirational twins have several milestones – and Guinness World Records – under their belts. They’re the first sibling and twins, the youngest people...
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Elena moved to New Zealand from South Korea when she was 13 years old. It was her dream to become a pilot✈. She set her sights on studying aviation and this year her dream became a reality. Elena is the first female international student to be accepted into the Field Instructor Course (FIC) at Massey University School of Aviation. Congratulations Elena! #InternationalWomensDay #GirlPower...
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Q&A with Dahee: β€œHow safe do you feel as an international student in New Zealand?" #StudyinNZ
Q&A with Dahee: β€œHow welcome do you feel as in international student in New Zealand?” #StudyinNZ
Meet Dahee. You may recognise her from a Facebook Live session we ran a few months ago. Dahee is an international student from Korea; she is studying at Victoria University of Wellington and is actively involved with the Korean community in Wellington. We thought she was the perfect person to answer a few questions about her experience in New Zealand. Luckily for us, Dahee agreed to help, so...
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"New Zealand has one of the best landscapes in the world, and the work/life balance is better here - it's less competitive. Elsewhere, it's survival of the fittest, but here the system design is so great that it provides opportunity for everybody to lead a better life."- Pragash Balakrishnana, India, Master of Engineering, University of Canterbury. #StudentQuote #StudyinNZ
β€œPeople’s lives are so much more relaxing in New Zealand. My life is not only work - I have time to follow my interests, like going to the beach. There are so many things to enjoy here.”
- Zihao, China, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, WelTec. #StudentQuote #StudyinNZ
Need that extra push to apply to #StudyinNZ? This is Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia. He studied Food Science at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Read his #StudyinNZ story about how the Kiwi lifestyle influenced what he chose to study and pursue his career in.

From Saudi Arabia to New Zealand | Study in New Zealand