Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[DECADE OF STUPID CANCER] This decade of impact may have started with Matthew Zachary's vision but it wouldn't have been possible without all of you. Thank you.
DECADE OF STUPID CANCER This decade of impact may have started with
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[GET TOASTY WITH US] We are so looking forward to seeing you tonight at 6pm for TOAST - A Benefit for Stupid Cancer (Denver)​! It will be an evening of drinks, food, merriment, and speeches from Matthew Zachary and Albus Brooks: Denver City Council President. Can't make it? We will miss you. But don't worry you can still be a part of the evening by bidding in our silent auction. ALL silent...
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GET TOASTY WITH US We are so looking forward to seeing you

Stupid Cancer | TOAST Denver - A Benefit for Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[TO THE ONES WHO HELPED US HEAL] To the ones who helped us heal; a parent, best friend, partner, lover, sibling, boyfriend/girlfriend, thank you. Thank you for sticking with us when others left, for making us laugh when nothing about this was funny, and for reminding us that we are more than our diagnosis.

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TO THE ONES WHO HELPED US HEAL To the ones who helped

There Are a Few Things I’d Like to Say To The One Who...
Laurie Molloy Lewis
Helen Beaumont
Luis Vilchis
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[CANCERCON COUNTDOWN] Over the last several days, we've been counting down to CancerCon over on CancerCon's Instagram! In 48 hours, the young adult cancer movement will descend on Denver. It doesn't matter if you're a survivor, one year out, three years out, or five years out. We don't care if you're in treatment or recently diagnosed. If you have a spouse with cancer, a...
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CANCERCON COUNTDOWN Over the last several days weve been counting down to
Anthony Baijnauth
Erin Smith
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[LIFE ON HOLD] Okay. This is amazing. That 'life interrupted' feeling is all too real for us in the young adult cancer community. But Katie DeMasi decided that she was going to channel the insanity and pissed-off-ness (made that word up but we're going with it) into a blog to share her experiences with her community! Way to #GetBusyLiving, Katie!

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LIFE ON HOLD Okay This is amazing That life interrupted feeling is

The Inspiring Way This 22-Year-Old Dealt With A Scary Diagnosis
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[ICYMI: IT'S OKAY TO BE AFRAID] There is a special moment when you're 'cured' and you're meant to just go home and live as if nothing happened because now you're healthy! But it's not that simple, and that's okay. It's okay to still be scared or pissed as hell. It's okay to feel whatever you are feeling.

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ICYMI ITS OKAY TO BE AFRAID There is a special moment when

6 Reminders for Survivors Who Are Still Afraid of...
Vicki Bates
Holly McQuay Haggard
Jenn Gustafson
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE: TOAST AUCTION] We really wish we could see all of you on April 26th at TOAST - A Benefit for Stupid Cancer (Denver)! But even the people who can't attend can bid on ALL the silent auction items at (live now)! You can also download the Handbid app for iPhone or Android. Happy Bidding!
*All proceeds benefit our mission to empower those affected by...
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GOING ONCE GOING TWICE TOAST AUCTION We really wish we could see

Stupid Cancer | TOAST Denver - A Benefit for Stupid Cancer
Michelle Sell
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[THE RIGHT TO KNOW] Who gets to decide how young is too young when it comes to your right to know what's happening with your body? When are you old enough to have a voice in decisions about your health, your body, and your future?

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THE RIGHT TO KNOW Who gets to decide how young is too

When to Tell Daughters About a Genetic Breast Cancer Risk
Catrina Reisner
Kelly Hansen
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[THATS NOT THE FULL STORY] "So I understand. I’ve come to realize that me being a cancer survivor is something I’ll never get away from. It’s a part of my story, no doubt." But, like football player James Conner, there is more to the story than cancer. If you could write a letter like this, what would the rest of your story be? #GetBusyLiving

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THATS NOT THE FULL STORY So I understand Ive come to realize

A Letter to NFL GMs | By James Conner
Connie Siegman
Joseph Newman Jr.
Stupid Cancer
Stupid Cancer
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[HOLY SHIT] You know what totally, totally, totally sucks balls? Losing BOTH of yours to two COMPLETELY SEPARATE bouts of testicular cancer before the age of 30, only to then be treated like a geriatric great-grandfather by all of your doctors, adding insult to injury. And all this ON TOP of just having lost your own father to cancer.


But, you know what's jaw-droppingly awesome as...
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HOLY SHIT You know what totally totally totally sucks balls Losing BOTH
Elizabeth Weinstein Woolfe
Larry Thomas Neff
Theresa Deluca
[WE ARE STUPID CANCER] Survivor? One year out? Three years later? Celebrating five years cancer free? In treatment? Recently diagnosed? Spouse has cancer? Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner is a cancer patient? Is a survivor? Caregiver? Health care professional? Child of a survivor? Advocate? Your label doesn't matter here. This community is for anyone affected by young adult cancer. Follow...
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WE ARE STUPID CANCER Survivor One year out Three years later Celebrating
Nikki Rabey
Phyllis Ratafia Weiss Sweeney
Shannon Nicole
[ICYMI] The Onion is the best satire you never knew you needed. And yet, this is still the most amazing thing ever while being totally fake and totally awesome all at the same time.

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ICYMI The Onion is the best satire you never knew you needed

Shit, I Was Supposed To Have Learned Something From Having Cancer, Wasn’t I?
Steve Bishop
QueSera Sera Terranova
Em GomezOlsen
[DOCTOR GOOGLE] Remember how your oncologist, nurse, family, that other nurse, friends, and all the health care professionals you ever spoke to told you not to turn to Google after your diagnosis? Remember how you didn't listen? Who/where did you turn during your treatment/diagnosis/survivorship for answers or a trusted opinion? [ Link ]
DOCTOR GOOGLE Remember how your oncologist nurse family that other nurse friends

Does Social Media Influence Millennials' Healthcare Decisions?
Kelli Smith Koepsell
[STUPID INFERTILITY] The one-two punch of being diagnosed with cancer when all your parts work. Good news: You will live. Bad news: These treatments may cause infertility. Good news: You can preserve your fertility. Bad news: Costs for fertility preservation can run as high as $24,000 or more. You have a right to decide whether or not you will be a parent.

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STUPID INFERTILITY The onetwo punch of being diagnosed with cancer when all

Fighting for parenthood after cancer
Heather Witt
Melisande Meli L. Balleste
Stacy Hale Kowtko
[THEY GET IT] In one week CancerCon will happen and you will be surrounded by hundreds of people who will understand things like chemo brain without you needing (or trying) to explain anything. Welcome to the amazingness that is the CancerCon community! Until then, this list is all too real for us. What do you wish people knew or understood about chemo brain? [ Link ]
THEY GET IT In one week CancerCon will happen and you will

10 Things Cancer Survivors Want You To Know About Chemo...
Jennifer Mckenzie Frazier
Tiara Green
Denise Rigney
[THE CANCER LABEL] "I was thrown into the spotlight of 'cancer girl,' and I wasn't quite ready for that. I didn't really want that." A 5-time All-American swimmer and NCAA champion and the label that stuck for Alex Marshall was 'cancer patient'. Who else has difficulty dealing with this particular label? When to wear it and when you just wish you could take it off?

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THE CANCER LABEL I was thrown into the spotlight of cancer girl

College swimmer overcomes isolation of cancer
Cori K
Jill A. Pall
Jimmy O'Sullivan
[JOIN US FOR 10 YEARS OF IMPACT] Stupid Cancer turns 10 this year and we want to celebrate the decade of impact this community has had on the young adult cancer movement! Join us for an unforgettable evening at TOAST - A Benefit for Stupid Cancer (Denver); our 3rd annual fundraiser in Denver, Colorado! It will be a night of cocktails, dinner, a silent auction, raffle, and remarks from our...
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JOIN US FOR 10 YEARS OF IMPACT Stupid Cancer turns 10 this

TOAST: A Benefit for Stupid Cancer // Denver
Ranae Wilson Osborne Hotz
Kathy Wilson
Robin Davis Kester Patterson
[STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU] "Being a teenager is always fun and not awkward at all," said no one ever. "Now throw in some cancer, chemo, radiation, missing boobs, nuts, ovaries, vital organs, those sweet hospital gowns, and hospital wards filled with people at least 45 years older than you and you have a recipe for something really special," said LITERALLY no one ever. And that is why these...
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STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU Being a teenager is always fun

Hospitals are opening wings exclusively for teens through Teen Cancer America
Lynn M Hofeldt
Carolyn Specker Cerrito
Lauri Boggs
[THROWING IT BACK ON THURSDAY] I can’t feel my *legs* when I *run a 200ish mile Ragnar Relay to support young adult cancer*! Last weekend, 30 Team Stupid Cancer athletes ran into the night, without sleep, and until their legs stopped having any sense of feeling on a relay-style race from Huntington Beach to San Diego because they rock/they are amazing/they kick ass/all of the above.

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THROWING IT BACK ON THURSDAY I cant feel my legs when I

Fighting Cancer as a Team - BLOGNAR
Nicole Price Silva
[EPIC NEWS] The weather is getting warmer, the days are growing longer, and we are looking forward to new ways to #GetBusyLiving this summer! The amazing guys of Balkan Beat Box have just announced their summer line-up! Check out the list below to see if a show is near you!
EPIC NEWS The weather is getting warmer the days are growing longer

Balkan Beat Box - Bulgarian Chicks (Live in New York) | Moshcam

Watch the full concert playlist: Balkan Beat Box performing ...