Check out the fourth episode of Summer Life QLD! In this episode, the students learn to surf at famous surf spot Currumbin Alley, and Richelle and Shimon chat about what they love most about studying in Queensland. Like our page to follow the student journey!
Where would you study in Queensland? How about from your pool!
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Many famous people were born in Queensland, singer Cody Simpson, actor Geoffrey Rush and wildlife superstar Bindi Irwin!
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Check out the third episode of Summer Life QLD. In this episode Summer can't wait to try snorkelling but others are nervous. Meanwhile, have two of our students fallen in love? Like our page to follow the student journey!
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Have you ever wanted to surf while you study? Come to Queensland!
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Check out the second episode of Summer Life QLD. In this episode, Pali and Sean go to a Koala Sanctuary while Fitri and Alfian make their first step to becoming future world leaders. Like our page to follow the student journey!
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It's easy to find your happy place to study in Queensland. Where will you pick yours?
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Prickly on the outside, sweet and delicious on the inside, the pineapple is a Queensland icon.
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Check out the first episode of Summer Life QLD and like our page to follow the student journey as the 20 international students live and learn all things Queensland, Australia!
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What is your favourite place to gather with your friends after school to kick back?

#SummerLifeQLD with Richelle and Samuele
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For the following days, we'll be re-releasing our hit show Summer Life QLD on our Facebook page. Be sure to like this page to follow the student story of what it is like to study in Queensland in a semester abroad!

Special thanks to our international ambassadors Wanderlust Amber 安柏不在家 The girl Summer 背包客女孩夏天 Richelle Lim Anshisa Samuele Tepp Hee Jung Soo Yeon Luca Vero Valdez Fitri Suci...
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Ever wanted to cuddle with a Koala? Find your own furry friend in Queensland.
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Learn how to channel your focus while studying with these easy steps from Steve Moxon
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How do you unwind while studying? Take advice from Chilean student ambassador Pali Pivcevic on how to to unwind.
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Before you arrive in Queensland, how familiar is your knowledge of Australian slang? See this video for some helpful Australian language tips starring #SummerLifeQLD ambassador Samuele!
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In Queensland, you can take your studies to the beach!
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Photo by Hee Jung
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Where would you take your studies in Queensland? Learn how you can advance your education in Queensland today!
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How familiar are you with the Great Barrier Reef? Check out this video to learn some interesting facts about this natural wonder.
Queenslanders are often called ‘Banana Benders’ by those from other states due to the large number of tropical plantations in the state where bananas are grown.