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[ONE FOOT WONDER] "'I was very surprised. The first thing I asked him was if I could keep my foot,' she recalled. 'I like weird things so I thought it would be cool if somebody came to my house and I was like, ‘Hey, by the way, that’s my real foot over there.’'”

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Cancer survivor turns her amputated foot into Instagram star
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[BECCA TOLD ME TO] "'I wanted to leave my mark. I wanted to do my part to change the world,' she says. After almost two years of chemotherapy, brain surgery and radiation, doctors told her the grim prognosis. Rebecca says that's when she decided to come up with a bucket list."

We thought today was a day for sharing a story on acts of kindness.

Teen with cancer encourages acts of kindness
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[REPRODUCE OR BUST?] "And the fact that they often aren't could have big health implications. Many exciting ideas in cancer research never pan out. One reason is that findings from the initial studies don't stand the test of time."

What Does It Mean When Cancer Findings Can't Be Reproduced?
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[CANCER STUDIES] "In 2011, Bayer Healthcare said that its in-house scientists could only validate 25 percent of basic studies in cancer and other conditions. (Drug companies routinely do such checks so they can use the information in those studies as a starting point for developing new drugs.) A year later, Glenn Begley and Lee Ellis from Amgen said that the firm could only confirm the...
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How Reliable Are Cancer Studies?
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[I WANT TO GET CANCER] This is a follow-up on an earlier shared article about the Irish Cancer Society's latest advertising campaign. "So far the campaign has been nothing short of sensationalistic and fear-inducing." What do you think of the campaign? We want to hear from you. Comment below!

The ‘Get Cancer’ ad campaign is a disgrace
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[WANTED: EMPATHY] "One of the hardest parts of this conversation is trying to bring empathy into a situation that is wrought with such high political tension. I have my political views just like anyone else, but the main focus I wish we could see in this conversation — when understanding the fear cancer patients could be feeling — is empathy."

A blog post by one of our community members on...
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Cancer Does Not Wait for Debate: A Call for Empathy in a Toxic Political Climate
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[WHAT NOW?] "My insurance provider paid people to work hard to deny me life-saving chemotherapy because they thought I had a preexisting condition. I am alive in part because that is no longer legal under the ACA. In cancer treatment, timing is everything. Cancer does not wait to progress until your coverage kicks in."
An opinion piece by Xeni Jardin via CNN

Obamacare saved my life. What now?
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[KIDS AND CANCER] "Because even if I die, I want my kids to one day know that because of them, I won my battle with cancer. Their presence in this universe would have been impossible without me; to have survived long enough to help give them life has already made my life valuable." Via: Folks Stories

How Do You Talk To Your Kids When You Have Cancer? - Folks
[NEW YEAR] "Ah, January. The month of New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals. But what do you do when cancer is on the calendar? How do you pick up the pieces of a life turned upside down? As a survivor, I found myself reflecting on the lessons that cancer taught me—vital lessons—that need to be remembered." Via: I Had Cancer

3 Reminders For Cancer Survivors At The Start of A New...
[TIME IS TICKING] You know what they say about the early bird- they get discounted tickets to the most visible and influential event of its kind for millennial health and the young adult cancer movement, #CancerCon. Or something like that. Secure your spot today:

CancerCon 2017
[ACA] "Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I'm standing here today alive," Jeans said. "Being both a small-business person and someone with preexisting conditions, I rely on the Affordable Care Act to be able to purchase my own insurance. Why would you repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement?"

We wanted to share this now viral video with you so we could ask about your experiences...
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Man who says he 'would be dead' without Obamacare confronts Paul Ryan on the law's repeal
[COMMUNITY] As we see #SaveACA trend on Twitter and watch everyone's different reactions and personal experiences come rolling in across all of our social media platforms, we can't help but think that now is the time to surround yourself with people who understand you. Now is the time for community.

In less than three weeks, Early Bird registration for CancerCon closes. We WILL sell out....
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CancerCon 2017
[STRESS ALERT] As we slide into the second half of the work week, we wanted to share this Cancer and Careers article on how to relieve stress in the workplace. "If you take advantage of these opportunities from the beginning, you are less likely to become overwhelmed with stress over time."

Click the link to get started! Also, comment below if you find these tips to be helpful and/or...
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Cancer and Careers | Relieving Stress
[CANCER MOONSHOT] Although Vice President Joe Biden leaves office in just ten days, he vows to keep the cancer moonshot thriving for years to come.

"...even if we couldn’t save our son, the science, medicine, and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless other sons and daughters." Via: International Business Times

Cure For Cancer? Joe Biden Vows To End Cancer Within 5 Years, But It Won't Be Easy
[ONE FOR THE GUYS] Male? 18-35? Our partners at Oregan State University and UC San Diego invite you to take their 20 minute survey - fertility and parenthood after cancer. Check eligibility and link to the online survey at and get $20 for taking part! Be the research.

Reproductive Health Research Studies: Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health studies on Fertility, Parenthood, Ovarian Reserve, and Oncofertility in Young Cancer Patients and Survivors
[AFFORDABLE CARE ACT] Stupid Cancer's partners at Critical Mass are working to develop a strategy for defending Affordable Care Act provisions that we know are critical for adolescent and young adult cancer care and delivery. Can you take this 5 minute survey to help advise our strategy? It's quick and easy and, more importantly, it matters. Thank you.

CRITICAL MASS SURVEY: Help craft our ACA defense strategy
[TUESDAY TIPS] Only 106 more days until the young adult cancer movement unites for a four-day cancer date of epic proportions. That is right, CancerCon is only three months away! This also means you only have three more months to fundraise for the CancerCon VIP Club! The words 'fundraise' and 'only three more months' have you worried? Don't be. We are Stupid Cancer, we've got you.

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Tuesday Tips from Sean Shapiro
[DEAR CANCER] "One thing I can say with 100% certainty is, regardless of what happens, where I go, who you move on with, you will always be in my life, sadly. As much as I try and shake you off, tell you that it’s over, scream out to you that we are DONE, you’ll always be lurking there in the shadows." Via: I Had Cancer

An Open Letter To Not-So-"Dear" Cancer | IHadCancer.
[THE COST OF CANCER] “Cancer is just viewed differently in our society,” said Winer, 60, who is chief strategy officer and director of the Breast Oncology Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “It evokes more fear. And somehow, I think the manufacturers of these drugs are able to take advantage of that in terms of the prices they set.”

Cheating Death Can Cost $200,000 as Cancer Tops Pharma Sales
[ACA REPEAL] "A poll released Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 75 percent of Americans say they either want lawmakers to leave Obamacare alone, or repeal it only when they can replace it with a new health care law. Twenty percent of those polled say they want to see the law killed immediately."
Via: NPR

Poll: Most Americans Say Don't Repeal Obamacare Without A Replacement