President Ford pardoned Iva D'Aquino, aka Tokyo Rose, on this day in 1977. This podcast on her is from our archive.

Podcast: Who was Tokyo Rose?
An amazing listener has made so many BEAUTIFUL interpretations of our episodes!

Perfectly Manicured Claws — The Grand ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’...
Also in the news this week: a number of lawsuits and complaints of redlining and other discriminatory lending practices, filed by the Department of Justice, Housing and Urban Development, and others.

Podcasts: Redlining
Here's a reminder that before 1975, U.S. children with disabilities were not guaranteed the right to education, now recognized as part of the 14th Amendment right to equal protection.

Podcast: P.A.R.C., Mills and Special Education
The bad news: Neither of us has been able to watch "Victoria" yet. The good news: We have lots of episodes for the many folks who have asked!

Podcasts: Queen Victoria
Here's yesterday's podcast on Maria Montessori!

Podcast: Maria Montessori
U.S. businessmen, aided by the military, overthrew the monarchy of Hawaii on this day in 1893. This podcast on it is from our archive.

Podcast: Lili'uokalani: Who was the Last Queen of Hawaii?
Shackleton's expedition found the magnetic South Pole on this day in 1909. This podcast on the search for the South Pole is from our archive.

Podcast: The Race to the South Pole
The 18th amendment to the U.S. constitution was ratified on this day in 1919. It was ... not effective.

Podcast: A Brief History of Moonshine
Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King wrote this landmark missive. It was republished several months later in The Atlantic.

Martin Luther King's 'Letter From Birmingham Jail'
Queen Elizabeth I was crowned on this day in 1559. This podcast from our archive is on her life before.

Podcast: Elizabeth The First, Before She Was Queen
Today in 1919, the Boston Molasses Flood. This podcast on it is from our archive.

Podcast: How the Boston Molasses Flood Worked
On this day in 1963, George Wallace was inaugurated as governor of Alabama and made his "Segregation Forever" speech.

Podcast: Alabama Governor George Wallace
On this day in 1888, the (heartbreaking) schoolhouse blizzard.

Podcast: The Schoolhouse Blizzard
Show notes for today's podcast!

Show Notes: Edmonia Lewis
Happy birthday, $10 Founding Father.

Podcasts: Alexander Hamilton