Stuff Dutch People Like
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Discover the magic of Giethoorn, a beautiful Dutch village with very few roads and even fewer cars.

The Magic Of Giethoorn
The Dutch have a love affair with swearing in English and especially the word "FCUK" :)

Dutch Love Swearing in English
"Where are your kids?" ➡ Where the frack are yours?!

An open letter to all working-moms on International Women's Day, from the Netherlands.

Where are your kids?! - Stuff Dutch People Like
From April 29 until May 8 1945, Allied forces air dropped 7,000 tons of food parcels to help the starving Dutch population.

“Without the operation tens of thousands more of my countrymen would have died. People were eating flower bulbs they were so hungry. Operation Manna came just in time to save many people.”

'What you did was beautiful', Dutch famine survivors tell British airmen 70 years on
According to a survey, 6% of Dutch people eat Hagelslag directly out of the package. Are YOU one of them? :)

Hagelslag: The key to Dutch happiness
INTRODUCING: Stroopwafels for Babies!

Stroopwafels are a famous, deliciously Dutch treat. But sadly little Babies can’t have any :( Lucky for them we’ve developed a Stroopwafel teething toy that even the tiniest of tots can enjoy! :)

It's the perfect Kraamkado/Baby shower gift!!
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Stuff Dutch People Like
Dutch babies sleep. They freakin' sleep! They sleep better than you. And your babies.

Dutch babies sleep better (than you)
A serving of Van Gogh's ears anybody?

Van Gogh Museum
Dutch Baby Announcement :)

(Photo by ‎Jordan Lubberts)

(WARNING: Question #2 will likely get heated reactions from non-Dutch people)

QUIZ: How Dutch is your parenting style?
Beloved Dutch Artist Dick Bruna has passed away, today, at the age of 89. Bruna was best known for his timeless children’s books featuring Nijntje (Miffy).

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When it comes to birthday traditions, the Dutch are as weird as they come! :)

Turning 50: Dutch birthday traditions
It’s been said that, on average, 30% of a language is idiom and expressions. Dutch is actually 98.7% :)

Be prepared for utter confusion when cows, monkeys, windmills and weather barge into your everyday casual conversations!

Funny Dutch expressions

Can you find the famous kissing Dutch couple?

If you find them, you have to kiss at least one Dutchie today! :)
Ontbijtkoek is a popular Dutch spiced breakfast cake. It has roots tracing back to Medieval times, which is evidenced by its use of such traditional ingredients as rye flour, molasses, and a variety of fragrant spices.

A thick slice of this richly spiced cake just wouldn't be complete without a generous spread of butter! :)
Do you ever get that feeling that everyone in the Netherlands is drinking out of the same cup? Guess what - they are! ;) ;)

Love it - or hate it - "Boerenbont" has been a fixture of the Dutch home for decades.

'Boerenbont' : traditional Dutch tablewear - Stuff Dutch People Like
Almaira de Jonge loves Stroopwafels. So much so that she decided to make some of her own: for her dollhouse, that is!

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