Study in Sweden
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Study in Sweden
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Just arrived in Sweden? Here's our best advice.

16 insider tips for new students in Sweden
Study in Sweden
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We can only agree (and did you know that Sweden is one of the world's best countries for women?)

10 Reasons Every Girl Should Study Abroad
Study in Sweden
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Study in Sweden
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Just a few hours left to apply.

7 steps to studying in Sweden
Your weekend plans: putting the finishing touches on your application to study in Sweden this autumn (and sending it in by Monday!)

Apply now to study in Sweden autumn 2017
Did you know that doing a master's in Sweden can cost a lot less than in many other countries? Here's how to apply.

How to Get Your Master's Degree in Sweden (for Cheap) - The Abroad Guide
Apply by 16 January for autumn 2017.

Master's programmes: how to apply
Considering a tech or engineering degree? Here's why Supritha chose KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Why I chose environmental engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Two weeks left to apply for autumn 2017.

7 Amazing Reasons to Study in Sweden
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Want to make the world a better place? So do we.

5 Reasons to Study in Sweden
This weekend, find your future degree programme in Sweden.

Study in Sweden: Programme search
Apply now for next autumn. What are you waiting for?

Apply by 16 January to study in Sweden autumn 2017