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Have you heard the news? Dutch moms are happy. Like seriously happy – and not that fake/smug type of happiness that pops up all over your Facebook feed. Want some of what they are smoking? ;)

Read our *Top 5 tips* to make you as happy as a Dutch mom in 2017!

New Year Resolution: be as Happy as Dutch mom

Have a Dutch New Year's party and make your own Oliebollen!

Historically speaking they are said to have been first eaten by Germanic tribes in the Netherlands between December 26 and January 6. During this time, the Germanic goddess Perchta would fly through the sky with a tribe of evil spirits. Apparently to appease these nasty spirits oliebollen were offered. The myth goes on to tell of...
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The Dutch celebrate New Year’s Eve & Day (Oud en Nieuw) in their very own way. Let’s look at the top 3 notable traditions of the Dutch New Year!

Top 3 wacky ways the Dutch Celebrate the New Year!

BITTERBALLEN: The King of Dutch snacks!

There aren't many Dutchies who don't love Bitterballen. Especially with a glas of beer, wine or Jenever! :)

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Taking the puppies out for a bike ride! #onlyinholland
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You probably won't see this anywhere else in the world

(With thanks to @ferchuckij)
Just another Dutch Dad taking his kids and their friends home from school! :)
Dutch people can literally transport ANYTHING on their bicycles. Need to get a new oven. Geen Problem! :)

What's the craziest thing you've seen on a bike?
Looking for a fun crafty idea for Christmas? How about a yummy Stroopwafel House!

Place it on your cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and watch the steam come out of the chimney! Tasty and fun! :)
One of the pleasures of Sinterklaas/Christmas season is having some tasty speculaas cookies with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. So delicious! :)

The word speculaas probably derives from the Latin "speculum" (mirror) since the cookies are mirror images of the wooden cookie forms used.

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Stuff Dutch People Like

Dutch colonial history had a very positive influence on Dutch cuisine. From exotic spices to entire dishes that have become staple Dutch foods (e.g. Nasi goreng).

One particularly tasty Dutch Colonial Delight is Spekkoek (a type of Indonesian layer cake). It was developed during colonial times in the Dutch East Indies. The Dutch term spekkoek literally means "pork belly cake", a name derived...
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Happy Sinterklaas! Did all of you get your own chocolate letter this year?

Look what Stuff Dutch People Like found in their (large) shoe! Apparently we were really good this year! :)
Happy Sinterklaas everybody!

Here's our annual Sinterklaas poem: An ode to Dutch people!
It's Sinterklaas tomorrow! So let's have a look at how the Dutch Sinterklaas compares to good old Santa! Which do you prefer? :)
Why exactly do Dutch people go crazy for chocolate letters around this time of the year? Let's investigate! :)

The Mystery Of The Dutch Chocolate Letters

Most Dutch people will celebrate Sinterklaas this weekend!

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