Study in Sweden
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Did you receive your admissions offer today to study in Sweden this autumn? Congratulations! Here's what to do next.
Study in Sweden
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Study in Sweden
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Oh hej.
Study in Sweden
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Studying abroad in Europe (by which we clearly mean Sweden)? Here are 10 ways to prepare.

10 Things to Do Before Moving to Europe - The Abroad Guide
Study in Sweden
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Campus Tour, part 2/7: if you want to study space, it makes sense to head north. So we did.

What's it like to study space north of the Arctic Circle?
What's it like to move to Sweden from Africa? Our Kenyan blogger Anita shares what she's learned.

Coming to Sweden: African Edition
Thanks Erasmus Student Network Sweden (ESN Sweden) for reminding us all of the beauty of southern Sweden. #makeyourlifesweder
Want to learn Swedish? Here's a free online course.
Five reasons to study in Sweden.

5 Reasons to Study in Sweden
Live with students at Umeå University!
It's International Women's Day tomorrow. How does Sweden compare to your country? (click for the full graphic!)
The true story of two digital ambassadors picked to take a train to the north and start getting real. And go dogsledding.

Swedish Lapland: Kiruna, Ice Hotel and Sami | Campus Tour 1/7 | Study in Sweden: the student blog
Let's take a look inside IDEON Science park, one of the most innovative places in Europe, and the students that take part in it.
We're live at KTH Royal Institute of Technology asking students what they want you to know about living in Sweden. Questions about life in Stockholm? ❓
Mondays in Umeå.
Want to learn more about Sweden? Follow for daily facts.